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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century - D -

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: Dabb
Le Mars. IA
Dabb Cabinet Card
Photographer: Dabb
Le Mars. IA

These two cabinet cards could possibly be done by
James Vivien Dabb (1856 - 1918)
1856 (US Census) Born Prince Edward Island, Canada
1859 (US Census) Immigrates to US age 3
1860 (US Census) Living in New Jersey
1880 (US Census) as photographer in Mineral Point Iowa
1884 - 1885 (Iowa Gazetteer) as photographer in Le Mars, Iowa
1886 (US Census) Marriage to Alice Charles in Fort Scott, Kansas
1889 - 1911 (City Directory, US Census) as photographer in Fort Scott, Kansas
1918 Death at age 61
Here is another example from Dabb's Studio circa 1906 (second picture down)

And another example from Dabb's Studio Le Mars, IA, circa 1899. (Second picture down)

Robert Irving Dabb (1862 - 1910)
Robert I. Dabb was probably the photographer for this cabinet card. He spent most of his photographic career in Le Mars, Iowa.
1862 - (US Census) Born in New Jersey
1879 - 1880 (Nebr State Census, US Census) living in Plattsmouth, Nebr.
1885 - 1910 (City Directory and US Census) As photographer in Le Mars, Iowa
1910 - Death at age 47

James and Robert were living briefly in the same house in Le Mars, Iowa, in 1884-85.
Were they brothers? No. Robert Irwin Dabb was the son of Thomas Seacombe Carveth Dabb who was the brother of James Vivian Dabb. Oddly, there was only six years difference in their age.
An example was also found by an R. I. Dabb of Le Mars, IA, from the "late 1800's".

Cabinet Card small child
E. O. Daggett
Elm Street
Billings, Missouri

Elbert Otis Daggett
(25 May 1869 - 26 Mar 1946)

It’s a bit of an assumption but there must have been only one person named E. O. Daggett living in the south-west corner of Missouri between 1860 and 1910. That stated, although several records were found for Elbert Otis Daggett, nothing ever confirms that he was a photographer. In the 1910 US census, he is recorded as being an insurance adjustor and all other records found say he was a farmer.

There was a family of Daggetts living in and around New York State but there is no indication that any of them travelled west. In the family was a “photographist” E. Daggett found in the 1870 Nunda, NY, city directory, but it is unlikely he might have traveled to Billings, MO, at any time. He is also noted in the 1875 New York state census as “Artist” with a son G. E. Daggett. No E. O. Daggett in their tree.

So if Elbert Otis Daggett is the right person, it must be concluded that he was a photographer for only a short time, probably around 1910, when he was open to being something other than a farmer. Caution: this is all speculative.

Baby on fur
Photographer: Dames
911 Broadway, Oakland

William White Dames (1841 - 1907)

Timeline (Some date inconsistencies in the facts found about the Dames Studios)
(US Census) Born in Canada
(US Census) Arrival in US
(City Directory) as photographer, 26 Montgomery. San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) Partners with Alexander Edouart
(City Directory) Partners with Sylvester M. Williams at 26 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA
1872 - 1873
(City Directory) Partners with C. E. Watkins in San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) Partners with Hector W. Vaughn in San Francisco, CA

(City Directory) Operating as Dames and Hayes (Henry C. Hayes) at 715 Market, San Francisco, CA
(City Directory, US Census) Operating as photographer in Oakland, CA
1880 - 1881
(City Directory, US Census) As Dames and Hayes (Henry C. Hayes) at 715 Market, San Francisco, CA
1882 - 1883
(City Directory) as Dames and Butler (Charles A. Butler) 715 market, San Francisco, CA
(Voter Registration) living in Alameda, CA
(Newspaper) Opens Gallery (studio) at 911 Broadway in Oakland, CA
1889 - 1891
(City Directory) as photographer at 911 Broadway in Oakland, CA

(City Directory) as Dames and Co. (with wife) 222 12th, Oakland, CA
(Oakland Wiki) with two other photographers Fred H. Dorsaz and Frank E. Smith, 2517 Central, Alameda, CA
(Oakland Wiki) William Arrowsmith, W. W. Dames, A. C. Dames (wife) as Dames and Arrowsmih, Oakland, CA
(Newspaper) Dames sells his half of the studio at 1116 Washington to William H. Arrowsmith
(Newspaper) Death in San Francisco, CA
(Newspaper) Studio becomes Arrowsmith Studio.

Several interesting newspaper items reprinted below -

Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographer:G. W. Davis
925 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D. C.
827 Broad Street
Richmond, VA.
Cabinet Card woman portrait reverse The reverse of the card on the left.

G. W. Davis is mentioned often for the hiring of James Conway, a prominent black photographer, at a time when that was unusual. He is also said to have fired other employees who objected. No biographical information has been found.

1875 - 1877 (City Directory) Photographer at 821 E Broad, Richmond, VA
1875 Hired James Conway Farley (August 10, 1854 - 1910?) as operator in Davis Gallery (Studio)
1877 - 1897 (City Directory) Photographer at 827 E Broad
1879 By this year, George O. Brown is working at the photographic gallery of George W. Davis.
1900 (City Directory) Davis Photography Gallery. 817 E Broad
No mention of G. W. Davis beyond 1900

Cabinet Card boy
Little Rock

This is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and then in the resulting page, scroll down.

Robert Wolstenholme Dawson
(1833 - 1910)

1833 Nov 03
R. W. Dawson born in Nuttall Lane, Lancashire, England
arrives in US at age 11
1860 Mar 22
marries Lucy M Freeman in Vienna, Wisconsin
1880 Mar 5
Daily Arkansas Gazette news item studio at 106 Main
1880 Jun 10
US census as photographer in Little Rock, AR, studio at 203 ½ s Main
1882 Oct 15
Daily Arkansas Gazette item Wm Cooper at Dawson studio 205 Main st
1883 May 26
Arkansas Democrat item new studio almost complete
1883 Jun 04
Arkansas Democrat news item open house at new studio at 424 ½ Main
1883 Jun 06
Arkansas Democrat news item opens new studio at 424 ½ Main
1883 Nov 29
Arkansas Gazette daughter Elva marries B W Butler in Little Rock, AR

1884 Jan 9, 12, 15, 18, 21
classified ad in Arkansas Democrat property for sale; studio at Main & 5th
1885 Jul 11,31
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad for gallery
1885 Jul 23
Arkansas Democrat item Dawson present at death of U S Grant
1885 Aug 2
Daily Arkansas Gazette display ad for studio
Little Rock, AR, city directory as photographer at 422 ½ Main; both sons Nelson and Charles works at gallery
1886 Mar 28
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad Wm. Cooper artist at Dawson studio
1886 Jun 09, 10,
Daily Arkansas Gazette new item studio at Main and 5th
1887 Mar thru 1888 Feb
many small classified ads for studio at 424 ½ Main
1888 Nov 20
Daily Arkansas Gazette building owned by Dawson burns
Little Rock, AR, city directory as photographer at 422 ½ Main; son Nelson working at studio; (Address is possibly a typo, probably 424.)

1893 Dec 9, 12, 19
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad
1894 Feb 4
LA Times license to marry Sue V Neal in CA
marries Sue V. Neal in Los Angeles, CA
1895 Aug 7
Los Angeles Times item R W Dawson now living in Glendora, CA
city directory as rancher in Los Angeles, CA
1897 Apr 09
Los Angeles Times item R W Dawson now living in Alamitos, CA
1900 Jun 21
US census as farmer in Long Beach, CA
1910 Apr 26
no occupation shown in Long Beach, CA
1910 May 18
dies at age 76 in Long Beach CA

It appears that Robert W. Dawson was photographer in Little Rock, AR, from 1880 through 1893 mostly at 424 ½ Main. There is no address on this cabinet card so it could have been done at any time during that period.

The Brothers Deane

Cabinet Card baby (second copy)
Photographer: Deane
300 Elm St. Dallas

It appeared at first that Deane the photographer was a restless traveller appearing all over Texas for several decades. After documenting a family tree around one of them, it shows that there were four brothers, all photographers, all working in Texas.

Deane appears often in the Texas newspaper items and ads but these seldom include first name or initials making it difficult to establish which brother was where and when
The following timeline is constructed of newspaper dates and places, US census, city directories and some other Vital Documents. This should help separate and trace the brothers. They also worked together on occasion so the name “Deane” on a cabinet card might be any one of them.

Added to each timeline event is a name if available. If the name is in parentheses then it is a speculation based on other items.
Clarence Curtis Deane (1852 - 1948)
Martin Otis Deane (1854 - 1914)
Granville M. Deane (1858 - 1949)
Jervis Corydon Spencer Deane (1860 - )
1876 Jul 11
Clarence Curtis marries Maggie R Carswell in Hannibal MO
1880 Jun 1
Martin Otis moves from Virginia to Kansas City, MO, as photographer
1880 Jun 1
Clarence Curtis living in Hannibal, MO, as photographer

1880 Jun 1
Granville M living in Kansas City, MO, as photographer
1880 Jun 1
Jervis C S living with Clarence and Granville in Kansas City, MO (occupation not given) Another source says he worked as a house painter
Jervis CS studies photography in Europe, then tours the US
1885 May 2
Clarence Curtis son Vinton born in Texas
1885 Sep 13, 15, 16, 19
small Deane ads in Waco tx Daily Examiner (Jervis C)
1885 Dec 02
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
1886 Mar 25
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
Martin Otis now in Waco, TX
1886 May 10, 19, 20
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
1886 Dec 02, 03, 04, 06
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News (Granville M)

Jervis CS living in Waco, TX
1887 Mar 20
half page ad, front page, Brenham (TX) Daily Banner; small item tells of R. G. Baily representing Deane before Deane’s arrival in town (Granville M)
1887 Mar 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 31
multiple Deane ads in Brenham tx Daily Banner (Granville M)
1887 Apr 03
Brenham tx Daily Banner has large flashy front page ad for Deane and news item mentions arrival of equipment for Deane (Granville M)
1887 Apr 13

many small Deane ads in Brenham (TX) Daily Banner showing Deane at Snell’s studio (Granville M)
1887 Apr 26
small Deane ads in Waco (TX) Daily Examiner shows Deane as photographer at south Fifth (Jervis C)
1887 Sep 18
Galveston Daily News small item about photographer G M Deane
1887 Oct 31
Jervis CS marries Maud Hillin in McLennan, TX
1888 Aug 16, 27, 30
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)

1888 Sep 06
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)
1888 Oct 13
Jervis CS son born in Waco, TX
1888 Oct 17, 20; Nov 06
small ads in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)
1888 Nov 26
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News shows J L Berstrom has taken J. C. Deane’s “Old Stand”
Jervis CS as photographer in Waco, TX
1890 May 08
Jervis CS daughter Karma born in Waco, TX
1891 Nov 17
Jervis CS son Peyton born in Waco, TX
1891 Dec 10
Deane working in Galveston, TX (Clarence Curtis)
Jervis CS as photographer 701-703 Austin; res 1200 N 6th in Waco, TX
1893 Mar 14, 23, Apr 08, Jun 29
ads says Dean has reopened at 414 ½ Austin, Waco, TX (Jervis CS)
Granville M now living in Dallas, TX
1894 May 19, 23, Jun 18, 23, 28
Jervis CS wins prizes for photography in Waco

1894 Oct 21, Dec 18
small newspaper ads show Deane working at 610 Main, Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1895 Sep 29; Oct 22, 25; Nov 24
small newspaper ads show Deane working at 610 Main in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1895 Dec 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25
small newspaper ads show Deane is working in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1896 Jan 02, 09, 11, 29
Deane still working in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1896 Sep 16
Jervis C. loses one eye from injury at the “Crash at Crush” in Crush, TX
See news item below.
Martin Otis as photographer at 300 Elm, Dallas, TX
1900 Apr 24
wife of Martin Otis dies in Fort Worth, TX
1900 Jun 5
Clarence Curtis now living in Houston, TX
1900 Jun 12
Jervis CS as photographer in Waco, TX
1900 Jun 12
Granville M still living in Dallas, TX, at 134 Grand av

1900 Jun 12
Martin Otis now living in Dallas, TX, with brother Granville at 134 Grand av
Martin Otis dies at age 47 in Webster, WV.
1901 Nov-Dec
Jervis CS as executor of Martin Otis estate
Jervis CS partners with Bruhn in studio in McKinney, TX
1910 Apr 20
Clarence Curtis now living in Beaumont, TX
1920 Jan 07
Clarence Curtis still living in Beaumont, TX as “artist”
Clarence Curtis in Beaumont, TX, as “artist”
Granville M as photographer at 1016 ½ Elm; res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
Granville M res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
Clarence Curtis now in Dade, FL, as photographer
Granville M res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX

Granville M as photographer res at 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
1940 Apr 1
Granville M in Dallas, TX, as no occupation
Clarence Curtis in Dade, FL, as photographer
Clarence Curtis dies in Dade, FL
Granville M wife Emma dies in Dallas, TX
Granville M dies in Houston, TX
Jervis CS wife dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS son Jervis jr dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS son Peyton dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS daughter Karma dies in El Paso, TX
No exact death date on Jervis CS has been found

Jervis Deane seems to have been centered mostly in Waco, TX, moving to El Paso, TX, later in life.

Granville M Dean worked mostly in Dallas, TX.

Clarence Curtis Dean was the one in Beaumont, Galveston and Houston, TX.

Martin Otis worked in Fort Worth, TX, 1891-1896 andseems to have worked with a brother, mostly Granville Otis Deane in Dallas and Jervis Deane in Waco, but that is partly speculation.

The cabinet card here was probably done in 1897 in that short time that Martin Otis Deane had a studio at 300 Elm, Dallas, TX.

To the right: Jervis Deane loses an eye while photographing a staged train wreck.

Jervis CS Dean and Martin Otis Dean often placed as many as fifteen small ads in one issue of their local newspaper. Example below.

Waco Evening News
21 Sep 1881

Portrait high collar
Photographer: E. Decker
143 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio.

From Historic Camera website:
E. (Edgar) Decker was born in New York to David and Hannah Van Aken Decker in 1833. His childhood was spent on the family farm and he attended public schools until age 13, when he became a mercantile clerk to help support his family. After seven years, he went into business for himself, enjoying some success as a merchandiser.

After relocating to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1856, Mr. Decker resumed his interest in photography, which began during his years as a teen merchant. He married Julia English in February 1857, and two years' later he felt sufficiently confident enough in his artistic abilities and business prowess to open his own photographic studio at 249 Superior Street, in a partnership with Thomas T. Sweeny.

Mr. Decker's Civil War portraits of Ohio's Western Reserve regiments cemented his reputation as an excellent portrait photographer. He would later photograph famed ornithologist and John James Audubon biographer

Francis Hobart Herrick, Union General Philip Sheridan and Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, and William McKinley.

By 1870, the successful business was selling 1800 dozen photographs and had expanded to include four assistants. As Mr. Decker's business grew, so too did his need for a larger studio.

After his partnership with Mr. Sweeny ended, he established another successful alliance with gifted retoucher and crayon artist Charles E. Wilber (or Wilbur). The Decker & Wilber Studio, which later moved to 143 Euclid Avenue, became one of the most illustrious portrait galleries in Ohio.

Following Mr. Wilber's retirement, Mr. Decker - whose establishment was renamed simply the Decker Studio - maintained the highest aesthetic and moral standards believing one could not be sacrificed without adversely affecting the other. He was one of the first photographers to infuse humanity into the often austere daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.

He later applied the same uncompromising expertise to his oil crayon and watercolor works, copying, and photographic enlargements. With Mr. Decker's success came increasing professional and civic responsibilities. He became a member, director, and later president of the National Photographic Association, and also served on the Cleveland city council. In 1889, Mr. Decker was awarded the Photographers' Association of America's prestigious Eastman cup for his impressive bromide enlargements.

In July of 1900, failing health forced Mr. Decker into retirement. Thankfully, he left his business in the capable hands of his latest partner George Mountain Edmondson, who was at the time Vice President of the Photographers' Association of America, and would become himself one of the Midwest's finest photographers. Pioneering photographic trailblazer E. Decker died on December 1, 1905.

Cabinet Card baby
Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind
(listed under Lutz also)

There was no scarcity of the Lutz name in the 19th century. There were several living in Ohio and four in Cincinnati. Three of them migrated from Baden, Germany. But the otherwise seem unrelated.

Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind

John N. Lutz seems the most likely. He lived in several cities in Ohio and Kentucky before settling somewhat in Portsmouth, OH.

Portsmouth Daily Times - 15 Nov 1873

John N. Lutz
(1842 - 1891)

born in Baden, Germany
migrated to America
1860? - 1865
worked for W. S. Porter studio
marriage to Annie L. Justice
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as photographer working for J. W. Winder
Pomeroy, OH, city directory as photographer on Front st
moved to Portsmouth, OH
1874 Feb 07
Portsmouth Daily Times news item Gallery on 2nd st
1878 Nov 09
Portsmouth Daily Times classified ad gallery still on 2nd st
Ohio Photographer’s Directory; studio burns in Portsmouth and is rebuilt
Portsmouth Daily Times news item J. N. Lutz is vacationing in Atlantic City
1891 Jan 07
newspaper items Lutz commits suicide by taking cyanide and dies in Portsmouth, OH
1894 Mar 23
Cincinnati Enquirer small ad Mrs Lutz looking for someone to buy or rent the gallery on 2nd st


Only one document was found that might relate to the Devol of this partnership. In the 1866 Omaha, Nebraska, city directory there is listed G. C. Devol, photographer. This would mean that G. C. DeVol would have been born in the 1840’s or earlier. The possibility is strengthened only by the fact that the most likely photographer Lutz found was born in 1842, making them possibly of similar age.

However, neither of these two can be documented as being in Sullivan, IN, so it is mostly speculation.

Lima (OH) News - 08 Jan 1891

Cabinet Card couple portrait
Photographer: Miner & Dexter
44 Calhoun
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Charles Winslow Miner
(26 Jan 1865 - 22 May 1912)

born in Columbia City, IN
1879 - 1890
(Ft. Wayne city directory) Not in these directories
(Ft. Wayne Sentinel obit) arrives in Fort Wayne, IN
1891 - 1893
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer for Felix Shanz, 112 Calhoun;
1894 May 09
(Ft. Wayne Sentinel newspaper) ad for Miner and Dexter
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer (Miner and Dexter) with William G. Dexter, 44 Calhoun;

(Ft. Wayne Sentinel obit) opens own photograph studio
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer 44 Calhoun (Dexter gone)
1897 - 1901
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer at 23 Wayne
1902 - 1911
(Ft. Wayne city directory) as photographer at 121 w Wayne
(FindAGrave) dies, age 47 years

This cabinet card appears to have been made in that brief period that C. W. Miner was partnered with William G. Dexter, in 1894-1895.

Fort Wayne News
04 Mar 1911

Fort Wayne Journal
12 May 1894

Photographer: E. K. Dillhoff
Photographer: E. A. Dillhoff
Broadway cor. Madison St., Brooklyn

Eugene A. Dillhoff (Sept 1866 - 4 Dec 1937)
1866 Sept
(City Directory) First listing as a photographer
1900 - 1913
(City Directories) estimated partnership with Oxford
1902 May
Studio portrait photographs of American Indian performers in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show created by the photographic studio of Oxford & Dillhoff in Brooklyn, New York.
1913 (
City Directory) Adds frames to business
(US Census) still listed as photographer
Dec 4 Death

The cabinet card to the left would have been done probably after 1913 or before 1900.

Three women in portrait
Photographer: W. H. Dinsmore
Anita, IA
GROUP by Dinsmore

William H. Dinsmore can be found only once in historical records as a photographer. In the 1901 Waterloo, IA, city directory the name appears under the category “Photographers” as "Dinsmore, W H - Anita.” There are many entries in the US Census, family trees and some other records for W. H. Dinsmore as a “farmer” but nothing to tie them to “photographer” except proximity, age area and similar name. There are newspaper mentions of W. H. Dinsmore’s of the right age, active in the Iowa area as well as an assortment in every other state except Wyoming, as farmer, minister, sheriff or stock broker. The name is not as uncommon as it first seems.

So, at this time, it is fairly certain that W. H. Dinsmore was a photographer in Anita, Iowa, in 1901. This same one is PROBABLY the “Farmer” Dinsmore in US Census, Iowa Census and Iowa news items but it is only speculation.

Here is a timeline of
W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA:
1899 May 8
(Daily Iowa Capitol item) Noted taking photographs at Anita, IA
(City Directory) as photographer in Anita, Iowa
1902 May 24 -
(Des Moines Leader item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1903 April 16 -
(Ottumwa Daily Courier item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1911 April 6 -
(Adams County Free Press item) Mention of W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, attending a Knights of Pythias meeting in Corning, IA
1914 July 6 -
(Des Moines Register item) W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA, is mentioned as a delegate to a state GOP convention

Cabinet Card portrait man standing
Photographer:F. B. Dolbear
Marysville, Ohio

All newspaper items from Marysville Journal Tribune, Marysville, Ohio
1873 Mar 02
( at Marysville, Ohio.
1892 Sep 01
(Newspaper) Takes over O. T. Barbour studio
1893 Oct 12
(Newspaper) Mention as photographer
1893 Dec 21
(Newspaper) ad for Christmas photographs
1894 Apr 29
(Newspaper) Dolbear for fine photo work (ad)
1896 April 09
(Newspaper) Dolbear in Cleveland studying new styles and processes in photography.
1896 July 16
(Newspaper) Dolbear attended the photographers’ convention in Columbus yesterday

1897 Oct 07
(Newspaper)Wedding announcement for Oct 12 to Josephine Cameron
1898 April 28
(Newspaper) Mention photographing a parade in Marysville
1898 Oct 24
(Newspaper, Ancestry) Baby Girl Elizabeth born to Fred and Josephine.
1899 Sept 28
(Newspaper) F. B. Dolbear offered position with Winton Motor Carriage Co.
1900 Mar 04
(Find-a-Grave site) Death from tyhoid fever at age 27

Obit from Find-a-Grave:
“Fred worked for Winton Auto Company, one of the first companies to make automobiles. He died of typhoid fever when he was just 27 years old. He married Josephine Cameron and they had one daughter.”
No mention of his seven years as photographer

Cabinet Card young man
Photographer: Donavan
Traveling Artist
West Virginia

Donavan - Traveling Photographer, West Virginia

Although it is not the common spelling of the name, still there were several Donavan’s in the West Virginia area: Glass blowers, steel workers, coal miners and laborers. Any one of them could have done photography on the side. No other information has been found.

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
Photographer: Douglas
Evansville, IND

Sidney Wesley Douglas
(1840 - 1916)

Sidney Wesley Douglas worked in the same town all his life. Much of that career was spent at the same address; 314 ½ Upper 1st, second floor.

As stable as he was, it is odd that most of the usual sources that compile names of 19th century photographers, do not mention him.

1840 Mar 25
Sidney Douglas is born in New York
Oswego, NY, city directory as artist
marries Lucy Ellen Tucker
1866 Nov 23
Fulton, Oswego, NY, son James Staunton Douglas is born
New York, son Dallas C Douglas is born
1876 - 1878
Evansville, IN, as photographer at 203 ½ Main; res 613 Chestnut

1880 Jun 09
US census as photographer; res 1108 First
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 312 ½ upper 1st; res 6 Elam Place
1882 - 1887
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 314 ½ Upper 1st, 2dn fl; res 1108 Upper Water (probably the same as First street)
1888 - 1892
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 312 ½ Upper 1st; res 1002 Upper Water
1897 - 1900
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 312 ½ Upper 1st; res 125 Chestnut
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 312 ½ Upper 1st; res 426 Upper 1st
1906 - 1911
Evansville, IN, city directory as photographer at 312 ½ Upper 1st; res 719 Upper 1st

Evansville, IN, city directory as vice president of Central Trust and Savings; res 710 Upper 1st
1914 - 1915
Evansville, IN, city directory as vice president of Central Trust and Savings; res 826 Upper 1st
1916 Jan 10
Sidney Wesley Douglas dies of LA Grippe and pneumonia

It is a safe guess that the cabinet card presented here was done in Evansville, IN, between 1876 and 1912. If the studio address was imprinted on the card the date could be narrowed further.

Typical city directory ad

Two Boys
Photographer: D. W. Dowe.

Duane. W. Dowe (1856-1930)
1856 Mar 09
Birth in New York
(City Directory) listed as Artist
(City Directory) listed as Photographer
(City Directory) listed as Photographer
1892 Feb 13, 20
(Nevada State Journal) news item mentioning portraits by Dowe’s Gallery
1899 May 11, 15, 16
(Albuquerque, NM citizen) Ad for photographs, two dollars per dozen
1899 Sep 16, 23, 40
1899 Sep 03 (Flagsraff Arizona newspaper ad) Dowe’s Gallery opposite the courthouse.
1904 Nov 12
(Newspaper) Intending opening studio in Yuma, AZ

1904 Nov 30
(San Francisco newspaper ad) San Francisco photographer will open business in Yuma, AZ
(1910 US Census) in Winters, CA
(City Directory) as photographer in Suisun City, CA
(City Directory) as photographer, rooming in Vallejo, CA
(City Directory) no occupation designated in San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) as “storekeeper’ at US Customs
1930 Dec 29
Death in Los Angles age 76

Apparently Mr. Dowe didn't put any address on his Cabinet Cards because he moved around a lot. For the same reason, it's difficult to date them.

Photographer: George Downing
617 Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kans

George Downing
(17 May 1840 - 19 Feb 1908)

1840 May 17
born George Downend in Shelby, OH
Find-A-Grave bio: changes name to Downing when he enlists in army for civil war.
Topeka, KS, city directory as photographer with Knight’s Gallery
Find-A-Grave Bio: opens own studio
1875 Jun 04
Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, KS) news item Ragan and Downing photographers in the Union Hall block
1878 Mar 06 - 1878 Dec 15
Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, KS) more than 70 display ads in three versions run giving no studio address
1879 Apr 23
Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, KS) small display ad about legislative group photo
Topeka, KS, city directory as photographer at 197 Kansas av
1881 Dec 19 and 27
Topeka (KS) State Journal display ad photographer at 197 Kansas av

Topeka, KS, city directory as photographer at 197 Kansas av
1884 Sep 21
Topeka (KS) Daily Capital News Ad about redecorated gallery at 197 Kansas av
1884 Nov 20
Daily Commonwealth (Topeka, KS) small ad for studio at “197 over Barnum & Co store”
Topeka, KS, city directory as photographer at 197 Kansas av
1887 Apr 19
Topeka (KS) Daily Capital small mention of Downing photographer
1887 May 08
Topeka (KS) Daily Commonwealth classified ad no address
1890 Jun 21
Topeka (KS) State Journal display ad photographer at 617 Kansas av
1899 Aug 04 - 1900 Apr 13
Lecompton, (KS) Sun about 30 display ads at 617 Kansas av, Topeka, KS
1900 Jun 28 - 1900 Dec 28
Lecompton (KS) Sun about 20 display coupon ad
Find-A-Grave bio: apparently retires from photographer business

Topeka, KS, city directory still operating his studio at 617 Kansas av
1908 Feb 19
dies at 67 of the illness that forced him to retire

It was easy to confuse George Downing of Topeka, KS, with George D. Downing of Wichita, KS, who had a studio there, then became a detective for the Wichita police force for five or six years, then moved to Detroit, MI, to work for the Arthur Studio. He finally moved to New York to work for Eastman Kodak. He was about 35 years younger than the George Downing of Topeka, KS.

George Downing of Topeka, KS, opened his studio at 197 Kansas Street in 1874 and stayed in the same location until he retired around 1902. Then a re-numbering of Kansas ave in Topeka in about 1888 changed the studio address to 617 Kansas.

This cabinet card was most likely finished after 1888 and before 1901.

City Directory Ad - 1887

Topeka Daily Capital - Obituary

Cabinet Card Man table and chair
Drake and Wife
Cabinet Card portrait man w short hair
B. W. Drake
Bellville Ohio

Benjamin W. Drake (1855-1932)
1855, Apr 03
(Find-A-Grave) Born
1885 - 1886
( Bulletin) as photographer in Bellville, Ohio
(US Census, 1900)Marries Nora T
(US Census) Son Artie Lee born
1896 - 1897
( Bulletin) as photographer in Loudenville, Ohio
(Ancestry) as photographer in Toledo, Ohio
(City Directory) lists B W Drake and Artie same address, no spouse
(US Census, 1910) Marries Hattie I.
(US Census) Hattie listed as “asst Photographer”

(US Census) Still listed as Photographer, age 65
1915 - 1920
(Ancestry) in Mansfield, Ohio
(US Census) Still listed as Photohrapher Age 75
1932, Oct 14

The photograph at the far left was probably done around 1910 just after the marriage to Hattie I. Drake in 1908, as she is listed in the 1910 US Census as “Assistant Photographer” and not so in the 1920 Census. The near left might have been done any time between 1885 and 1908 or 1920 and 1930.

cabinet card trio
photographer: Dubbs

It might seem that this would be a difficult photographer to trace since all the information available was a last name, Dubbs. However there is a lot of information about John Howard Dubbs available and it appears there was only one photographer by that name in the cabinet card era.

John Howard Dubbs
(1859 - 1930)

1859 Feb 18

born in Ohio
1880 Jun 11
US census as laborer in Milton, OH
city directory as photographer at 232 Woodward in Detroit, MI
Marriage to Frances Wey in East Tawas, Iosco County, MI
birth of twin daughters, Hazel and Hattie, in East Tawas, MI
daughter Hazel dies
city directory as photographer Dubbs & Co, with partner Julius Vernier at 331 Broadway in Toledo, OH

city directory as photographer at 206 Vine in Knoxville, TN
birth of son Howard in Glasgow, TN
1900 Jun 01
US census as photographer in Weston, OH
birth of son Franklin in Weston, OH
as gardener res 315 Emerald in Grand Rapids, MI
1910 May 05
US census as photographer res 315 Emerald av in Grand Rapids MI
birth of daughter Dorothy in Grand Rapids, MI
death of daughter Dorothy in Grand Rapids, MI
city directory as baker in Flint, MI
city directory as baker in Flint, MI
city directory as proprietor of Hotel Flushing in Flint, MI

US census as Artist in Flushing, MI
city directory as photographer at 512 Garland, Flint, MI
city directory as photographer at 512 Garland, Flint, MI
marriage to Gertrude House in Lansing, MI
1930 Apr 04
US census as photographer at 210 Brewer, Cadillac, MI
1930 Sep 27
John H. Dubbs dies at 210 Brewer in Cadillac, MI

The documents show Dubbs as photographer from 1887 to 1910, then into other occupations from 1914 through 1918. Then from 1920 to 1930 he is back working as a photographer. Cabinet cards were losing popularity after 1910 so it’s a good guess that the card here was finished during the earlier work in photography. Considering the rounded corner cut of the card itself, this card was probably made around 1900 in Ohio.

Just one of the sisters.
Photographer: Drum,

Harriet Drum and her son Oscar and his wife Lottie were all photographers. They all worked together at one point and after Harriet died, Oscar and Lottie carried on the business. They worked in Longton, then Jackson , Kansas, and finally from 1910 on, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Harriet (Forrest) Drum was born
Oscar Drum was born
Lottie (Bastian) Drum was born
(US Census, City Directory) Oscar and mother Harriet work together as photographers
(US Census) Oscar and Lottie marry, with Harriet, all three work as photographers
(Ancestry) Oscar’s mother Harriet dies.

(US Census) Listed as Commercial Photographer at Drum Studio, wife Lottie as no occupation.
(US Census) as Photographer (last mention of photography)
1915 - 1927
no photograph activity found
1929 - 1933
Oscar shown as farmer only
Oscar at 75, no occupation found
(Find-a-Grave) Oscar dies.
(Find-a-Grave) Lottie dies.

There is no mention anywhere of Drum and a Railroad Photo Car as shown on the card to the right. The only clues that tie these two photographs together are, the comma after the name "Drum" and both photographs were found in Kansas.

The photograph on the left was probably done between 1888 and 1912.

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: Drum,
Rail Road
Photo Car

Christening Gown Cabinet Card
J. M. Duvall
Homer, Ills.

James M. Duvall (01 Jul 1861 - 24 Apr 1935)

The title of “Photographer” is applied only once in the records of James M Duvall. In the 1900 US Census when he was 39, the occupation is reported as photographer. All other records say he was a farmer. Unfortunately he lived in a rather rural location so there are no city directories to check, only the US Census. Homer, Illinois, is a very small town, even today.

Of course he might have done portrait photography as a side line during many of those farming years but the records say he was a farmer.

The cabinet card just to the left was probably done around 1900.

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A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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