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The Most Popular Found Photographs - So Far

Here are the ten most popular found photographs in the collection.
Sometimes I wonder: Why these?

Here are the most often visited Found Photographs on Lost Gallery. Tell me why.
Just tell me why.



Review a couple thousand rescued old photographs and journey back
to events we have
or perhaps never knew.

1942 Chrysler - Bonnie Blinked>
I had to look a long time to find this car. I finally found one picture using google that identified it as a 1942 Chrysler. It is probably a brand new car. It was purchased at Kavarno motors in California. Unusual name. Google found an Isak Kavarno who imigrated from Norway and worked for General Motors in Santa Barbara, California. And Bonnie or maybe Mabel, blinked... She was dressed nice though. Pin-stiripe suit and strappy high heels. She is probably a little upset right now. She doesn't know whether her boyfriend is taking a picture of her or his new car. I think she's a bit miffed. Her boyfriend smoothes it out though and 20 odd years later Lennon and McCartney will write a song about it..."Baby, you can drive my car."
Honor Knightly
This is thought to be the only surviving picture of Honor Knightly (aka “Satin”) the elusive department store heiress and stenographer for the Kairian Luncheon Club. Thorne Smith thought very highly of her but she still faded into obscurity behind Cosmo Topper and the ghost-dog, Neil. She was quite fond of changing clothes and of gentlemen standing in doorways to avoid the rain. (That’s for those of you who read.) The REST of the story...
Bike accident
O. J. Bruton, now fully recovered from his bicycle injury has made a life changing decision. "Maw, I'm agoing over to France to that bike race. I'll be back tomorrow. Hope my feet will reach the pedals now."
This is my hat...I mean, my Wife.
She's already taller than him. "Warner Mitchell and Wife" I wonder why no one ever says something like: "Nell Fenwick and Husband?"
Laura - another time, another place,          but here, now.
Laura is the face in the misty light Footsteps that you hear down the hall The laugh that floats on a summer night That you can never quite recall And you see Laura on a train that is passing through Those eyes, how familiar they seem She gave your very first kiss to you That was Laura, but she's only a dream She gave your very first kiss to you That was Laura, but she's only a dream
I spit in my sister's chocolate milk... -:(Lilly Tomlin):-
Okay, okay. The one on the left has Katherine Hepburn hair but the one on the right has that Gene Tierney overbite that Hawkeye loved and that provocative Cameron Diaz upper lip. And they're probably not even sisters.
Where would we be today without jodhpurs?
children trio
Again I am amazed. How could a photograph of such beautiful children be lost? They exhibit such character! Was one of them the last of the family line? Did the smallest one never marry and there was no living relative to inherit this photo? This is a postcard backing dating from 1904-1918.
Angry Boy:Eugene E (Ardmore)Eldridge
Eugene E. “Ardmore” Eldridge never seemed to grow out of his “terrible two’s” disposition and maintained a high level of disobedience, disloyalty and distrust all his life. His distraught parents, Able and Iodine Armwire, declined to discuss Eugene’s disreputable childhood which thrived well into his 20’s. Able and Iodine deserted and disinherited the dismal offspring in the spring of 1892 and dispatched the defiant delinquent to the Death Valley desert dunes where he took up with a comely cactus called Caroline. Caroline “Handy” Coalstove had worked as a cue-card holder for a traveling troupe of tree-trimmers and thespians. She had ditched the dramatacists and defoliators in the desert and took up with eligible Eugene in desperation sending her life in a decidedly different direction. By that time E. E. was known only as “Wyandotte” Wilson, a pocket watch welder and wholesale whale watcher. Carolyne Coalstove had no trouble taming the tyrant Wyandotte Wilson (AKA E. E.). She simply secured his sullen self in a stolen steamer trunk and cast the key into Kennywaha Canyon, which was no minor toss, as she was not in Kentucky at the time. With all of the captive’s Keno winnings, she walked away to Wisconsin. There is no trace of her after that. She probably changed her name. Years later, the only surviving member of the family, Iodine Armwire discovered a miracle cure for which there is no known disease. She left her entire fortune to President G. Clifford Prout (played by Buck Henry, who had not been born yet) for the SINA cause.
Belinda knew she was sexy
Belinda knew she was sexy. But when Carlysle mentioned it, she beat him up. The idea! The very idea!


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