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Vintage Photobooth - The Second Session

Here is a second helping of photobooth characters. The first page assembled is getting well worn.
Jack Jackson

Look at that brow, the angle of the head, the mouth about to speak, the eyes already speaking.
His squared shoulders have already decided, his tie is all ready to leave.

There are so many.

Here is the Second installment of the Photo-booth Series.

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All images are the property of
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Georgie Mae Denton
Georgie Mae Denton
Mama Ladd Alta Treasure from the photo booth Buddy Donaldson, July 29, 1936
Treasure from the photo booth Life in a photobooth PB guy 03 Mae 20080130 PB girl 07
PB guy 04 PB Tom Hanks
The name Tom Hanks is written on the back.
Photobooth young boy 20080130 PB guy 10
20080130 PB guy 14Orville taught Sprocket Science at the Alidoratic Night School and Coffee Bar. 20080130 PB guy 16
He's one of those lucky people with a face that smiles on its own.
20080130 PB guy 17
Back when looking neat was actually cool.
20080130 PB guy 18
Phil could never find his car keys
or his car.
PB girl 11
Vidalia called the Pentagon once.
20080130 PB girl 13
Hona could make a funny sound that made people look at their watches
20080130 PB guy 22 20080130 PB girl 17
Plena could never get enough.
Photobooth girl 18
Sheila knew that "Glam" was her middle name.
20080130 PB guy 26
Bradford knew three facts for sure.
None of the facts were related.
20080130 PB girl 22
Joolie saved pop bottle caps when it wasn't fashionable.
Photobooth girl 26
Winnie always wore her brother's clothes.
20080130 PB girl 27
Hilda Clime
Hilda swallowed a live frog once but never told anyone. They discovered it after she croaked.
20080130 PB girl 28
Feda knew that Shirley Temple would pose this way.
20080130 PB girl 29
The FBI had her fingerprints but not her name.
Photobooth girl 21
This picture was found neatly folded in the back of a book on raising seals in your own backyard pool.
20080130 PB girl 31Tonya longed for adventure, as long as it was on TV. Photobooth girl 35
Archery was certainly none of her business. It could just wait.
Photobooth girl 34
Gaila wanted to move out west but no one would tell her which way to go.
Caulfield was not only the armor guard for the local chapter of the Brain Tickler Society, he had the largest collection of third-knuckle boogers in the county.
Dina single
Celia could come and go as she pleased. The guards never frisked her.
Photobooth Regina
Regina changed her name last Friday but she forgot her new name.
Now she doesn't know who she is!
Photobooth Florence 1
Finally Florence had had enough of their teasing. The gloves were coming off. And the hat. But not her socks.
Photobooth - woman and hat
Viola knew they would never think to look for a candy cane in her purse.
She was safe for now.
Photobooth sleepy eyes
"Oh dear," thought Deserie. "Here we go again."
Photobooth girl with pendant Photobooth girl w sweater
Hattie knew her right shoulder was her best feature.
Photobooth woman and hat
What a handsome lady
Photobooth girl with cap
Ellie was working on a PHD in Bingo.
Photobooth man with boot tie clip
Clark wouldn't wear a tie but he liked tie clips.
Photobooth young man Photobooth woman and fur
You are about to get shown how the cow ate the cabbage.

Don't take my picture! You DID didn't you! completely unaware of the photographer This is a collection of photographs that disappear on the way home from the photo processing shop.

All images are the property of
Lost Gallery and the author.
Permission must be granted for their use.
All rights reserved.


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