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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century - C -

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
Johnstown, PA.

From City Directories and other sources these dates apply
Joseph J. Caddy worked as Caddy and Green in 1879
Joseph J. Caddy worked as Caddy and Davis in 1889.
One CDV imprinted Caddy only is estimated around 1890
From 1896 to 1899 he was working alone. (City Directory)

Research was difficult because there was a Joseph J. Caddy in the coal industry living in Johnston, PA, at the same time as Joseph J. Caddy the photographer.

Cabinet Card pair with hats
Photographer: Elmer Cain
Cor. 6th & Main
Richmond, Ind.

City Directories show Elmer Cain as a photographer 1887 through 1903. In 1907 he is listed as a Travel Agent.

Don't look at me.  Look at the chair.
Photographer: Caldwell & Kent
143 Main St. Brockton
Another photo by this studio is in the

Warren Hindreth Caldwell (1849-1930) was in the Boot and Shoe trade according to the 1900 US Census. It must have been a minor sideline however as he is listed in every Brockton City Directory from 1882 to 1913 as operating a Photograph Studio at 143 main in Brockton. In 1915 he was listed as an artist and in 1929 as a picture framer.

Apparently W. H. Caldwell and I. A. Kent were photograph studio associates or partners at 143 main, Brockton, Massachusetts up until 1895 when Kent moved down the street to 57 Main and began a separate photography studio.

City Directory for 1895 shows photographers Caldwell & Kent as one business at 143 Main in Brockton.
City Directory for 1896 shows Caldwell and Kent as separate businesses and separate addresses.
City Directories for Brockton MA years 1898 through 1906 show W. H. Caldwell and A. I. Kent both photographers, but at different business locations on Main street.

A. I. Kent (1865- ) Began his photography career as a partner to H. W. Caldwell in about 1894 but by 1896 was in business for himself with his own studio just down the street at 43 Main. He moved to 57 Main in 1905 and added picture frames to his studio sales.

The 1910 Brockton City directory shows him still in business as a photographer at the same address. By 1920 he had given up the photography business and moved to St. Louis to be a paper box salesman. 1930 finds him still in St. Louis but now in real estate. At 74, in 1940 he is working as a cashier. He apparently never returned to photography after 1910. There were no records of his death.

There were no records showing what the A. I. stood for.

1894-1895 Will be imprinted Caldwell and Kent, 143 Main, Brockton
1896-1905 will be imprinted A. I. Kent, 43 Main, Brockton
1905-1910 will be imprinted A. I. Kent, 57 Main, Brockton

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Caradine,
North side Square
Sherman, Texas
Cabinet card portrait
Photographer: Caradine
North Side Square
Sherman, Tex.

James Newton Caradine
(Aug 1845 - 27 May 1906)

Aug born in Choctaw, MS
in Confederate army at age 16
birth of daughter Bernice Caradine in TX
not in Sherman/Dennison city directory
partners with C M Cumming in Corsicana and Sherman
US census as photographer; res S Walnut st, Sherman, TX
Sherman, TX, city directory as photographer; res 515 S Walnut

1899 Nov 05
death of wife Virginia Caledonia MacDougal in Sherman, TX
US census as photographer; res E Frank st, Hill County, TX
not in Sherman/Dennison city directory
1906 May 27
death in Sherman, TX

Rather sketchy history on Caradine. The cabinet cards here could have been done any time between 1879 and about 1899.

Standing Portrait of a Woman
Photographer: Pearl Carder Studios
Attleboro and North Attleboro

Pearl Lee Carder (1875 - )
There is a substantial amount of information on this one but it appears he retired from photography after only a short time.

From City Directory listing from Attleboro, MA, Carder was only in the photograph business for about three years, 1897 to 1899. After that he is credited with only “clerk” through 1906.

In 1917 he becomes “General Agent” for United Limit Co. (sp?)
He apparently moves to England, for in 1928 he arrives in New York from there, giving his permanent address on the ship’s passenger list as 50 Old Burlington street, Avonmouth, England. He is still and “agent”. Then another passenger list indicates he has moved to Kingston Jamaica. He returned to New York for an unknown period in 1945 at age 73.

In short, he apparently never returns to photography again. His photography can be documented for some time in 1897 through some time in 1899.

Man with watch chain
Photographer: A. C. Carpenter
715 Main Street, Kansas City, MO.

This Carpenter is not the same as in Bloomer with Carpenter, in the "B" section. page. That Carpenter turns out to be Marion C. Carpenter. See next entry.

Albert Carpenter was a difficult photographer to trace. He moved around a lot and used variations of his name. Also complicating research, there seem to be more than one person by exactly the same name, two of them with a wife of the same name. (See 1913)

Further, it didn’t help that his last name is also a common word. Searching newspapers brought up carpenter and builder want ads and carpenter union stories.

Albert C. Carpenter
(Mar 1847 - 31 May 1927)

1848 Mar -
Albert C Carpenter born in New York
Kansas City, MO, city directory, not listed
Kansas City, MO, city directory Albert Carpenter at 1810 Summit; no occupation shown
Kansas City, MO, city directory A. C. Carpenter not listed; J Harvey Scotford listed as photographer at 715 Main

Kansas City, MO, city directory as Photographer with Scotford and Co. at 715 Main; J. H. Scotford and Co. is listed as J. H. Scotford and A. C. Carpenter, photographers
Kansas City, MO, city directory Albert C Carpenter as photographer with Scotford and Co. at 715 Main; the only photographers appearing in the business listings are George Atkinson, Harman Brown, Zachariah T Riggs and William J. Robinson.
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 715 Main; also has a business listing
1889 & 1890
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 715 Main
A. C. Carpenter apparently left Kansas City and moved to Springfield MO. about Sept of 1891. Daily ads appear in the Springfield Leader newspaper all through Sept and Oct that year.
Tacoma, WA, city directory as Carpenter and Co; res 917 s C

Tacoma, WA, city directory as photographer 5-6 31-32 Collier-Hardenberg bldg.; res same
1895 - 1900
Tacoma, WA, city directory as photographer at 917 ½ South C; listed in business pages
US census as photographer
1901 & 1902
Tacoma, WA, city directory rms YMCA bldg; no occupation given, not listed in business pages
1903 & 1904
Tacoma, WA, city directory rms YMCA bldg; as photographer; not in business pages
Tacoma, WA, city directory has two listings: in the regular residential section Albert C Carpenter is listed as living at 2 YMCA building and in the “Additions and Removals” section he has moved just before publication to 809 s Yakima av
1906 & 1907
Tacoma, WA, city directory as photographer with Holt Art Co; res 934 ½ s C

Timeline continued in the next row

1908 & 1909
Tacoma, WA, city directory as photographer with Holt Art Co; res 701 St Helens av
US census lists Albert working at retail art store; res 710 St Helens av ; wife Caroline E; Tacoma, WA, city directory lists Albert C (Holt Art Co) 765 s C
Tacoma, WA, city directory not listed; Holt Art Store at 765 s C is listed in business pages
Tacoma, WA, city directory art goods 1137 s C; res 123 The Montello; wife Carrie E; also listed a couple lines later, A C Carpenter clerk, 1137 1/2 s C, wife Bertha
Tacoma, WA, (Polk’s) city directory art goods 1137 s C; res 1137 ½ s C; wife Carrie E
Tacoma, WA, (Gould’s) city directory lists Carpenter A C Mrs, res The Buckingham and just a few lines later lists Carpenter, Carrie C wid Albert C res 2541 Maiden Lane (Note: A. C. Carpenter didn't die until 1927)

Tacoma, WA, city directory art goods 1137 s C; res 1137 ½ s C; wife Carrie E
Tacoma, WA, city directory art goods 1151 Broadway; res same wife Carrie E
1916 & 1917
Tacoma, WA, city directory picture frames 1151 Broadway; res 1137 Broadway wife Carrie E
Tacoma, WA, city directory no occupation; res 1137 ½ Broadway wife not listed; American Art Co listed at 1147 Broadway
Tacoma, WA, city directory no occupation; res 308-311 s 9th wife not listed
Tacoma, WA, city directory as “carp” res 308-311 s 9th wife not listed
1921 & 1922
Tacoma, WA, city directory as picture framer at 308-311 s 9th with Carrie
Tacoma, WA, city directory no occupation shown, 308-311 s 9th with Caroline E

Tacoma, WA, city directory as attendant at Meadow Park golf course; res same
Tacoma, WA, city directory NOT listed in residential section
Tacoma, WA, city directory listed in residential section as RD Meadow Park, WA; no occupation shown
Tacoma, WA, city directory NOT listed in residential section
1927 May 31
Albert Carpenter dies at age 79 in Meadow Park, WA

Albert C. Carpenter was a photographer most of his life but moved often and didn’t always admit he was a photographer. He working in Kansas City, MO, from 1884 until 1891 when he moves to Springfield, MO, where he operates a studio briefly, only two or three months.

He then appears next in Tacoma, WA. He operates at various addresses in Tacoma from 1892 to 1909 and then turns to the art supply and picture frame business for the rest of his life.

The cabinet card here must have been done between 1886 and a890 when he his studio was at 715 Main in Kansas City, MO.

1888 Kansas City, MO, city directory

An example of one of the misleading items found. From the Newton, KS,Daily 1896

Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographic Rooms
615 Main Street
Kansas City. Mo.
Cabinet Card woman portrait reverse
This is the reverse of the card on the left.

Marion Carpenter was photographer most of his life, taking out a decade from about 1870 to 1880 when he was in real estate.

There were many city directory listings for Marion Carpenter, photographer at 615 Main in Kansas City, MO. Most Kansas City, MO, directory listings show him as photographer. For at least the years 1892 and 1893 it appears the studio was named Margaret W Carpenter Photography, and the 1893 directory shows Marion as “manager of Margaret M Carpenter Studio”.

Marion S. Carpenter
(01 Sep 1829 - 11 Dec 1921)
Margaret Ward Carpenter
(22 Jun 1832 - 29 Mar 1906)

1829 Sep 01
Marion S. Carpenter born in Dayton, OH
US census as daguerrian artist, age 21, living with parents in Dayton, OH
1854 May 04
Marriage to Margaret Ward in Ohio
birth of Daughter Kate in Ohio

1860 Jul 19
US census as daguerreotypist in Hamilton, OH
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as ambrotype and photographs, gallery 20 w 5th; res Mt Auburn; birth of son Marion in Ohio
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as photgraphist at 22 w 5th; res Avondale
Civil war draft registration as photographer; NOT in Cincinnati, OH, city directory
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as photographer with J W Winder & Co; res Avondale
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as photographer with J W Winder & Co; res Walnut Hills
1867 & 1868
Cincinnati, OH, city directory NOT listed in directory
Cincinnati, OH, city directory as clerk at 67 w 3rd; res Walnut Hills
US census as real estate agent in Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH

1871 through 1880
Cincinnati, OH, city directory NOT listed in directory
Kansas City, MO, Times newspaper item, opens first gallery at 618 Main in Kansas City, MO (the 618 is probably a misprint as all other sources say it is 615)
1883 through 1890
Kansas City, MO, city directory - photographer at 615 Main, res same
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 615 Main and 1404 Grand; res 307 Peery (307 probably a misprint, all other sources say 3017)
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 615 Main; Margaret W Carpenter is also listed as a photographer at the same address and neither of them are listed in the business pages
Kansas City, MO, city directory as manager of M W Carpenter photo studio 615 Main; res 3017 Peery
1894 through 1903
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 936 Main; res 3017 Peery
1904 through 1906
Kansas City, MO, city directory as Photographer at 27 ½ E 11th
1906 Mar 29
Margaret W Carpenter dies in Kansas City, MO
1908 & 1909
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at 807 Walnut

Kansas City, MO, city directory r 800 Walnut, no occupation shown and no business listing
Kansas City, MO, city directory as photographer at res and bus - 618 Main
Marion Carpenter dies of uremic poisoning at age 84

This cabinet card would have been finished in that period when he was at 615 Main between 1882 and 1892. Note that the 1912 city directory for Kansas City, MO, indicates he returned to the 618 Main studio the year before he died.

Note that James Thomas Bloomer worked as photographer in this studio from about 1891 to about 1897.

1888 Kansas City city directory
Note:both A C and Marion are listed

1889 Kansas City city directory

Kansas city Newspaper - 29 Mar 1906

Angola Indiana
Photographer: Chas. Cary
Angola, Indiana

Charles Cary (22 Aug 1859 - 26 May 1924) has a long and full biography with family in Angola, Steuben, Indiana. There doesn’t seem to be two people with exactly the same name at the same period, in the small town of Angola, Indiana either. There is however only one remote mention of this Charles Cary being a photographer. He was many things over his life, including in 1870 a blacksmith, in 1910 a car Salesman and in 1920, Repair shop/vulcanizer. In 1907 he is mentioned in a news item that he is installing a gasoline engine in Hamilton, Indiana, News Office. Only once in the Angola Gazetteer of 1897, is he mentioned as a photographer, no details.

It is a possibility that Charles Cary worked as a part time photographer during some of his other occupations but it is more likely he was a photographer only around 1897.

Cabinet card woman
Photographer: Castor Brothers
Carthage, MO

William Henry Castor
(12 Aug 1854 - 25 Sep 1936)

William H. Castor was a full time photographer. He changed cities three or more times in his career. He was joined temporarily by one of his brothers in 1899 but no records have been found to say how long this lasted. Newspaper items show he worked in Carthage, MO, in the year of 1899 and the 1900 US census also places him in Carthage. Then by 1901 he is in Denver, CO

1855 Aug 12
born in New York, NY
1856 or 1857
Castor family moves to Ontario, Canada, as the 1871 Canada census shows his sister Sarah was born there in 1857. His younger siblings John, Harvey, Godfrey and Ira were also born there.
US census as waiter in a hotel
Marries Stella G. Castor

as merchant in New York, NY (Possible); brothers Ira and Rufus are working as bricklayers in Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Carthage, Jasper, MO
as photographer at 30-33 McClelland blk, Denver, CO
as photographer at 210-213, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Denver CO
as manager or proprietor of When Studio, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 302 Barth blk, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 405 Barth blk, Denver, CO
1920 - 1925
as proprietor of When Studio, 809 16th, Denver, CO

as proprietor When Studio 405 809 16th, Denver, CO; wife Gertrude M. also listed
as photographer working with Eugene De Forrest at 1744 Telegraph, Oakland, CA; wife as Gertrude M
as photographer in Oakland, CA
1936 Sep 25
dies in San Francisco, CA, at age 82 of Cerebral Thrombosis

Of William’s 8 brothers, only Robert would be the possible brother in “Castor Bros.” and he was in Carthage for sure in 1892. The 1900 US census shows Robert has moved to Perry, OK and William Henry in Carthage, MO, but he was in Denver by 1901.

This card would have been finished between 1892 and 1900 when both brothers were living in Carthage, MO.

Cabinet Card little girl
Miller and Chadbourne
Fond Du Lac, Wis

See also Henry S. Miller

Cyrus Chadbourne
(07 Dec 1843 - 14 Jul 1913)

Data sources are
US Census
Fond du Lac city directory
Toledo, OH, city directory
History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
Photo Beacon 1897
Directory of early Michigan Photographers by David V. Tinder 2013
Obituary from Fond du Lac Daily newspaper 1913

There will be some overlapping of dates since the data comes from several sources and assumptions have been made about events. A general sense of where Chadbourne was working can still be drawn.

born in Cumberland, ME
1869, 1870
moves to Monroe, MI as photograph artist
in S. Wing Gallery in Monroe, MI, at 23 front st
as photographer in Toledo, OH, at 183 Summit
Toledo, OH, as photographer with E H Alley at 324 Superior

1874 Aug
From History of Fond du Lac County 1884: moves from Toledo, OH, to Fond du Lac, WI; from obit: arrives in Fond du Lac in photo business w/Henry S. Miller on Macy St
1882 or 1884
from obit: partner with Henry S. Miller ends
1883 - 1886
(From city directory listings) as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
1897 - 1892
as photographer in Fond du Lac, WI; Photo Beacon reports Chadbourne as first president of the Photographer Association of Wisconsin.
1893 - 1900
From Tinder Directory: as photographer with Miller again
as photographer with studio in Milwaukee, WI

Chadbourne residence and gallery

as photographer with studio at 98 Macy, Fond du Lac
as photographer with studio at 512 Main; ref obit: retires from business
as photographer with studio at 295 Sheboigan, Fond du Lac, WI
as photographer but not in business pages
as photographer working from home
1913 Jul 14
dies in Fond du Lac, WI, of stroke, age 69

This cabinet card was probably finished during those years when Chadbourne and Miller were partners in Fond du Lac, WI, from August 1874 to about 1884.

14 Jul 1913 Fond du Lac Daily Commonwealth newspaper

Photographer: Chalmers
304 Elm Street
Dallas Texas

Richard Leon Chalmers
(1866 - 29 Apr 1938)

born in Newberry, SC
1880 age 14,
family has moved to Dallas, TX
Dallas city directory as photographer Chalmers and Williams at 913 Elm
Dallas city directory as photographer at 913 Elm
Dallas city directory as photographer at 345 Elm
1893 and1894
Dallas city directory as photographer at 304 Elm
US census as photographer with Harley Wilkes at 306 Beaton

Corsicana, TX city directory as photographer at306 Beaton
US census as photographer at 118 ½ N Beaton
US census as farmer in Henderson, TX
wife Florence Martha dies in Henderson, TX
1938 Apr 29
R L Chalmers dies in Terrell, Kaufman County, TX

It appears that Chalmers was photographer on his own, at 913 Elm for only a couple years around 1889.

Photographer: John Christoph
Ellinwood, Kansas

John Christoph (1862-1925)
It appears that photography was only a sideline for John Christoph most of the time. He apparently had some real estate holdings that kept him busy. He also served as Police Judge for several years.

Ellinwood, Kansas, is a small town and so portraits by John Christoph will be somewhat rare. A newspaper item indicates he sold his studio in 1911 but it is not clear if that included his equipment.

His active years seem to be about 1885 to 1910.

Cabinet Card Couple
Clifton Church
Dallas, Texas

Clifton Church
(17 Ma7 1855 - 6 Apr 1943)

Clifton Church was born in Massachusetts, worked in Dallas, TX, for 22 years and then returned to Massachusetts to retire. One could almost believe it was two different people. His date and place of birth and wife’s name and age are the same in all records however. And the Superman/Clark Kent rule comes into play. When he’s in one state, he’s not in the other.

What drew him to Dallas, TX, from Massachusetts is unknown.

1855 May 17
born in Fairhaven, MA
as salesman in wool store
1886 - 1888
not in Dallas, TX, city directory
marries Kate M. Dickson a resident of Dallas, TX
living at the home of widow Miranda A. Morrill, 424 Ross, Dallas, TX

1891 - 1894
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 318 Ross, Dallas, TX
1896 - 1898
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
as photographer; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1901 - 1905
as photographer at 336 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1904 - 1906
Clifton is the president of the Dallas Art Association
as photographer at 336 Elm; bds at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX
as photographer boarding at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX; not in business section
in Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, Bookline, MA
1908 - 1909
NOT in the Dallas city directory; no 1909 Brookline, MA, city directory available

1910 Apr 29
US census as no occupation at 511 Ross av, Dallas, TX
Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, no occupation listed; They keep a residence in Dallas, TX, at 511 Ross av
Brookline, MA, city directory at 23 Claflin, wife Kate at 1661 Beacon
1914 - 1927
resident at 23 Claflin, no occupation given
1927 Jun 28
wife Katherine dies
1928 - 1934
no occupation given, at 23 Claflin
1935 - 1943
no occupation given, at 30 Summer, living with older brother
1943 Apr 06
dies at age 87 in Northhampton, MA

This cabinet card was made in that period of 18 years he operated as a photographer, between 1888 and 1906.

Mom Dad three kids, Peru, Ill
Photographer: Churchill
Peru, Ill
For another example of this photographer

Albert Edwin Churchill (1861-1931)
Churchill appears to have been a full time photographer. Even his obituary reads “retired photographer” and no evidence of any other vocation has developed. He seems to have been active about 1885 through 1925.

Cabinet Card woman
and Dental Rooms
1st Building South of New Bank
Rushville, Illinois
Cabinet Card reverse
Reverse of the card on the left.

As one might imagine, there were several dentists in central Illinois about the right age to also be a cabinet card photographer. However, no connection has been made with any of these who had a sideline in photography.

The card design was used 1880 and after.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: D. G. Clark
Goodland Kas
See the original version

No biographical information was found for D. G. Clark searches on found nothing. As would be expected there were a number of men by that name in the cabinet card era, they were listed as farmer, cigar salesman, teacher and retired. No connection to photography was found.

Some mentions were found in the Goodland Newspaper, the Republic, from 1892 to 1896. The last item is a short statement that D. G. Clark and family have moved to Boulder, CO, and will be living there.

The cabinet card here must have been finished before January of 1896 when he left Goodland.

All items from the Goodland (KS) Republic newspaper
12 Feb 1892

08 Apr 1892

29 Apr 1892

09 Feb 1894

30 Nov 1894

03 Jan 1896

Cabinet Card - Man with mustache
H. G. Brown & E. W. Clark
No. 11 Broadway
Whitehall, N. Y.
(Listed under H. G. Brown also)

The name E. W. Clark turns up often in searches but there is nothing to indicate which is the right one.

Many of the photographers of that era worked in other professions and did studio photography as a side-line. Hence, a census or city directory might identify them as "merchant" or "laborer" and the photography goes without credit.

Cabinet Card Family
Clay & Walker
Marlin, Texas
(also listed under Walker)

Sisters Clara and Geneva Clay were well known photographers on the east coast of the US. So far, there is not much evidence to tie them to Marlin, a small town just north of Houston, Texas.

No city directory listings or census enumerations have been found for a Photographer Clay in or around Marlin, Texas, which suggests at best, that the partnership of Clay and Walker might have been short.

cabinet card man
Photographer: Wakely & Cobb
McKinney, Texas

William Foster Cobb
(16 Apr 1869 - 19 Sep 1938)

It appears that W. F. Cobb was only in the photograph business just the short time he was in partnership with G. D. Wakely, about 1894 to 1897 and then as photographer for John Scartz Studio in Fort Worth, TX, until about 1901 .

After 1897 he was mostly a traveling salesman for Remington Guns and ammunition.

This cabinet card must have been done then, between 1894 and 1897.

Wakely seems to have moved around a great deal after his partnership with Cobb disolved in 1897. See lots more details about George D. Wakely.

McKinney Democrat - 18 Mar 1897

Cabinst Card Man with beard
Washington Iowa

David Smith Cole (1843 - 1916)
1843 Nov 22
Born in Franklin, Ohio
move to Marion, Iowa
Enlisted for the Union in the Civil War
1864 Jul 22 - 1865 Apr 28
Civil War Prisoner in Andersonville
Returns to Washington, Iowa, to establish first Photograph Studio
1867 Nov 02
marries Mary C. Auld (1848-1882)
(US Census) move to Cedar, Iowa, as blacksmith with father
(US Census) move to Brighton, Iowa, as gunsmith

Receives patent for his design of a camera shutter
18 months in the Phillipines
(Iowa State Census) in Washington, Iowa, as photographer
1916 Oct 31
(Find-a-grave) Death in Brighton, Iowa

The cabinet card at the left was quite likely done around 1865 or later around 1904

The book “History of Washington County, Iowa” has an interesting account of D. S. Cole’s life. It is added just below.

Greene Recorder (Iowa)
25 Dec 1912

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
Photographer: Pelot & Cole
Augusta, GA
Also listed under Cole

Alma Alfred Pelot and James Devore Cole were business partners for many years but were also related so a timeline combining both is presented here.

Alma Alfred Pelot (1840 – 1909)
James Devore Cole (1843 – 1907)

1840 Sep 07
Alma Alfred Pelot born in Alabama to Joseph Alma Pelot and Elizabeth R. Parker
1843 Nov 08
James Devore Cole is born in South Carolina to James Daniel Cole and Hetty Habersham Pelot (Alma Alfred Pelot’s aunt)
Charlston, SC, city directory lists Alma A. Pelot as Daguerrean Artist at 230 King Street, living with parents
US census has Alma A. Pelot as clerk in Charleston, SC, living with parents
Alma Pelot enlists in Confederate army
no records found for Alma Pelot; James Cole marries Elizabeth Pauline Dugas (1843-1903)
1869 through 1890
Alma A. Pelot found on Augusta, GA, Property Tax digests; he appears

to have never owned any real estate.
US census Alma Pelot and James Cole both listed as photographers; both in Richmond, GA; Pelot living with cousins and Cole living with his in-laws, Dugas
Augusta, GA, city directory Alma Pelot listed as photographer; first mention of Pelot and Cole partnership; studio apparently is at 192 Broad
August, SC, death index, brother William Pelot dies of consumption; listed as photographer
US census Alma Pelot listed as photographer living with Aunt Hetty Cole; J. D. Cole listed as photographer living with in-laws Dugas at 624 Broad, Augusta, GA
Atlanta Constitution, Augusta news item; Pelot and Cole declare bankruptcy, but apparently continue in business
1883 to 1905
Augusta, GA, city directory listings show Alma Pelot and James Cole as photographers
US census Alma Pelot listed as photographer, living with cousins

Augusta, GA, city directory lists Alma Pelot as photographer but not as Pelot and Cole
1907 Nov 08
Augusta, GA, James Devore Cole dies in Atlanta, GA
1909 Dec 13
Alma Alfred Pelot dies in Augusta, GA

Then oddly, this record:
Augusta, GA city directory shows ALBERT A Pelot operating as photographer, living at 436 Reynolds. The name is found only in the residence section and not in the business section indicating ALBERT Pelot probably was working at someone else’s studio. Since neither ALMA Pelot nor his two brothers, Eugene or William never married, there are no sons or nephews by that name. So far no cousin has been found by that name either.

It appears that the two, A. A. Pelot and J. D. Cole operated as partners from about 1870 to 1907 when Cole died. Brother William J W Pelot probably assisted in the studio until his death in 1879. So far, no studio addresses have been found so narrowing the date range of any photograph is limited.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Coleman & Remington
Hoppin Homestead Building
Providence R. I.

William W. Coleman (1830-1908)

There are many examples of the work by this partnership to be found on genealogy and sales sites.
Another example found on the net gives the address as 25 Westminster Street, Providence.

In a paragraph discussing the origin of the pictures used in the book “Works of Edgar Allen Poe: Poems” by Poe and Edmund Clarence Stedman, the name William Coleman was given credit for a photograph of Poe.

William Coleman and O. M. Remington were cited on the Edgar Allen Poe Society website.

One CDV photograph from the Harvard University Library credited to Coleman and Remington was dated 1869.

Coleman was a lifelong photographer. He apparently never married and lived in boarding houses all his life. There are many city directory listings for him and for Coleman and Remington. The earliest reference to Coleman as a “Photographist” is in the 1862 Providence, RI, city directory and the last reference as a photographer is in the 1903 Providence, RI, city directory. He died in 1904 at the age of 74.

Although he was listed as “photographer” in the residential sections of the city directories, he never was listed in the business section under photographers.

He and Remington were apparently partners from 1868 to 1876.

See also O. M. Remington

Cabinet Card two women
Photographer: Collins
Schuylerville, N. Y.

Collins seems a very common name in New York State around the turn of the 20th century.

One Collins found connected with photography was Henry A. Collins in Courtlandville, New York in the 1880 US Census. He is listed there as 21 years old and his profession described as “works for photographer”. He is a lodger in the same house as Irving C. Page, photographer. He was born in New York and his parents came from England.

This however, is the only item found of photography with any Henry Collins.

This Henry A. Collins also had a son named Henry A. Collins.

The 1870 US Census lists four Henry A. Collins living in New York State. No photographers. The 1900 US Census shows there were at least two Henry A. Collins living in New York State. Again no photographers. Their professions mentioned were engineer, marine engineer, plumber, maintenance and shipping yard.

If the photographer was Henry Collins, it appears he was only in the business for a short time.

Another possible choice is Harry S. Collins. (1862-)
Harry S. Collins emigrated from England in 1887 and lived in New York State for the rest of his life, always as a photographer. But there is no documentation saying he was ever in Schuylerville, New York.

The Conley Brothers were not easy to trace at first. Then another cabinet card turned up on a web site credited to photographer D. C. Conley and Brother, Celina, Ohio. Considering it is the same name and the same city, it must be the same photographer. Working with a couple first initials easily turned up a large family of Conley’s living in Ohio. D. C. Conley became Daniel Calvin Conley (1857-1942) listed in many US Census and city directories as “Photographer.”

The 1880 US Census shows Daniel Calvin living in Celina, Ohio. All of his brothers are still living at home on the farm in Van Pelt, Ohio. The rest of the family is all tagged with “farmer” so it is difficult to tell which or how many of Daniel Calvin’s eight brothers he considered his partner at the time of this photograph.

Photographer: Conley Bros.
Celina, O

The earliest mention as a photographer is the 1870 US Census when he was 23. All records of him after that designate him as photographer except the 1910 US Census which says he is a farmer. In a 1927 City Directory listing and in the 1930 US Census he is photographer again and he and his wife Emma C. have moved to 128 So Charles, Lansing, Michigan.

In 1940 he and Emma C. are still living in Lansing Michigan at 128 So Charles but the census taker leaves the “Occupation” column blank and enters his name as Donald instead of Daniel. Daniel is now 83.

He was an active photographer in Ohio from 1880 to 1910. The “farmer” designation in 1910 was quite possibly an assumption on the part of the census taker. Daniel Calvin’s whereabouts in 1920 have not been established.

Through all the years Daniel Calvin is listed as photographer as occupation or profession, there is no evidence he ever had a studio.

The 1880 US Census is the only documentation of his residence in Celina, Ohio, a town about 80 north of Dayton, Ohio. So this photograph was made around then. It would be one of his earliest prints.

You'd think he could have at least leveled the camera.
Blue Gallery
McKinney, Texas

The McKinney Gazette. December 25, 1897, Vol. 10, No. 45 Special Christmas Edition.
“Tom CONNOR is the Blue Gallery man. The Blue Gallery is famous throughout this region for making good pictures for little money. Tom is a fixture in McKinney and enjoys a good patronage. Those desiring their beauty struck should give him a call.”

The McKinney Democrat
02 Jun 1898

Cabinet Card
A. W. Corlis
Pontiac, Ill.

Although A. Walker Corlis (1865-1937) moved around a lot, living mostly in Ontario, Connecticut and Ohio, he apparently visited Illinois only late in life, between 1933 and 1937.
A rough timeline would be:
1865 (birth) to 1899 (birth of daughter) in Ontario.
1900 Census in Hartford Connecticut
1902 - 1908 Youngstown Ohio.
1916 (death of wife Edith) to 1921 in Canada
1929 entrance into US to 1937 (Death) in Rock Island, Ill

cabinet card man with beard
Photographer: E. H. Corwin
Ottawa, Kansas

Elmore Howard Corwin was born 29 Jun 1847, in Ohio. He married Bernice Coykendall 6 Jun 1869 and they had four children together. Bernice died in 1882. He then married Harriet Elizabeth Stinebaugh, 28 May 1884 and they had two children together. Elmore died on August 3, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 92, and was buried there.

This photograph was done sometime between 1889 and 1903.

Approximate Time line
1870 (Census) to 1876 (Birth of daughter) as photographer in Fulton, Illinois
1889 (Census) to 1903 (city directory) as photographer in Ottawa, Kansas
1910 (Census) as photographer
1920 (Census) as fruit farmer to 1940 (Census) as fruit farmer
Death in August of 1940.

Another example at

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: The Court Studio
Mullins & Gray, Proprietors
Victoria, Texas
Cor. Bridge and Constitution Streets
(Listed under Court and also Mullins.)

The only clue found so far is this item in the Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897 about the sale of the studio to two other photographers. So the photograph here would have to have been made before that date.

Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897

There are several possible photographers from the South Central Texas area in the late 1800’s that could have teamed up for the “Court Studio” in Victoria, Texas.
J. J. Mullins
Robert Mullins
James Louis Gray
H. B. Gray
No connections have been made so far.

The newspaper clipping at the left does show that Mullins and Gray sold their studio to Tucker and Nichols in Feb of 1897

The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of 1897 when they went out of business.

To muddle things a bit more, the item below from the Victoria Advocate, 11 Mar 1899 shows a Robert Mullins selling HIS photography in Victoria, TX, to Mr. Rodman. (Perhaps the name on this one is Robert Mailins.)

Cabinet Card three children
Photographer: Crockett Bros
New Boston, Texas

William Wallace Crockett
(22 Sep 1864 - 11 Sep 1946)
Eli C. Crockett
(11 Dec 1870 - 7 Jul 1895)
Nathanial Crockett
(Jan 1862 - )
Samuel Ransom Crockett
(16 May 1859 - 16 Jun 1911)
John Crockett
(1871 - )

Research is hindered somewhat as Crockett is a widely popular name in Texas so there is a city, a county, several buildings and streets and a very large family named Crockett. Not to mention that these Crockett Brothers were in the family line with the Famous Crockett.

There were five Crockett brothers living in east Texas in the late nineteenth century. There is evidence that William Wallace, Nathan C. and Eli C. were photographers. The other two brothers do not appear to have been photographers at any point.

That established, there seems no evidence that any of the three photographer brothers ever lived in New Boston, TX. Mentions were found in Durant, OK, and Clarksville, Detroit, Longview and Blossom, TX. These towns are all within a one hundred mile circle in North East Texas. New Boston, TX, is also within that range.

Eli C. Crockett is a bit harder to find. It appears he died in 1895 at 25 years old.

William Wallace Crockett seems to be the most persistent in the photography business. He started about 1890 and continued until his death in 1946. Further, William Wallace Crockett’s son William Yxl Crockett worked as photographer with his father and continued with his own studio according to records, as late as 1956. David Alma Crockett, another son of William Wallace Crockett, was also a photographer.

Since William Wallace Crockett moved around a bit, city directory listings for him are scarce. The dates and birthplaces of his children have been added to the timeline to assist in establishing his locations in those years.

1862 Jan
Nathaniel C. Crockett born
1864 Sep 22
William Wallace Crockett born
1870 Dec 11
Eli C. Crockett born
1885 May 08
Galveston (TX) Daily News - Detroit, TX, photograph gallery of E. C. Crockett damaged in wind storm. If this is Eli C. Crockett, he would be only about 15 years old. This could mean that there was another E. C. Crockett working in the same area. (See next row, below)
1885 May 09
William Crockett’s daughter Mona May Crockett born in Clarksville, TX

1888 May 12
William Crockett’s daughter Ora R. Crockett born in Red River County, TX (Probably Clarksville)
1890 - 1892
Texas State Gazette - Blossom, TX, Eli and William listed as Crockett Brothers Photography
1891 Apr 19
William Crockett’s son David Alma Crockett is born in Texas (apparently Blossom, TX)
1893 Sep 14
William Crockett’s daughter Ila Vee Crockett was born in Clarksville, TX
1895 Jul 07
brother Eli C. Crockett dies in Grayson County, TX
1896 - 1898
Texas State business directory - Clarksville, TX, as Nathaniel C. and William listed as Crockett Brothers Photography
1898 Apr 06
William Crockett’s daughter Dimple Dee Crockett is born in Clarksville, TX

1901 Jan 16
William Crockett’s daughter Leona C Crockett is born in Texas
1905 Jun 26
William Crockett’s son William Yxl Crockett is born in McAlester, Oklahoma
McAlester, OK, city directory as photographer at 223 e Choctaw; daughter Ora R. Crockett works in studio
1907 Aug 23
William Crockett’s son James Azo Crockett is born in Oklahoma
1910 Apr 23
US census in McAlester, OK, as photographer with Art Gallery
1920 Jan 08
US census in Colfax, NM, as photographer with Art Gallery; note at same address John D. Witers, spouse of daughter Leona A. Crockett, is also a photographer
1940 May 06
US census as photographer in Gregg, TX

1940 Dec 26
Texas Death Certificate wife Kate C. (Butler) Crockett dies in Gregg, TX
Longview, TX, city directory as photographer; son William Yxl Crockett at same studio
1946 Nov 09
William Wallace Crockett dies at age 82 in Longview, Gregg County, TX

This cabinet card must have been finished around those years 1890-1892 when William and brother Eli C. Crockett worked together in Blossom, TX, or perhaps the years 1896-1898 when William and brother Nathan C. Crockett worked together in Clarksville, TX.

New Boston is about 60 miles from Blossom, TX, and about 40 miles from Clarksville, TX.

Galveston (TX) Daily News - Detroit, TX - 08 May 1893

Photographer: E. P. Curtiss
Photographer: E. R. Curtiss
Madison, Wis.

1) ANOTHER by Curtiss
4) WOMAN'S PORTRAIT by Curtiss
5) W. P. COLE by Curtiss

Edwin Rodney Curtiss (1836 - 1911)

E. R. Curtiss was a lifelong, full time photographer, his studio at times employing as many as five assistants. His surviving photographs are quite plentiful including some stereo views.

His portraits often included dignitaries of New York and Wisconsin.

1836 (US Census) Birth
1855 (US Census) as Leather Dresser in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York (age 19)
1870 (US Census) as Artist in Madison WI
1875 (Madison City Directory) as Photographer
1880 (US Census) as Photographer in Madison, WI
1900 (US Census) as Photographer in Madison, WI
1905 (Wisconsin state Census) as Photographer in Madison
1911 Death in Madison, Wisconsin

Mom and two.
Photographer: W. B. Cuyler
Greenfield, Ind.

W. B. Cuyler (1846 - 1925) began photography in 1870 at the age of 24 continuing in this single occupation until his death in 1925

1870 (US Census) as photographer living at a boarding house.
1873 (City Directory) to 1880 (US Census) as photographer Romeo, Macomb, Michigan
1906 (Certificate) Marriage to photographer Madge Burdge
1909 (City Directory) to 1910 (US Census) Photographer at 1546 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1912 (City Directory) to 1913 (City Directory) Photographer at 1558 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1913 (News item) May 10, Buys 1527 College for 6,200 dollars
1914 (City Directory) to (1924 (City Directory) 1527 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1924 (City Directory) Madge not listed.
1925 Death

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A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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