Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is going on here? - October Review

Two men in borrowed suits.

Rubin Akinbach and his brother Omar were mad as a box of frogs but not as entertaining.

Look, up in the sky! It's a bird ... It's a plane!

It's a goat?

Looking for a phone booth.

Well, it wasn't my idea.

Grandma told them that these were their new Christmas outfits but Sheila knew they were just last Halloween's costumes.

Oh no, not Fluffy!

The drama continued.

Krinkley family and the stone deer

It had been two days and five nights of continuous driving. Grandpa Baub and the Krinkley family finally arrived at the memorial to Randolph the Rude-Nosed Reindeer. They posed on the remote hilltop in Bono Wildlife Preserve and UFO Landing Field while one of the hitchhikers captured the event with a box camera. It was a solemn moment.

Then young Bristol dropped the skunk.

This is my car.

You get the camera.

I TOLD you to turn left at Elm Street.

Feda and Buffy finally convinced the office manager, Norman Nez, to turn up the heat. It was impossible to type while wearing mittens.

Diancha was unaware that her impish brother lurked behind her. She would learn that day that storing her extra marbles in her mouth was unwise.

Her brother would also learn two new ways to remove flaming underwear without burning his toes.

Yossep, (not pictured) was not there.

Eugenia was disappointed to discover that her well-kept secret was well-kept because no one really wanted to know.

Sometime later she bought a tennis ball.

Gerald "Buffy" Hute seemed very studious. When confronted though, he admitted that he never read any of the chemistry books; he just looked at the pictures. They made him Dean of the College.

Sarah Rimshot couldn’t tell Dennis and Benjamin apart so she always dressed them differently. Dennis got used to it.

Marta learned to section logs with a nail file. No one could convince her that a chain saw was faster.

She was champion logger anyway; what did she care?

This rare photograph of “Chickadee” Lefingwell lll (pronounced leFINGwell) shows him about to be captured by Agent Harlan Kruhz (no relation) in an elm tree just outside the Dirtpile city limits in either Ohio or Ontario. According to legend, “Chickadee” was known to elude his pursuers easily by flying into tree tops and hiding among the leaves.

His downfall, pictured here, was when “Chickadee”, steeped in the false confidence of hundreds of previous escapes, taunted agents from a lower perch. Agent Kruhz, on loan from the Holloway Junior High Jump team had been specially selected and trained for the capture of the elusive G. P. Lefingwell III. While other agents dressed nattily as sunflower seeds distracted the nefarious felon, Kruhz leapt into the tree behind “Chickadee” and put the arm on him thus ending the troublesome but illustrious career. It was now safe again to wear pink at polka parties and Chocolate Chip Cookie challenge events.

That historic day, February 15th 1915 (probably a Saturday or a Tuesday, no one knows for sure) is described prominently and in great detail, in primary school history books. The lengthy notation is credited for a renewed disinterest in the subject of history among students of that era.

After his rapid conviction, Lefingwell was incarcerated at the Indiana Yodeling Institute for Young Individuals. (The ‘I YI YI’…) He was pardoned in 1974 by Gerald Ford along with some other forgotten hardened criminals. “Chickadee” spent his last days working in a kite factory and dreaming of the old days.

Decades later, modern DNA evidence would prove that not only was Lefingwell III innocent of all charges, he was actually not a “Chickadee” at all but just another loon.

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