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Back Page - Out Sitting on a Rock

It's the scenery!
So often in old snapshots you see people enjoying a vacation. And often the pictures include someone out sitting on a rock. (Okay, or standing ...)

If you think about it too much, it's really kind of silly.

13 people

Three girls sitting on a rock
Three nymphs on a rock.
Sitting on a Rock

At the Beach
woman on the rocks
Well, okay. She's not really sitting, is she?

Sitting on a Rock
Out sitting on a rock

Girl on the rocks
Sitting on a rock
Two women on the rocks
The pose on a rock.

group on a hill
Sitting on a rock

Sitting on a Rock
Two girls on the rocks

Thelma on rock 993
two service men on mountain
Two Women
Well, okay they're standing. I see it.

By the sea - One girl beach dress
By the sea - One girl on rocks in a one-piece suit

This is me
Sailors and a girl

on the rocks

Out sitting on a rock
Out Sitting on a Rock
I think I see it.
There's a soft drink machine on that butte. Would you go get me a soda?

Okay, here are a couple famous ones. This is the popular tourist spot on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. It has been named "Umbrella Rock". There are LOTS of pictures of this rock around with lots of people sitting on it.
They really noticeable thing is that nearly all of them are from exactly the same spot. Of course that may be the ONLY spot the photographer can get all of the rock and people into the frame.
Here are a few more. Go look.
Flickr - anyjazz65 Includes CURRENT pictures!
Flickr - bamagirl17
Flickr - joelgillispie
Flickr - ennailuj
Post Card

Umbrella Rock, Tennessee

Lookout Mountain again
Umbrella Rock
Postcard Umbrella Rock
Here are two commercial post cards found recently featuring
the same formation of rocks but with no people sitting on them.

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