Friday, September 3, 2010

One a Day - Day Three

There are thousands of old photographs in the Lost Gallery collection. Some were purchased especially for their content or theme; others just came along with the acquisition of an album, or a bag full of unidentified ephemera.

Some of the photographs are recognized as treasure and are individually packaged in hard plastic slips or envelopes. Others are glued, several at a time to both sides of an album page. Some are packed tightly together like a deck of cards; others wander about loose in the bottom of a shoe box with dozens of others.

There are those included with friendship greeting cards. Tiny photo booth snaps turn up in diaries and yearbooks.

Occasionally a family historian recognizes their aunt or grandfather and wants the picture for their genealogy work. It is very gratifying to be able to return a photo to its family. The first question they ask is: “Where did you find it?”

Each group is filed according to where they were found and each photograph is tagged with the date it was scanned.

Many are scanned and grouped by subject on Flickr: Head and Shoulder Portraits, Children, The Beach and other subjects. On Lost Gallery the photographs are further sorted and presented by subject and content: Hats, A girl and Her Uniformed Man, Sitting on a Bumper, Aircraft and dozens of other groups.

It is entertaining to view a group of photographs of people all in the same pose or all doing the same thing. It is a curiosity to find four or five photographs that are completely unrelated except that they were taken at the same location.

Lost Gallery is presented Blog Style with new groupings and subjects added every month. The exception to the blog style is that back pages are updated with new finds in each posted subject. Re-visiting a page will often find new photographs in that subject.

For this month Lost Gallery is presenting a special month-long project.

This project will present a photograph each day showing the same number of people as the day of the month. For instance, on the tenth, there will be at least one photograph with ten people in it, on the fifteenth, fifteen people.

Since there are lots of photographs of just three people, presented here on the third day the month, are a dozen or so of the most popular trios in the collection.

New Dresses for Church but still bored. New Dresses for Church but still bored

Singin' Rum and Cokaaa Cola...
Three Sisters Three boys old portrait

More than 500 visits
very angry Three swimmers
Three sisters...or...not?
More than a thousand visits
For two hours every morning... and evening...
More than 900 visits.

More than 900 visits
Tintype: A boy, a girl and then another girl. Three kids playing
1,400 visits
Three Stooges, The Beginning
Three women on the boardwalk Trio in the yard Three women in park

Clyde, Ward and Lottie Harris
three ladies Cabinet Card
three boys Three Women in costume three women

Don't take my picture! You DID didn't you! completely unaware of the photographer This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.

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The most popular photographs most popular, Family Group, Here is a quick album of the most requested photographs in the Lost Gallery.

Area 51 and a Half Area 51 and a Half You are probably not authorized to see these.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School Here is the beautiful Dee. A curious story is told through her pictures. What do you see?

Places More about "Where" Than "Who" Downtown Theater Places to go. Places to avoid.

WHAT'S GOING ON HERE? Neiffel and Helvetica Typehigh Do you sometimes look at a picture and think "What are they doing?" "What's going on here?"

Parties Parades and Picnics Parade. 1960 There was always something going on. Just like now...

NEW! A fine collection of photographs and their very informative reverse sides!
Dad's girl Turn it over! There's something on the back!


  1. So many great images, so much to say. I'll leave it at the one of the gentleman with the two women on either side of him. What an unhappy looking group!

    Some wonderful images!

  2. Thanks. Yes that is an interesting trio. We did an interesting examination of that on Flickr. They are all obviously quite upset about something.



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