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Turn it OVER! There's something on the BACK! September 2011

Very often, notations on the reverse of these found photographs are obscure or too brief or illegible. Most often there is nothing at all.

But now and then there is a message from the past that sparkles.

Back in March of 2009 LOST GALLERY had a full page of photographs and their very interesting reverse sides. There have been many new additions to the collection since then.

Here is a new group of those photographs with mysterious, funny and sometimes puzzling reverse sides; tiny bits of history, reaching out to us over the decades and sometimes centuries.

Nine boys
Reverse of Nine Boys portrait

Grover Brannam

girl portrait on mount board with reverse

Addie Moore

posing in the garden
posing in the garden

August (maybe)

ara Ann Heerman (or perhaps "Cara Ami")
Recuendal (close as I can get, what do you think?)
Luana Caleri

Update Sept. 18, 2011.
From alert reader Natalia, comes this help:
"Your third photo is actually in Spanish, (with some misspellings).

Para a mi hermana/hermano (For my sister/brother) recuerdas (you remember or remind)"
Juana Calevi (?)"

Thanks Natalia!

Two Women
Two Women

Note silly look on my face.
I was about to laugh.
Leg belongs to me.

Knott's Berry Farm
Novelty Photo

Two Women
Two Women

Incidently-Note hip in picture.
Too many malts.

Knott's Berry Farm
Novelty Photo

portrait with table, reverse

Robert Bruce Warren
Made at Stonewall Texas
Where he was visiting his
Great Aunt and Uncle
Winnie Utley & Jimmy Jones
About 1896 or 97

Statue of Liberty

Goddess of Liberty
As we left N. Y.
harbor, July 29
Terrible storm
Comes up.

Building Construction front and back

Dear be shure an keep
this one one. it is the
place were we landed
Dear 3 nonth we couldn't
have landed there by no
means I will get the
picture of it torn(?)up
like it is now.

The Hug with Reverse

In a soldier's uniform
I posed as her boy
friend at Camp Jackson
S-C. World War I

Woman with Ratan Chair
Woman with Ratan Chair

To Ople Sawyer
Chandler, Oklahoma

Etta Sa
Chandler, Oklahoma

Miss Etta Smith

Louann Galloway

…now what
…to hope
…on that
…to love
…all his heart

Lou Anne Galloway

Three in Germany

Anybody up for a translation of this?


In the good old summer time
in Missouri

Two Swimmers

I think this is a stream
in Missouri


Wright's Park
Divison & I st's
Mar 18/23


Church (reverse)

Christian Science Church
Diversion and "I" St.
Mar 18/23

Below is a recent picture of the same building.

First from

Family Cabinet Card
Family Cabinet Card

On Reverse:
The Pilgrim Family
"Aunt Lizzie Dunton Pilgrim"
H. R. Warlick, Marietta, Ga.
(Grandpa Dunton's sister)

Pleasant View
Pleasant View

Pleasant View
Easter 1950
-Before they started the


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Area 51 and a Half Area 51 and a Half
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Don't take my picture! Oh! You DID didn't you!
completely unaware of the photographer
This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.


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THE KIDS Lesson one.
It is always a mystery to us how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story, What do you see?

Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh

"What are they doing?"


  1. Your third photo is actually in Spanish, (with some misspellings).

    Para a mi hermana/hermano (For my sister/brother) recuerdas (you remember or remind)

    Juana Calevi (?)

  2. Thanks! I'll change the caption!

    I get one of these that need translation in about every batch.

  3. I love the pictures of the Missouri streams. They include several of my favorite things...old pictures, old bathing suits, swimming, and local history. I live in Missouri and we do have the most wonderful clear little rivers. Jacks Fork River is my favorite of the moment. But Current River, Eleven Point River, and the upper Black River are wonderful too. It's hard to go back to lake swimming once you've experienced swimming in a river that you can always see the bottom. Doesn't matter if it's a foot deep or 30 feet deep. And our rivers are always cold, even on a hot 110 degree day.

    I just found your blog and love it. Love the way you create a funny story to go along with the pictures/postcards.

  4. Thank you very much for your kind and informative comment. I am glad you enjoy the collection.

    Most collectors who rescue abandoned and lost photographs will admit that many of these photographs “speak” to them in one way or another. The captions are usually just what a photograph says to me. It’s sometimes just a line and sometimes a whole story.

    Of course it’s a special reward when someone makes a connection with a photograph, whether an ancestor, an object or a location. I was happy to hear about the rivers. Clear, cold water in our streams is becoming such a rarity.



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