Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's All Go To The Movies - Ben Turpin

Trouble brewin'
After this one was posted on Flickr for a few days, I got this fine and informative comment from an expert in the subject of Ben Turpin.

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wrigglyeyes says:

Great photo and a great find!
Think it was Moos that tipped me off. If you've been to my flickr site you know I love Ben Turpin and might be happy to know I'm writing a book about him after 40 years of research and collecting.
I'm pretty sure this scene is from the January 12th, 1919 Sennett comedy short for Paramount, "Cupid's Day Off." Heinie Conklin stands foreground far left, Tom Kennedy roles his sleeves far right. The girl dancing with Ben escapes me, but she's not Prevost, Haver, Hammond or Alice Lake. (Harriet Hammond is there dancing with Larry McGrath in her black & white vertical striped dress). Most of the other characters are just extras, tho I also recognize Pat Kelly and Garry O'Dell among them. Here's hoping you find more Turpin photos and was great reading everyones responses! SteveR

Trouble brewin'


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