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It's a Naval Aircraft Factory N3N series used as a crop duster. (mrwidgeon1948, thanks!)

If you can supply any additional information on any of the photographs on this page, leave a note! Thanks for your help!

Grumman F3F-2 U. S. Navy single place fighter
Biplane on runway
This is a Boeing-Stearman PT-13 or PT-17 depending on the engine used.
(thanks mrwidgeon1948)

Japan Air Lines
A Boeing 747-200 series (thanks mrwidgeon1948)

Light Plane
A Ryan Navion - (as identified by mrwidgeon1948)

WW2 airplane

Light Plane in coral
A Taylorcraft BL (either a 50, 55, or 65 series).
as identified by mrwidgeon of Idaho

A man and his pink airplane
Yerbasic PINK

Man, girl
mrwidgeon1948 identifies the plane as a DC-4.

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Could this actually be 44-13691? Formerly "Passion Wagon" of the 362nd FS, 357 FG, 8th AF?

Well, maybe not!

Well, now we have a mystery. This "Gypsy" does not have the same nose art as the "Gypsy" seen in other photographs. See the photo near the end of the page
And see this one at Little Friends Gallery

Army Light Plane
Identified by mrwidgeon1948:
A Cessna L-19, later known as an O-1.
On Reverse:To Joe & Lucy
Always thinking of you JWJ
Jesse Wiley

Northrop A 17 (update: Northrop BT-1)
Northrop BT-1
Airplane in front of hangar
USAAC North American BT-9 Basic Trainer
airport with plane warming up

Wrecked light plane
mrwidgeon1948 says this is a Piper Cub.
Smith Twins EAA P1
Light Pane
This is a Lake La-4 Buccaneer
(identified by mrwidgeon1948)

airshow P40

airshow P40

airshow P51
It's a P-51
This was the first airplane owned by what became the Confederate (now Commemorative) Airforce. (mrwidgeon1948)

U. S. Navy C-54/R5D/DC-4.
Thanks to mrwidgeon for the ID
This is a U. S. Navy C-54/R5D/DC-4.
Light Plane
20110606 airplane116636

Bell Airacobra
German plane
German plane

German Business plane
TWA loading 01
There is a BACK PAGE
featuring the Lockheed Constellation
German Aircraftfrom ghmmelmann and mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr
This is an really early-model Messerschmitt Bf 109 -- note the two-bladed propeller only used on early versions.

identified by mrwidgeon1948 of Idaho.
TWA loading 02

identified by mrwidgeon1948 of Idaho.

Cessna model 140
It's a Cessna model 140
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 of Idaho!
Unknown aircraft

Single engine two men
Fairchild model 71
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 of Idaho!

light planes in a row
From front to rear Aeronca L-3B, Stinson L-5 and a Taylorcraft L-2M.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948
Twin Engine
Beech AT-11 in Nationalist Chinese markings.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr

FIve biplanes
Open all night
A Bell model 47B.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr
Twin engine aircraft
mrwidgeon1948 says:
Look like Beech C-45s,
the military version of the model 18.
German light plane
It's a Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann.
Thanks to mrwidgeon1948 on Flickr

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