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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card gentleman
New York Gallery
1144 Market Street
San Francisco, Cal.

This is a slightly enhanced version of this cabinet card. For a look a the original click on the picture and scroll down.

It appears there may have been more than one operator of the "New York Gallery" in San Francisco, CA. So far LOST GALLERY has found one at 25 Third, Operated by B. F. Howland. Another source says that the gallery at 25 Third is operated by J. H. Peters.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Photographer: W. H. Newton
Italy and Milford, Texas
Cabinet Card portrait young man standing
Photographer: W. H. Newton
Italy and Milford Texas

William Henry Newton (23 Mar 1853 - 8 Mar 1932)

W. H. Newton was born in Pennsylvania but most of his working life was in Texas. From 1900 on he worked in Houston but before that he had studios in the towns of Italy, TX, and Milford, TX, closer to Dallas, TX than Houston. Since the small towns didn’t have city directories in those days, his years of operation in those areas come from other sources.

His son Leslie Terrence Newton was born 1883 in Spirit Lake, Iowa.
His son Archie C. Newton was born 1886 in Texas. (Town unknown)
His son William Henry Newton, Jr. was born 1889 Garrett, TX.
His son Corley Elton Newton was born 1892 in Italy, TX.
His earliest appearance in Houston, TX is the city directory of 1900.

Milford, Garrett and Italy, TX, all in Ellis County, are all less than 20 miles from each other.

His years of operation in Milford and Italy, TX, must have been between 1883 and 1899.

The card with the deckled edges is probably the latest of the four here.

Houston Post
15 Feb 1901

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: W. H. Newton
Italy and Milford Texas
Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: W. H. Newton
Italy and Milford Texas

Baby Whitewrite Texas
Photographer: J. T. Northern
Whitewright, Tex.

James T. Northern
(Sep 1864 - )

Not much is known about this photographer. He was married in 1891 in Fannin. TX.
He is found in the 1900 US Census living in Whitewright, TX. He was living in Terrell, TX, in the 1910 US Census.

So he could have been living in Whitewright, TX, from 1891 to 1910 or some shorter span between those dates.

Cabinet Card man with beard
Photographer: J. J. Noonan
Hickman, KY

21 Jul 1893
Hickman Courier

Unfortunately there were at least three photographers named J. J. Noonan in the eastern part of the US during the cabinet card era. Two of them were born the same year and had wives with the same first name.

However, one of them was born in Columbus, Hickman County, KY, and lived in Obion, TN, from about 1897 to 1910. Obion is just over 20 miles from the city of Hickman, KY, the town on this cabinet card. The city of Hickman, KY, is not in Hickman County, KY but is just a short distance from the cities of Columbus, KY, and Paducah, KY, where this J. J. Noonan also lived at one time.

John James Noonan
(12 Feb 1860 - 20 Dec 1923)

Apparently J. J. Noonan lived in New Madrid County, MO, until he was about 17-20. He hasn’t been found it the US Census of 1880, which would be a great help in establishing his whereabouts at age 20.
According to his children’s birth dates and locations, the family was living in Obion, KY by 1895. They stayed there until at least 1910 then moving to Paducah, KY where he died in 1923.

This cabinet card could have been made in that brief period when he was still living in Hickman, KY, about 1880 to 1893 as the clipping at the left indicates.

studio portrait
D. B. Nye
811 Nicollet Ave.

Dennis Bryant Nye
(29 May 1846 - 3 Dec 1908)
birth in Maine
1849 - 1878
grew up in Wisconsin
in Dubuque, IA, as photographer w/ SJ Lowell and Lora Myers
Marriage to Estella Bates in Janesville, WI
living in Minnesota
studio at 1408 Ave S
1884 - 1887 studio at 315 Hennepin Ave
studio at 423 Rochester
1892 - 1901
Studio at 811 Nicollet Ave
Studio at 3527 Hennepin (w/ Charles Brundige)
photographer at 239 20th Ave N
death 62 in Garrison, ND

All dates from Minneapolis, MN, city directories and US Census. 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900

This card was finished between 1892 and 1901.

Photographer: W. M. Oaks
East 5th Street. Holton, Kas

William M. Oaks
(Jul 1835 - 24 Jul 1913)

W. M. Oaks ran an ad in the Holton, KS, newspaper, the Recorder, regularly from 1875 through 1877 and then again 1894 through 1896. He opened a studio in Onaga, KS, in August of 1900 but it is not clear if it was a move or an additional studio to his in Holton.

US Census and advertisements found in the Holton Recorder place his studio at these locations:
1857 - 1877
West Side Park
1883 - 1884
West Side of Square
1894 - 1896
East 5th Street
News item hints at move but does not give address
401 New Jersey Ave as photographer
504 New Jersey Ave as no occupation

There are large gaps in the documentation so the only generalization one can draw is that Oaks was active at the East 5th street location later in his career, around the years 1894 - 1896. The 1901 US Census lists him as “No Occupation” and he dies in 1913.

The card at the left must have been finished around 1894 to 1896.

Cabinet Card Baby in smock
photographer: H Olivant
Hennessey, OK.

The above cabinet card is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and on the resulting page, scroll down.

Harry Olivant
(27 Oct 1856 - 12 Sep 1916)

born in Rudgeley, Staffordshire, England
Kansas census as farmer living in King City, McPherson county, KS
US census as farmer living in King City, McPherson County, KS
city directory - living in McPherson, KS
father dies in Hennessey, OK so Harry is probably living there now
moves to Apache, OK, sometime in these years, according to obituary
US census as photographer in Apache, OK, living at the home of his brother George
dies in Apache, OK, age 59

These cabinet cards were probably finished between about 1893 and 1910.

Cabinet Card woman and hat
photographer: H Olivant
Hennessey, Okla

Cabinet Card - Girl on bench
1055 Broadway
Oakland, Cal.
Cabinet Card - Girl on bench

Elon D. Ormsby
( 1845 - 06 Mar 1895)

(Record sources: Oakland Tribune, tax role, city directory, US Census and Obituary)
Birth in Ypsilanti, MI
as photographer in Ypsilanti, MI
marriage to Melisa Carol in Sonoma, CA
as photographer in San Joaquin, CA
1873 Sep 25
daughter Edith May born in Illinois
1875 - 1876
as photographer 309 Madison, Chicago, IL
arrived in Oakland CA, from Stockton, CA, as photographer
1877 - 1890
as photographer studio at 1055 Broadway, Oakland, CA
06 Mar 1895
death at 1:30 AM

The information on the reverse of the card at the left shows that it must have done after winning the National Competition in 1882.

The cabinet card at the left was probably finished between 1882 and 1890

Oakland Tribune
18 Jan 1883

Oakland Tribune
03 May 1890

Two women
Photographer: C. H. Osgood
Victoria, Ill's

Charles Horatio Osgood
(7 Apr 1863 - 6 Jul 1951)

C. H. Osgood spent most of his life in Knox County, IL. He not only practiced studio photography but also ran a Photo Supply Shop where he made picture frames and sold radios.

He worked as a free-lance photographer from about 1880 to about 1910. He opened his Osgood Photo Supply shop in Galesburg, IL, from about 1926 to about 1949.

Victoria, IL, is just fifteen miles from Galesburg so he could have had a studio there at any time but it was probably early in his career before he established the Photo Supply store in Galesburg.

This cabinet card is on very light stock and has squared corners so it was probably finished in 1880 or before.

Portrait of a man
Photographer: Richardson & Packard
Lewiston, ME.
(Also listed under RICHARDSON)

Elbridge Walter Packard
(21 Apr 1870 - 16 Jul 1949)

E. W. Packard was a photographer only briefly around 1893 when he was 23. He had just married Ida Richardson, and Joseph Richardson, a multifaceted businessman became his father in law. By 1896 Packard is working as a salesman and no record after that lists him as photographer.

Joseph Taylor Richardson
(21 Jan 1843 - 23 Sep 1904)

J. T Richardson was the partner of E. W. Packard in 1993 in the photography business. Richardson was also in the shoe, boot and harness business at the same time, partnered with Fordyce C. Farr and George H. Farr, apparently his in-laws.

This cabinet card was probably finished in 1893.

Cabinet Card baby
L. S. Page
Emporia, Kansas
Cabinet Card small child
L. S. Page
522 Commercial St.
Emporia, Kan
Cabinet Card baby
L. S. Page
522 Commercial St.
Emporia, Kan.

No information found so far.

Cabinet Card (trimmed)
Trimmed Slightly
Photographer: Paris Art Studio
Cassville, MO

No information found so far.

Cabinet Card couple
O. H. Park
Clarinda, Iowa
Cabinet Card couple
O. H. Park
Clarinda, Iowa

No research has been done on O. H. Park.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: Park
North Tonawanda
Sweeney near Webster St.

There were several photographers named Park in New York in the late 1800’s. This photographer for this cabinet card is probably the one based in Buffalo, NY, just ten miles from Tonawanda, NY, a suburb really.

William J. Park
(Jan 1866 - )

Although there is some confusion about his genealogical family structure, enough sources were assembled to give a picture of this photographer’s working life.

Documents begin with the 1880 US Census where he is listed as working in a photograph gallery at 14. In all documents found he is listed as photographer from 1884 to 1901. In 1905 the New York Census shows his occupation as “Turkish Bath”; in 1906 as “Seneca Baths”; in1930 as Lodge Agent.

The cabinet card at the left must have been completed sometime between about 1884 and 1905.

The card on the right is stamped "Park" on the reverse. There is not enough information to connect this photographer with William J. Park, as described at the left.

Cabinet Card Five Gentlemen

Cabinet Card Portrait
Gillette & Parker
Traveling Photographers
(Also listed under Gillette)

In the years around 1900, there was actually a large selection of photographers named Gillette and literally dozens of photographers named Parker. From the scant information given on this card, it is impossible to tell which two were partnered as “Traveling Photographers” here. Perhaps more information will surface in time so that this pair can be researched properly.

L. F. Gillette and Thomas Parker were active in Ohio at the same time (1977-1978) but there were many others who could have connected and traveled together.

Cabinet Card portrait
Parrish & Berry
Waltham St.

Only one item found on this pair. It does describe their years of operation a bit.

British Photography Journal

This would seem to put their partnership within the years of 1908 and 1915.

Cabinet Card man
Main Street,
South Side,
Arcade. N. Y.

At first examination, there appeared to be too many photographers in the area of Arcade, NY, by the name of Pearson, too many to narrow down to the Pearson on this cabinet card.

Benjamin M. Pearson, Albany, NY, over 200 miles from Arcade, NY
Emma J. Pearson, Rochester, NY, about 60 miles from Arcade, NY
William R. Pearson, Buffalo, NY, about 30 miles from Arcade, NY
William R. Pearson, Niagara, NY, about 60 miles from Arcade, NY
But finally,
Robert Wilson Pearson, of Arcade, Wyoming County, New York

Robert Wilson Pearson
(29 Jan 1867 - 5 Nov 1938)

R. W. Pearson is documented through the US Census and the New York State Census, as photographer from 1900 through 1930 always in Arcade, NY. The town did not have a city directory.

The cabinet card to the left is glossy on both sides, has rounded corners a ruled border. It was probably finished around 1900 or slightly before.

Photographer: E. B. Peddinghaus
2018 First Ave. Birmingham, Ala.
This one may not actually be a cabinet card. It is just close to cabinet card size and the position on the card is similar.

Edward Bennen or Benner or Beneur Peddinghaus
(23 Jul 1861 - 23 Dec 1927)

There are a lot of conflicting documents on E. B. Peddinghaus. For example, many documents show he was born 23 Jul 1861 and yet, the 1860 US Census says he is 10 months old in June of 1860.

He began his photography career in 1881, according to one source but little is found about his whereabouts up to 1895.

His active photography life was spent in Birmingham, AL, from 1895 on.
1896 - 1906 Photographer at 2018 ½ First Ave Birmingham, AL
1907 - 1912 at 1818 Second
1913 - 1916 at 2024 First Ave
1917 - 1922 at 1918 ½ Third Ave
1923 - 1924 at 308 ½ N 20th
1925 retires

The photograph at the left might have been done around 1896 - 1906. Probably closer to 1906 because of the variance in the card size from most cabinet cards.

Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: Perry
Wymore, Neb.

Oliver H. Perry
(Nov 1852 - 18 Aug 1922)
Apparently there were three O. H. Perrys, two of them photographers, in the decades around 1900. The two photographers moved around a bit so keeping them separate was a difficult task.

The O. H. Perry followed here spent some time in or around Wymore, NB. There are big gaps in the documentation but here is where the photographer was on these dates:
1852 Nov born in New York state, most likely Edinburg, Saratoga County
1859 - 1860 Edinburg, Saratoga, NY: Both parents die

There is a gap on his location here as he probably lived with relatives or was in a foster home.

1883 marriage to Mary T. Hudson in Ludington, Mason County, MI
1885 DeWitt, Saline County, NB
1893 Beatrice, Gage County, NB
1900 Wymore, Gage County, NB
1904 Beatrice, Gage County, NB
1910 Wymore, Gage County, NB
1917 Omaha, NB
1920 Cozad, Dawson County, NB
1922 Jerome, Yavapi County, AZ, where he dies in a fire

He moved back and forth between Beatrice and Wymore from 1893 to 1910. The two towns are very small and only about 10 miles apart.

The cabinet card here could have been done any time between 1883 and 1910. Darker color mounting boards were more popular around 1900.

The following article says he was born in Ohio but no evidence has been found to support that.

Cabinet Card family
Photographer: Peter's studio
1722 W. 47th st
Near Ashland Ave.

No research has been done on Peter's Studio.

Cabinet Card family group
Photographer: M. H. Pinegar
Stillwater, Oklahoma Ter.
Cabinet Card
This is the reverse of the Cabinet Card at the left.

Marion H Pinegar
(Mar 1852 - 1920)

M. H. Pinegar moved around a lot. He worked in small towns mostly so there is no city directory evidence. Here is a timeline of his locations based on the US Census, newspaper items and the birth places of his children.

1852 born in Elmwood, IL
1875 marriage to Elvira D. Bowen in Farmington, Ill
1880 - Mt Sterling, IA
1881 July - IL
1883 July 3 - Hillsboro, IA
1884 Jun 27 - Kingman, KS news item
1884 Aug 22 - Kingman, KS news item
1885 Jan 15 - Kingman, KS news item
1885 Dec 28 - Dodge City, KS
1887 Mar 18 - KS
1890 Aug 29 - Oklahoma City, OK
1895 Sep - Indian Territory
1900 - Logan, MO
1905 - Muldrow, OK news item
1920 death in White, AR

Oklahoma did not become a state until 16 Nov 1907. All of M. H. Pinegars appearances in Oklahoma would be in Oklahoma “Territory” as designated on the reverse of the cabinet card. These cards could have been finished any time between 1890 and 1907.

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: M. H. Pinegar
Stillwater, Oklahoma Ter.
Cabinet Card woman
The reverse of the card at the left.
Kingman (KS) Courier
27 Jun 1884

Cabinet Card
Photographer: G. Podoll & Co.
333 Third St.
Also headquarters for the Northwestern View Co.
Nothing on reverse

It appears that G. Podoll lived a long and productive life, mostly in Milwaukee, WI. However, his photography career at 333 3rd Street in Milwaukee, WI, can be documented by city directory as lasting from 1886 to 1891 when he apparently gave up the studio to Nicholas Scharff.

No biographical information is certain although it appears he never married.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: C. T. Pomeroy
618 Main Street
Kansas City, Mo.

Charles T. Pomeroy
(1854 - 1909)

C. T. Pomeroy was photographer in New York from about 1880 to 1888. He moved to Kansas City, MO about 1890 and worked as photographer until his death in 1909.

This card is dated on he front; 1889.

Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: E. K. Porter
Sterling, Kans
Cabinet Card Man with beard

No research on E. K. Porter yet.

Photographer: Post Office Studio
Over Post Office
Waxahachie, Tex.

No information on the "Post Office Studio" yet.

Cabinet Card Young Woman in puffed sleeves
Photographer: E. J. Potter
Mansfield, O.

Ezra J. Potter
(19 Sep 1844 - 2 Feb 1925)

All available documents indicate E. J. Potter was a photographer at his own studio in Mansfield, OH, from about 1865 when he was mustered out of the Union Army, until he retired about 1912.

He worked a short time in 1915, at age 71, for another photographer named Schwan.

The cabinet card above could have been done any time between about 1865 and 1912. The card is very lightweight and cream color both sides which would indicate pre-1880.

Cabinet Card man
J. R. Potter
323 Main Street
Buffalo, New York

John R. Potter
(Feb 1840 - 1909)

J. R. Potter worked in Buffalo, NY, for his entire career but he moved a lot and changed associations often. He also worked for other photograph studios as well as his own.

born in New York.
photographer working with (or for) W M Knight
1865 - 1866
employed as photographer, studio unknown
working as clerk
1868 - 1871
employed as photographer, studio unknown

photographer as Potter and Spooner at 305 Main
photographer at 19 E Seneca
photographer, Potter and Knight
1875 - 1876
photographer, Hamblin and Potter
1877 - 1878
employed as photographer, studio unknown
photographer with W M Knight
1880 - 1881
has own studio 256 Main
1882 - 1891
has own studio 323 Main
1893 - 1895
employed as photographer, studio unknown
1896 - 1898
has own studio 252 Main

1899 - 1900
has own studio, 153 Broadway, corner of Broadway and Michigan
employed as photographer, studio unknown
1902 - 1908
has own studio at 444 Main
Dies in Buffalo, NY

The cabinet card shown here must have been finished between 1882 and 1891.

Cabinet Card Woman
C E Pratt
Aurora, Illinois.
Cabinst Card Woman

No research has been done on C. E. Pratt.

Cabinet Card gentleman
Photographer: Pratt
Waxahachie, Texas

This timeline assembled from US Census, city directories and two detailed narratives from Genealogy Web.
George Hagey Pratt
(10 Oct 1858 - 26 Apr 1932)

born in Sterling, IL
1880 - 1891
Elite Studio in Red Oak, IA (very sketchy evidence)
1892 - 1899
as photographer in Waxahachie, TX
1900 - 1929
as photographer in Paris, TX
1930 - 1932
moves to Amarillo TX, but is not very active as photographer
dies in Amarillo, TX

The cabinet card on the left was probably finished between 1892 and 1899.

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: G. I. Pruden
Cortland, N. Y.

George I. Pruden
(Sep 1856 - 1933)

This timeline was assembled from US Census, city directories and a small narrative on GenWeb by the grandson of G. I. Purden. There are some gaps but the locations are fairly clear.

birth at Steuben, NY
1884 - 1885
as photographer 17-19 Main, Syracuse, NY;

as photographer Cortland, NY
1893 May 17
sells gallery in Cortland, NY, to George Edwin Butler
1900 -1905
as photographer Seneca Falls, NY
as photographer Buffalo, NY
as photographer Jersey City, NJ
1922 - 1932
as salesman/solicitor White Plains, NY
death (unconfirmed - wife listed as widow in 1934 city directory)

The cabinet card at the left might have been finished after about 1885 and before 17 May 1893.

Cabinet Card woman
H. J. Purnelle Rail Road Photo Car

Atcheson, KS, 26 Sep 1872

H. J. Purnelle (Seneca, Kansas)
Rail Road Photo Car

Harry J. Purnelle
(1859 - 13 Oct 1919)

Not much has been found so far on this photographer. Research was plagued by record keepers who shifted back and forth between H. J., Harry and Henry for a given name. Sometimes it was the same person; sometimes it was a fork in the road.

His Railroad Car Photo Studio moved around often and so there are few city records of him. He visited smaller towns which often didn’t even have a city directory. And even if they did, the Railroad Studio didn’t stay long enough to get a listing in one. There are some little bits in newspapers but they don’t tell much about the photographer except his location on a specific date. One paper in 1994 even calls him Mrs. Purnelle and indeed his wife may well have been working with him.

H. J. Purnelle was also not the ONLY photographer using a railroad car as a photograph studio. Travelling in the same era also were several other railroad itinerant photographers, one source even claims there were hundreds. Here are a few names: Hutchings Brothers, J. B. Shane, J. J. Pursiey, Frank Jay Haynes and his Palace Railroad Photo Car, J. B. Silvis, Fallman, Orris Hunt, Wilson, Frederick W. Jorns, and William L. Harrod,

The time line here is assembled mostly from small news items from local newspapers. Since the cabinet cards he produced are imprinted only with “H. J. Purnelle, Rail Road Photo Car” it is unknown where he was when the photographs were finished.

1959 born Harry J. Purnelle in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England
1880 Living in Seneca, KS
1884 Photographic Times news item that H. J. Purnelle of Seneca, KS, has sold out
1891 May 29 Cherryvale, KS, suggests partnership with Willett
1891 Dec 15 Pittsburgh, KS
1892 Jan 19 Pittsburgh, KS
1892 Dec 16 Wellington, KS, sued the City of Caldwell, KS
1894 Oct 03 Ardmore, OK
1894 Oct 06 Ardmore, OK
1896 Dec 16 Belle Plain, KS
1910 May 12 Larkin, KS
1919 Oct 13 Dies in Syracuse, KS

Cherryvale, KS, 29 May 1891

Cherryvale, KS, 03 Jul 1891

Pittsburgh, KS, 12 Dec 1891

Pittsburgh, OK, Daily 19 Jan 1892

Lakin, KS, 06 Oct 1894

Note that in a town that perhaps has an established local photograph studio, the arrival of an itinerant competitor is not always good news. In the above clipping, the portion on the left is apparently a paid advertisement.

Wellington, KS, Voice 16 Dec 1892

Ardmore, OK, Daily, 06 Oct 1894

Belle Plaine, KS, 17 Dec 1910

Lakin, KS, 12 May 1910

Please note:
As of September 2017 this series will no longer be updated here.
All content has been transferred to a new site called
Cabinet Card Photographers
All future additions will be made there.

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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