Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mistakes in Amateur Photography - Improper Exposure

Over Exposure and Under Exposure of the negative is a common problem in amateur photography. Most old cameras just had a fixed aperture setting that required a certain amount of light to expose the film when the shutter is snapped. That's why you see so many standing portraits taken outdoors, at the side of a house. It was a well lighted venue.

Later cameras had an adjustable aperture, but it was such a pain to remember to set the opening for the prevailing light; large for low light, small for bright light. So there were lots of over/under exposed snaps. Improper exposure usually results in a loss of detail. Many of them were simply tossed out because they weren't "good" pictures.

Over and under exposed prints are not always bad however. Sometimes the results could be rather dramatic as can be seen in some of these examples.

The light in the sky

2706 Untitled 27 06
Negative - woman with cat and letter

The under-exposed photograph on the right was "brought back" with a little adjustment in Photoshop. The loss of detail is still evident.

Girl and dog


Where is this?
Avon Calling!

The Party
A Leans
Probably the flash didn't fire on this one, leaving the subject in the dark.

Greta came to her senses

four people and a car
Four people in the dark

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