Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Album Page - The Birthday Girl

Here is a sweet set of photographs of a little girl and her birthday cake. It must have been a tradition for the family. Each is an annual photograph of a cake with one candle for each year and a pose in the best clothes on a birthday. Our little girl grows up. I figure she must be about 62 now in 2009.

1 candle
Here she is at One Year Old.
These are from a very large group of negatives found on an eBay estate sale. There were a couple prints with the photo lab date stamp among all the negatives which established the date of one of the birthdays. This enables speculation for dates on the rest of the birthdays. It is speculation because the photo lab date is the date the prints were made. The film may have gone to the lab weeks or months after the event.
2 candles
And at two years Old.
It must have been in the south of the US somewhere. Lots of grass and leafy trees make the background of many of the shots. There were sometimes four or five shots of the same occasion. The best of the group is represented here. Mom and dad were not the best photographers but they were consistent.
3 candles
And at three.
4 candles, hat and coat
This is Four
5 candles
6 candles
And at Six
7 candles
The seventh birthday
Mom and Dad bought a new camera this year. It was probably a Brownie Hawkeye. It was 1955.
8 candles

9 candles
10 candles
And ten
11 candles
Eleven years old.
Birthday girl in glam pose
She's already a young woman
13 candles
I can't find a picture for 12 years old. This is Thirteen.
Birthday girl in bathing suit
Thirteen going on 24?
14 candles
Fourteen Years Old
And that's all I can find. Pity there isn't a "Sweet 16" photo. If one turns up, I'll add it. There are a couple hundred negatives in this pile.


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