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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century -M-

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Seated Man cabinet card
Photographer:Jos. J. Machann
Dallas, Lyons and Smithville

Joseph Justin Machann
(Jan 1871 - 07 Dec 1928)

In his short life, Jos. J. Machann was an enterprising individual apparently. He was a merchant, dealt in real estate and was a postmaster of Cistern, Fayette, TX, but nowhere in his records does it mention “photographer”.

It’s just a guess only: perhaps he handled it only as a side line while he operated his general merchandise stores in Schulenberg,TX, and Cystern, TX, from about 1900 to 1910.

Gray skies are gonna clear up.
Photographer: H. Manderfeld
Gainseville, Texas

Hubert Manderfeld (3 Nov 1851 - 1 Jan 1917)

Hubert Manderfeld immigrated to the US the same year he was born. His family settled in Minnesota. Sometime between 1885 and 1900, Hubert Manderfeld moved to Gainesville, TX, where he worked as a photographer until his death.

Records show he relocated his studio at least three times, so the addresses and dates might help date a cabinet card.

(US Census) 1105 Truelove
(city directory) 205 n Commerce
(city directory) 218 n Commerce
(city directory) 11 w Elm

The cabinet card at the left could have been done any time between about 1900 and 1916.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Photographer is Mansfield
245 Analby Road
Hull, UK

LOST GALLERY is researching only US photographers currently. UK photographers are a future project.

Man and fringe chair
Photographer: E. M. Marschall
Honey Grove, Texas

Edward M. Marschall
(9 Dec 1850 - 9 Jan 1897)

E. M. Marschall was born in Barnwell, SC. He was orphaned by the time he was 8 years old. The 1870 US Census finds him working as a clerk in a relative’s store still in South Carolina.

A 1878 tax roll shows him in Honey Grove, TX. The first and only mention of photography is the 1880 US Census.

He apparently partnered with a Brekeen in a pharmacy or general store as there are several mentions of the operation in the Honey Grove Signal, the town newspaper.

He is mentioned again in the 1895 Honey Grove tax roll and then he dies in 1897 at the age of 46.

He apparently practiced photography as a sideline as there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it other than the 1880 US Census. The cabinet card here was probably done near that year.

Cabinet Card man with beard
Photographer: Gilkey & Martin
226 S. Main
Ottawa, Kansas
Before 1894

It appears that the Martin of “Gilkey and Martin” was actually William H. “Dad” Martin who began the “Tall Tales” postcard business. These were cards depicting giant grasshoppers, rabbits, cabbages or onions, promoting some exaggerated comical tall tale.

Martin took over the photograph studio from Gilkey in 1894 and began making his photo-montage comic cards.

He sold the photography studio the next year in 1895, to work full time on his post card business.

He became very wealthy and sold the postcard business in 1912. He then started the National Sign Company.

Interesting Links
The In-Between
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Cabinet Card Portrait young woman
Photographer: Gilkey & Martin
226 S. Main Street
Ottawa, Kansas

John Henry Gilkey
(13 Jun 1853 - 22 Mar 1923)

The records are a bit sketchy but apparently Gilkey and Martin worked together between 1886 and 1894. After that Martin worked alone as a photographer until he sold his studio in 1895.

It is important to note that although John H. Gilkey is the only Gilkey found in the Ottawa, KS, area between 1886 and 1923 he is never noted as photographer in any document found so far.

John H. Gilkey arrived in Ottawa about 1903. He apparently left the photography business to do farming and the directories and census reflect that he is living in Richmond, a farming community just outside of Ottawa, KS. Richmond is included in the Ottawa city directory. He dies in 1923.

Gilkey born in PA
(US Census) Gilkey at 17 is in Lackawannock, PA
(US Census) Gilkey at 27 is in Lackawannock, PA
(Ottawa city directory) No Gilkey, Calvert, MacDonald or W. H. Martin are listed

(US Census 1900/KS reg) Gilkey and Elizabeth A Calvert marry
(US Census) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS
(Ottawa city directory) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS; Martin is not listed
(US Census, Ottawa city directory) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS;
(Ottawa city directory) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS
(KS state Census) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS
(US Census) Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS
(Ottawa city directory0 Gilkey as farmer w/Lizzie in Richmond, KS
(FindAGrave) Gilkey dies 23 Mar;

The cabinet cards imprinted with Gilkey and Martin were probably done between about 1886 and 1894

Cabinet Card  young woman
Photographer: Martin
226 S Main Street
Ottawa, Kansas

William H. Martin
born in Illinois
(Ottawa city directory) Martin as photographer with E. H. Corwin in Ottawa
(US Census) Martin and Goldie A. MacDonald marry
(In-Between website) Martin buys Corwin studio (actually Corwin probably just moves out);
(US Census) as photographer in Ottawa, KS
(Ottawa city directory) as photographer at 226 s Main, Ottawa, KS (Corwin studio at 209 s Main)
(Web Sources) Martin issues first “Tall Tale” postcard

(Web Sources) Closes photo studio to concentrate on postcard business
(US Census) as photographer but soon closes the studio to concentrate on the postcard business; wife Goldie dies
(Web Sources) about here Martin sold off the comic post card business
(US Census) as merchant
(Ottawa city directory) as National Sign co at 1204 s Main
(FindaGrave) dies in Ottawa, KS

Just below are three examples of the "Exaggerated Post Cards" developed by William H. "Dad" Martin

Example of William H. "Dad" Martin Exaggerated Postcard
S L Masten
Cabinet Card small child and drapes
Photographer: Masten
Weir City, Kas
Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Masten
Weir City, Kas.

S L Masten
(No biographical information found)

1895 Jun 15
Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight item about location in Pittsburg, KS
Feb 21 Galena (KS) Post notice of real estate transfer to Masten in Weir, KS
US census Weir, KS, line by line search does not find a Mastern OR a photographer
Galena (KS) Evening Times news item S L Masten of weir, KS, on jury duty
1902 Oct 29
Galena (KS) Evening News item Jury duty for S L Masten of Weir, KS
Kansas State gazetteer Masten S L, Weir, KS
1904 Jun 21
Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight, Weir, KS, city news item S L Masten leaving Weir for Cherokee, KS, about three miles.

1906 Mar 15
Girard (KS) Press item real estate transfer to S L Masten in Cherokee, KS
Topeka, KS, city directory NO listing for Masten
1908 Nov 03
Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight item Masten has opened a photograph gallery in Weir, KS; item also mentions that he was also recently located in Joplin (MO) and Parsons (KS)
1909 Dec 29
Galena (KS) Evening News item notice to pick up mail in Galena, KS
Topeka, KS, city directory NO listing for Masten
Coffeeville, KS city directory NO listing for Masten
1910 Sep 09
(Ottawa KS) Evening News item places S L Masten in Coffeeville, KS
1911 Aug 17
St Mary’s (KS) Star item places S L Masten residence in Topeka, KS

Cabinet Card Three boys
Photographer: Masten
Weir City, Kansas
Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight
- 15 Jun 1895
(News item about Weir, KS)

Pittsburg (KS) Daily Headlight
- 03 Nov 1908
(News item about Weir, KS)

1912 Sep 09
Topeka (KS) Daily Capital item horse race list places Masten residence as Topeka, KS
Topeka, KS, City directory NO listing for Masten
1913 Aug 14
St Mary’s (KS) Star item places S L Masten residence as Topeka, KS

No biographical information has been found so far for S L Masten. Several newspaper items mention him and place him in cities in the south east corner of Kansas between 1895 and 1913. There is no mention of him in any paper after 1913.

Weir is a very small town in the south east corner of Kansas and it was even smaller in 1904. Although the Gazetteer says it has a population of 3,600, there

are only about 150 names listed, living in the city. Two of them are photographers. R. L. Thorpe is also listed in that city.

Masten appears to have worked in Weir, KS, during two periods: 1896 - 1904 and around 1908. These cabinet cards were likely finished during one of those periods. The two cards with the single ruled line were probably from the earlier period and the card with the orange printing is probably later.

In later years, after 1909, the name S L Masten appears occasionally in association with trotter-style horse races.

No mention of Masten was found in any paper after 1913.

Cabinet Card baby
W. M. McBride
Durant I. T.
(Indian Territory
Cabinet Card Woman
W. M. McBride
Durant, IT
(Indian Terrirory)

There was a W M McBride who had a general merchandise store in Greenville, TX in 1914 and some others by that name in Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, but no connection was made to photography.

Note also that the card on the far left was found in Gainsevill, Texas, just a few miles south of Durant, Oklahoma. The card on the near left was found in Emporia, Kansas.

Cabinet Card - Man with mustache
Photographer: McCahon, J. C.
Newirk, Ohio

John C. McCahon
(1828 - 1896)

Born in Ireland
(Ohio Photographers) McCahan in Utica,
(Ohio Photographers) Cottage Photograph Gallery in Roscoe and Utica
(Ohio Photographers) McCahan, D Westerville
(Columbus, OH, city Directory) Not in this directory
(Columbus, OH, city directory) as photographer at Beal Block

(Ohio Photographers) I. Westerville
(Ohio Photographers) Opened studio in Newark, OH
Suffers stroke, wife Isabella and daughters Blanche and Bertha continue the studio
John McCahon dies
1896 - 1918
Blanche carries on the business in Newark, OH, and then moves to Mansfield, OH
1920’s approx.
Blanche opens own studio
Blanch ends operations.

The cabinet card at the left must have been done around 1880 to 1918 when Blanche moved to Mansfield, OH. While she maintained the studio after her father’s death, she probably used the printed cards in stock.

Newark Advocate
20 Jun 1894

Henry Edward Fraser
Photographer: McFadden
6 Winter St,. Boston

The sketchy story of photographer James A. McFadden was even made more difficult because there was another James McFadden living in the same town, at the same time, with fathers with the same first name, John. The two James A. McFaddens even lived in the same boarding house one year. The second James McFadden was just two years younger and worked making window shades and Venetian blinds, eventually starting his own company.

James A. McFadden
(13 Apr 1857 - 1894)
Born in Lawrence, MA
(Boston, MA, city directory) Not in this directory
(Boston, MA, city directory) Jas A. McFadden as photographer, rms 149 Shaw ave; not in busn sect
Boston, MA, city directory unavailable

(MA Town and Vital Records) James A. McFadden and Martha J. Maiteland marry
(Boston city directory) J. A. McFadden, photographer, bds 19 Buckingham; Martha McFadden, res. 19 Buckingham; Barry & McFadden, millinery, 717 Washington; Miss Julia A. Barry, r 57 Harvard;
Boston, MA, city directory not available
Jun 20 (Boston Post news item) Fire burns out McFadden Millinery at Green Bay, WS
(Boston, MA, city directory) James A. McFadden, photographer at 6 Winter, bds 41 Buckingham (also in bus sect); Mrs J. A. McFadden of (Barry & McFadden), 717 Washington, house 41 Buckingham; (Note: his father, John McFadden, mason, also boards the same address)

(Boston, MA, city directory) James A. McFadden, photographer at 6 Winter, bds 41 Buckingham (also in bus sect); Mrs J. A. McFadden, house 41 Buckingham; Miss J. A. Barry, milliner, listed in bus sect. without Mrs. McFadden
(Boston, MA, city directory) (No residential section, bus sect only) James A. McFadden, photographer at 6 Winter; Miss J. A. Barry, milliner, listed in bus sect without Mrs. McFadden
(Boston, MA, city directory) J. A. and Mrs. Martha McFadden are not in this directory; Miss J. A. Barry, milliner, listed in bus sect without Mrs. McFadden
(Boston, MA, city directory) J. A. McFadden, res 55 Appleton, bus sect as McFadden and Shaw, photographers at 913 Washington with William F. Shaw; Mrs J. A. McFadden not listed in res sect; Miss J. A. Barry, milliner, listed in bus sect without Mrs. McFadden
Boston, MA, city directory unavailable

Boston, MA, city directory unavailable
(Boston, MA, city directory) James A. McFadden rms 55 Appleton, listed as working at 122 Elliot but does not say what business, not shown in bus sect; Mrs McFadden not in directory res or bus sect;
William F. Shaw listed as photogrphr in the bus sect; A. A. Glines is photographer at 6 Winter
(Boston, MA, city directory) James A. McFadden rms 55 Appleton (no occupation shown); Mrs. J. A. Mcfadden bds at 55 Appleton; Neither McFadden nor Shaw are listed in the business section
Boston, MA, city directory unavailable
(Boston, MA, city directory) James A. McFadden not listed in res or bus sect; Mrs M. J. McFadden listed as millinery goods, 581 Washington, res 8 Hollis
(Boston, MA, city directory) J. A. McFadden and Mrs McFadden are not in this directory

(Boston vital records) Notation of death of James A. McFadden
(Boston, MA, city directory) Mrs. M. J. McFadden, millinery goods, 546 and 591 Washington, h 2 E Brookline
(Boston, MA, city directory) Neither James A. or Mrs. McFadden are in this directory
(Boston, MA, city directory) Neither James A. or Mrs. McFadden are in this directory

Boston, MA, city directories and the US Census of 1880 find James McFadden in Boston as a photographer from about 1878 to 1890. He appears to have been located at 6 Winter, Boston, MA, only twice, in 1882 and 1883.

Boston Globe
03 Aug 1894

Photographer: McFarland
Star Gallery
Golden City. Mo.
Elite Gallery
Lockwood, Mo.

There were at least three photographers named McFarland in the cabinet card era. It may not be possible to pinpoint the one who had studios in Golden City and Lockwood, MO.

Golden City and Lockwood are both very small towns now, back in late 1800, they would have been even smaller. Even combined they would not have a population large enough to give a photographer a sustained income.

A photographer and camera could relocate easily and quickly. One could work out of Joplin or Springfield, MO, or most probably Pittsburg, KS and take in a number of small towns in the area by train or wagon. All three cities are within a 50 mile radius of Golden City and Lockwood.

A good guess at this point is William McFarland who was based in Pittsburg, KS, in the early 1900’s. He was active from 1900 to 1920 based at 313 ½ n Broadway in Pittsburg, KS. Tracing this life is very slow as there were many people by the name William McFarland in that era.

Cabinet Card pair with wicker chair
Photographer: McGhie
N. E. Cor. Square
Columbus, Kans.

William Everett McGhie
(4 Dec 1868 - 14 Dec 1926)

Born in Ohio
(1900 US Census) W. E. McGhie and Lulu Etta marry
(US Census) as photographer in Columbus, KS
(US Census) as photographer in Columbus, KS
(US Census) as commercial salesman in Columbus, KS
(Columbus, KS, city directory) as traveling in Columbus, KS
(Newspaper obit) dies in Columbus, KS

Only two documents show W. E. McGhie as a photographer, the census of 1900 and 1910. After that time he is listed as salesman or traveling salesman. The photograph at the left must have been made in the decade around 1900-1910.

Columbus Daily Advocate
25 Nov 1902

Cabinet Card man.
F. M. McKinley
Gatesville, Texas

Frances Marion McKinley
(16 Jan 1861 - 8 Mar 1948)
Only one record establishes F. M. McKinley as a photographer in Gatesville, TX, the 1900 US Census. After that, all documents show him as a farmer in Lampasas, TX. The 1880 US Census says, at 19, he is a shepherd.

Two news items (below) show McKinley apparently worked in Osage and Waco, TX also. And group portrait cabinet card at the right shows he also worked in Moody,TX.

The cabinet card at the left was probably done between about 1890 and 1900.

Waco (TX) Morning News - 19 Sep 1893

The Waco (TX) Morning News - 19 Jan 1894

Net source on this example

Gatesville, Waco, Osage and Lampassas are within about a 40 mile radius.

This is an enhanced crop of the bottom edge of the small child portrait cabinet card showing the name and location of the studio. F. M. McKinley, Gatesville, Texas

(contributed by rfinch of

Cabinet Card 2 children
Photographer: Mendenhall
Maryville, Missouri
Cabinet Card man
Photographer: Mendenhall
Maryville, Missouri
Cabinet Card sisters
photographer: Mendenhall and Son
Maryville, Mo.
Cabinet Card man
Mendenhall and Son
Maryville, Missouri

Although there were at least five photographers east of the Mississippi named Mendenhall in the cabinet card era, only one was in the area of Marysville, MO, David D. Mendenhall. D D Mendenhall also had a photographer son who should accounts for the Mendenhall and Son imprints.

David D Mendenhall
Frank M Mendenhall

1836 Jan
Ohio, David D Mendenhall born

1857 Nov 04
Fulton county, IL, city register, David D Mendenhall marries Sarah Antoinette Moore (1840-1908)
1858 Aug 06
Farmington, IL, city register, Frank M Mendenhall born
1860 Jul 20
US census Farmington, IL, David D (as painter), wife Antoinette and son Frank
1870 Aug 03
US census Farmington, IL, David D (as photographer), wife Amanda and son Frank
1880 Jun 11
US census, Elmwood, IL, David D (as photographer), wife Amanda; Frank has moved away

1900 Jun 09
US census, Maryville, MO, David D as photographer at 608 n Main; as widowed
1905 Feb 29
Maryville, MO, David D Mendenhall dies at age 69
Sarah Antoinette Moore Mendenhall dies at age 68
1951 Dec
Illinois, Frank M Mendenhall dies at age 93

It is apparent that David D Mendenhall moved to Maryville, MO, sometime after the 1800 census. He operated there until his death in 1905.

When his son Frank lived in Maryville, MO, is not documented but it must have been for only a short time as all other documents place Frank in Canton, IL, from 1884 until his death in 1951.

In city directory listings of Frank Mendenhall, he is never in the business sections as running his own studio. He apparently worked for other photographers. This would make him free to move for short periods to Maryville, MO, to work with his father, David.

These cabinet cards would have been done between about 1900 and 1905.

Boy in dress
Photographer J. L. Merlins
Paris Texas

Nothing has been found on J. L. Merlins (or MerTins) of Paris, TX, or anywhere for that matter.

Two Children cabinet card
F. A. Mentgen
Chicago Photo Co.

Searches for F A Mentgen and F A Mentger revealed nothing. Three small ads for Chicago Photo Co were found, two in the Sterling (IL) Gazette, 1881 and 1888; one in the Chicago Tribune 1897.

Closest photographer found with a similar name and proximity, was Fred A Miintzer, of Evansville, IL. This is probably not the manager of the Chicago Photo Co..

Perhaps another cabinet card will be found with a bit more information.

Sterling (IL) Gazette - 08 Jan 1881

Sterling (IL) Gazette - 12 Feb 1881

Chicago Tribune - 17 Jan 1897

Cabinet Card small boy
Photographer: A. C. D. Miller
Henrietta, Texas

Asa C Dayton Miller
1856 Oct 09
Texas, Asa C Dayton Miller is born to John Kearney Miller and Orreas Tabor
1870 Aug 03
US census Sherman, Grayson County, TX, age 13 living with parents
1879 Jan 08
Grayson County, TX, A C D Miller marries Sara Margaret Elkin
1880 Dec 06
Denison, TX, son Irving Miller is born
1884 Jun 18, 27, 24, 28, Jul 31, Aug 01, 13, 14
Dallas (TX) Daily Herald raffle ad (See example)
1885 Nov 16
Galveston Daily News mention in real estate transaction
1884 Nov 23, 24, 26, 27, 30
Dallas (TX) Daily Herald Stereo Views ad

1891 Apr 13
Sunday Gazetteer Denison TX, small ad
1890 Mar 17
Jacksboro, TX, son Clyde Howard Miller is born
1891 Jul 22
Fort Worth (TX) Gazette mention as staying at Ellis hotel
1895 Jan 04
Daily Hesperian, Gainesville, TX, news item Miller buys the photograph gallery of Otto Grunitz
1895 Apr 20
Daily Hesperian, Gainesville, TX, Item has purchased Gainesville Art Gallery
1897 Jan 12
Henrietta, TX, son Sidney Rickman Miller is born
1901 Nov 24
Sunday Gazetteer Denison, TX, purchases Snell Photo Studio
1902 Jan 19, 26, Feb 02, 09, 15, 23, Mar 02, 09, 16, Apr 13, May 18, 25, Jun 01,
Sunday Gazetteer Denison TX, small ad for studio at 316 Main st

Sherman/Denison, TX, city directory as photographer
Sherman/Denison, TX, city directory as photographer
1906 Mar 06, 20
Denison (TX) Daily Herald mention in real estate sale, location 316 ½ Main
1910 Apr 10
US census Sherman, TX, as photographer at 117 ½ w Houston
1912 Jun 15
Sherman, TX, wife Sarah Margaret Elkin dies
Sherman, TX, city directory as photographer at 117 ½ w Houston
1915 Dec 27
Bulletin of Photographers, vol 17, item Miller opens studio in Celina, TX
Sherman, TX, city directory as photographer at 300 s Travis

--- continued on the next row ---

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: A. C. D. Miller
No location given

Fort Worth, TX, city directory as photographer at Arlington Hts blvd, res 2912 A av
Fort Worth, TX, US census as photographer; res Lee av
Fort Worth, TX, US census as photographer; res 2305 Ellis av
1932 Apr 16
ACD Miller dies of myocarditis and complications at age 75

Of the two cabinet cards here, only one shows a studio location. It can only be dated to sometime around 1897 when Miller was living in Henrietta, TX.

Gainsville, TX, Daily Hesperian

Raffle Ad
Dallas (TX) Herald - 27 Jun 1884

Gainesville, TX, Daily Hesperian - 04 Jan 1895

Dennison, TX, Sunday Gazetteer - 16 Mar 1902

Bulletin of Photographers - 27 Dec 1915

Cabinet Card child
Photographer: E. W. Miller
Overbrook, Kansas
Photographer: E. W. Miller
Overbrook, Kansas
This one is not a standard cabinet card.

E. W. Miller of Overbrook, KS, was found three times in the Kansas Census: 1895, 1915 and 1925. In the 1895 census, he is listed as a photographer. In the other two he is a farmer.

In a page by page search of the 1880 US Census and the 1905 Kansas Census, he could not be found at all.

Perhaps photography was only a sideline for this photographer and perhaps photography was abandoned after a short time. There seems no way, at this time, to tell.

Cabinet Card family of four
Photographer: Miller
Cherokee, Kansas

There were a number of photographers named Miller in the late 19th century. J. H. Miller of Rock Creek, P. A. Miller of Arkansas City, J. B. Miller of Great Bend, G. H. Miller of Iola and E. E. Miller of Sylvan Grove for example.

Traveling the small towns and setting up a temporary studio for a day or a week would have been an easy routine for a photographer. One small town would not produce enough business so canvassing several small communities would be necessary to make a living income. Adding the town name in the corner of a pre-printed cabinet card blank would have been a simple enough task. If there is a city named on the card, it doesn’t necessarily mean the photographer ever actually lived there.

They could even be caught in a census if they happened to be there on the day of enumeration.

There are many small towns around Cherokee, Ks. This Miller could have been working out of Joplin, MO, which is only 25 miles southeast.

Dad with 2 girls and 2 boys
Photographer: Miller
Cooper, Texas

There were at least as many photographers named Miller in Texas as there were in Kansas. (See above)

In an account of John and Arrena Miller who in 1855 settled in the area that was to become Dennison, TX, localgirl17, on says: “Four of their children—Asa C. Dayton Miller, Benjamin Jasper Miller, George Washington Miller, and James Napoleon Miller—became photographers working in numerous towns in Texas.”

In addition, Asa C. Dayton Miller had a son and a daughter that were photographers.

Since Cooper, TX, is in the area of Dennison, TX, it is safe to guess that the photograph at the left was done by Asa C. Dayton Miller or one of his siblings.

Cabinet Card child on a chair
325 Main Street
Middletown, Conn.
Main Gallery
Birmingham, Conn.

No research on this Miller yet.

Cabinet Card little girl
Photographer: Miller and Chadbourne
Fond Du Lac, Wis

See Chadbourne listing for more information. Nothing has been found on Miller so far.

Cabinet Card couple portrait
Photographer: Miner & Dexter
44 Calhoun
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Charles Winslow Miner
(26 Jan 1865 - 22 May 1912)

born in Columbia City, IN
1879 - 1890
(Ft. Wayne city directory) Not in these directories
(Ft. Wayne Sentinel obit) arrives in Fort Wayne, IN
1891 - 1893
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer for Felix Shanz, 112 Calhoun;
1894 May 09
(Ft. Wayne Sentinel newspaper) ad for Miner and Dexter
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer (Miner and Dexter) with William G. Dexter, 44 Calhoun;
(Ft. Wayne Sentinel obit) opens own photograph studio

(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer 44 Calhoun (Dexter gone)
1897 - 1901
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer at 23 Wayne
1902 - 1911
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer at 121 w Wayne
(FindAGrave) dies, age 47 years

This cabinet card appears to have been made in that brief period that C. W. Miner was partnered with William G. Dexter, in 1894-1895.

Fort Wayne News
04 Mar 1911

Fort Wayne Journal
12 May 1894

Portrait of a man
Photographer: Scholl & Mink
715 Halsted St.
(Also listed under SCHOLL.)

Chicago city directories for 1882, 1885, 1889 and 1991 show B. A. Mink as a photographer. A news item in the Chicago Interocean newspaper, 24 Jan 1885, shows John R. Scholl filed a bill in the circuit court against Benjamin A. Mink to dissolve co-partnership. From that evidence, the cabinet card here could have been finished between 1882 and 1885.

There is a seemingly endless array of legal notices about Mink and relatives, in law suits in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. He looks much like a bit of a flimflam artist.

Cabinet Card Child on a chair
Photographer: Monty & Co. Studio
118 Main Street
Ware, Mass.

No research on Monty & Co. Studio yet.

Cabinet Card Baby in Christening Gown
Potomac, Ill

By one count, there were over 60 photographers in the cabinet card era named Moore. Many of the photographers in the late 19th century seemed to move about a lot, looking for new business, so the Moore on this card could well be most of them.

Cabinet Card two boys
W.W. Moore
Franklin, KY

W. W. Moore

William W. Moore was found in two Nashville, TN, city directories. Nashville, TN is less than 40 miles from Franklin, KY. He is listed in 1899 and 1905. In both cases he is listed in the residential section of the directory but not in the business section. This means probably that this William W. Moore was working for another photographer. W. W. Moore does not appear in any other Nashville, TN, city directory of that period.

There are 6 listings of William W. Moore, the right age, in the 1900 US Census for that area. All are farmers or laborers. There is one W. W. Moore and three listings of Walter Moore. All are laborers or Farmers.

So far no other likely candidates have emerged.

Photographer: W. H. Morhiser
567 Main St., Dubuque, IA

William H. Morhiser
(28 Mar 1844 - 20 Jan 1926)

born in Dubuque, IA
Dec 08 enlists in the Volunteer Infantry
release from military service
Sep 10 marries Mary Cheetham in Maquoketa, IA
1868 - 1871
Springfield, MO, studies photography
(US Census) as photographer in Springfield, MO
1872 - 1875
Wichita Falls, TX
returns to Dubuque, IA, Studio at 567 Main
1876 - 1897
Studio at 567 Main

1897 - 1903
studio at 1073 Main
1903 Feb 22
Wife Mary dies in Dubuque, IA
moves back to Wichita Falls, TX to live with sister Carolyn
1909 - 1914
as photographer at 1200 Broad, Wichita Falls, TX
1918 - 1025
res 1403 12th
Dies at 81 in Wichita Falls, TX

(Sources: Dubuque County IAGENWEB by Ron Seymour,,
Encyclopedia Dubuque, Dubuque, IA, city directory,
US Census,
Iowa State Census)

Accounts vary on his time in Springfield, MO, and Wichita Falls, TX, between 1868 and 1876 so these dates are estimates. Also there are no city directories for those years in those cities to confirm residence.

W H Morhiser, Wife and Daughter

Morris at Pittsburgh
16 sixth Street, Pittsburgh

Joseph G. Morris
(21 Nov 1850 - 08 Feb 1923)

Census and city directory documents show that J. G. Morris worked as a photographer from about 1883 to 1896 at 16 6th street. About 1897 the address changes to 126 6th street, until 1912. Possibly this is not a move, just a change in the numbering. He apparently gives up photography about 1913, age 63. He manages a building and works as a sales agent for about ten years until his death in 1923.

The address on this cabinet card is 16 Sixth Street, so it must have been finished before 1897 and after 1883.

Cabinet Card Man with Beard
Cabinet Card woman and baby
Photographer: Mould
Baraboo, Wis.

No research on Mould at this time.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: H. J. Mueller
S. W. Cor. Center and Third sts.
Milwaukee, WIS
Cabinet Card
This is the reverse of the Cabinet Card on the left.
See another photo by Mueller HERE

Herman J. Mueller
(1866 - 21 Jan 1897)

Born in Germany and immigrates to Wisconsin when still a baby
(US Census) as 14 year old
not found in directory
not found in directory
(Milwaukee, WI city directory) as photographer at 316 Vliet
(Milwaukee, WI city directory) as photographer at 670 Island st
not found in directory
1886 - 1889
(Milwaukee, WI city directory) as photographer at 720 Third st

1890 - 1894
(Milwaukee, WI city directory) as photographer at 1039 Third st
not found in directory
(Milwaukee, WI, city directory) as photographer at 640 Third st
dies in Milwaukee, WI. At 30 years old

Streets in Milwaukee, WI, have shifted around somewhat since the late 1800’s. Third street is not MLK street. This cabinet card would probably have been done sometime after 1886 up to 1897.

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: The Court Studio
Mullins & Gray, Proprietors
Victoria, Texas
Cor. Bridge and Constitution Streets
(Listed under Court and also Mullins.)

There are several possible photographers from the South Central Texas area in the late 1800’s that could have teamed up for the “Court Studio” in Victoria, Texas.
J. J. Mullins
Robert Mullins
James Louis Gray
H. B. Gray

John J. Mullins is found in the 1880 US Census as a photographer on Washington Street in Waco, TX. Waco is less than 50 miles from Marlin and Kosse, TX. Also in the same census is listed a Robert MILLS as the son of John J. Mullins. Whether this is a misinterpretation by the enumerator or actually the STEP son of John J. is open for speculation.
(See below)
No other Mullins connection has been found.

The newspaper clipping below does show that Mullins and Gray sold their studio to Tucker and Nichols of Syracuse, NY, in Feb of 1897.

Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897

The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of 1897 when they went out of business.

James Louis Gray was born 1862, in Illinois but spent most of his life in Van Alstyne, TX, which is not close to Victoria, TX, at all. It can be documented he was in Van Alstyne from 1893 through 1936.

Perhaps James L. Gray moved to the area of Victoria, TX, from Illinois and partnered with Mullins, from about 1880 to 1897. There is no documentation as yet, to show this.

Mullins and Gray sold their studio in 1897. It’s possible that Gray had already moved four years before in 1893, and Mullins just carried on the name until it sold. But that’s all just speculation.

Nothing has been found on H. B. Gray

Portrait Cabinet Card
Photographer: Robt. Mullins
Marlin & Kosse

To muddle things a bit more, the item below from the Victoria Advocate, 11 Mar 1899 shows a Robert Mullins selling HIS photography in Victoria, TX, to Mr. Rodman. (Perhaps the name on this one is Robert Mailins.)

The small town of Victoria, TX, is NOT close to the towns of Marlin and Kosse, TX.

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All future additions will be made there.

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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