Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Studio Portraits - Those Funny Props and Backdrops

The cub scout salute

Where do they get these ideas? Studio portraits are often accompanied by really pointless or useless props.

Here are a few.


Auntie Bessie
Three Stooges, The Beginning

Ruphos Hale
The plot thickens.

Woman, book and pose

Man with coat, hat

Standing woman
Young lady

Woman with cat tails
So obviously the practice is not limited to the older photographs.
Cabinet Card from Sweden
cabinet card - standing portrait

Woman with post

Cabinet Card man.
20140321 Granbury sugar and spice056 en
Cabinet Card - Girl on bench
A block of some sort and a handful of weeds.

Cabinet Card woman
Here's a prize winner for sure. What is that thing?

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  1. These are great! And I've never seen one with a gate. Pretty amazing prop. And the fella on the left in the photo of the three guys reminds me of Jack London. I'm sure it's not, but it looks like him.

    As to that stool. With the way the hat appears to almost float above it it has a look of a little droid.

  2. Yes, the gate and the one with the stairway are a little past the line. That’s a lot of stuff to carry around. I thought I had another one with a gate but I couldn’t find it.

    Yes, he DOES look like Jack London. You are not the only one to think so. Rather brooding isn’t he? But take a look at that guy on the right! His clothes do NOT fit!

    The Droid! R2D2 1900’s style!

  3. Can you imagine the photographer setting up the whole gate set and then then the person saying, ", maybe the stair set. Yeah, that's. I'd rather do the stair set."

  4. That's funny! I can see why they used so many rattan chairs. They were easy to move around. The mystery one for me is the girl with the two logs. It seems incongruous.



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