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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century - B -

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at
the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be
repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

Below are the links to the alphabetized pages in the LOST GALLERY cabinet card collection.
There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card woman and baby
Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis
Cabinet Card woman
reverse of the card at the left
Cabinet Card woman with braids
Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis

Cabinet Card Man with Beard
Photographer: Baer
Barraboo, Wis
Only three references to Alfred Baer, photographer, were found.

There were many references to an Alfred Baer, physician, but no connection could be made to the photographer.

There is also an Alfred Baer listed in the 1940 US census, the Find-a-Grave website and the 1905 Wisconsin state census but no occupation is included anywhere and this one was born in 1899 making him basically too young for the cabinet card era.

1870 US census at 7 living with Gattiker family
1880 Baer worked at William Lathrop studio, La Crosse, WI, (from narrative about Lathrop)
1907 Red Wing, MN, city directory as photographer

No guess on the age of these cabinet cards, although the designs do indicate 1890 or after. If further information turns up it will be added here.
Cabinet Card Woman

B. W. Barrett
Photographer: B. W. Barrett
Home Portrait Co.
41 N. Main St. Kokomo, Ind.
There were many newspaper articles mentioning B. W. Barrett in North Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Louisiana. None of these could be connected to being a photographer in Indiana.

There were many small ads for Home Portrait Co. in Indiana newspapers of Indianapolis, Bookville and Fort Wayne but none seemed connected to a studio at 41 N Main, in Kokomo, IN.

Home Portrait Company of Indianapolis apparently had several people working under that name as photographers and agents.

These photographers were found:
J. W. Barrett of La Salle, IL
Charles Barrett of San Francisco, CA
George Barrett of Philadelphia, PA
Robert W. Barrett of New York, NY
James W. Barrett of Lockport, NY
Frank W. Barrett of Barre, VT
Charles W. Barrett of Springfield, MA
B. W. Barrett of London, England
Mrs B. J. Barrett of Pasadena, CA

One could speculate that B. W. Barrett of Kokomo, IN, was only in business a short time.
Cabinet Card man
F. E. Baynes
Britt, IA
Nothing on F. E. Baynes, photographer, has been found in Britt, IA, or anywhere. There was a grocer in Louisville, KY in 1913 and a married couple living in London between 1927 and 1936 with the name F. E. Baynes.

Cabinet Card Man
Wm. H. Beck
Morrisonville, ILL
Cabinet Card Man
Reverse of the card on the left
Although there seems to have been several photographers in the cabinet card era named Beck, none could be connected to this one in Morrisonville, IL.

This card, however, has a date printed on the reverse as part of the logo. 1894

This is one of the few cards in LOST GALLERY that has a date in the printed logo on the reverse.

Photographer: Bell
Eastside Square, Girard, Kans.
This photographer is now reviewed on a separate page, James R Bell
Then there is the case of Miss Z. M. Bell, who shows up in newspaper accounts in Girard and other cities in Kansas, from 1906 to 1920 as a photographer.

So far, no evidence has been found to tie the three family strains together. But, it seems unlikely the three would inhabit the same small Kansas town and not be related in some way.

At this point it seems quite likely that the cabinet card shown here could have been done by James R. Bell between 1886 and 1896. However, the heavy embossed design of the card indicates it was probably done after 1890 perhaps by Miss Z. M. Bell.

Cabinet Card young boy
R. P. Bellsmith
148 W 4th
Cincinnati, O.
Randolph Parker Bellsmith
(16 Feb 1857 - 11 May 1910)

1857 born in London, England
1867 arrives in US (1910 census says 1881 but other evidence indicates that must incorrect)
1878 Buffalo (NY) Commercial news ad studio at 292 and 294 Main st
1879 Buffalo (NY) Commercial news ads many ads through the year for Samo and Bellsmith stueio at 292 and 294 Main st
1880 Buffalo (NY) Commercial news item mention Samo and Bellsmith studio
1883 marriage to Mary E. Donogh in Hamilton, Ohio
1884 Columbus, OH city directory as photographer for the Urlin Gallery
1886 Cleveland, OH city directory as photographer but working for another studio
1887 Oct 02 Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer ad for Marcaru and Bellsmith studio at 148 w Fourth st
1889 Sep 15 Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer ad for Marceau and Bellsmith studio
1890 - 1891 Cincinnati, OH city directory as photographer, Marceau and Bellsmith at 148 w Fourth
1892 Cincinnati, OH city directory Bellsmith had bought out Marceau in studio at 148 w Fourth
1895 Cincinnati, OH city directory Bellsmith has moved the studio from 148 w Fourth to 124 w Fourth
1910 dies at age 53 of Bright’s disease
1911 Cincinnati, OH city directory ad for Bellsmith studio at 122-124-126 w Fourth apparently carried on briefly by son Randolph Ormsby Bellsmith.

The cabinet card here must have been finished between 1892 and 1895 while the studio was located at
148 West 4th street.

Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer 02 Oct 1887
Cincinnati (OH) Enquirer 12 May 1910

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Bemesderfer
33 South Prussian Street
Manheim, PA
John K. Bemesderfer
(13 Dec 1863 - 4 Jan 1954)

John Bemesderfer was an artist/photographer/picture framer in Pennsylvania

All information from US census, Lancaster and Norristown city directories and a biography From Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; a history. Vol. 3 (ub 1923)

born in Manheim, PA
1880 - 1881
works on a farm
1881 - 1884
works at planning mill
Lancaster, PA city directory as crayon artist at s Prussian; bds e High
a typical city directory listing
marries Salome Swartley
1906 - 1910
works as janitor at 230 Main in Norristown, PA
Opens his own store at 407 w Marshall, in Norristown, PA
1912 - 1944
Norristown city directories John Bemesderfer operates variously as artist, photographer, picture framer, mirror restorer and sells art objects all at 407 w Marshall.
no occupation given
dies of peritonitis at age 90

This cabinet card must have been done before 1911 when he opened his own shop, probably around 1890.

Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: Parrish & Berry
Waltham St., Hull
Only one item found on this pair. It does describe their years of operation a bit.
British Photography Journal

This would seem to put their partnership within the years of 1908 and 1915.

Photographer: Best
Albia, Iowa
(reverse blank)
This “Best” photographer is quite probably Harvey Best or his brother William Best. Both were photographers at the right time. Both were born in Chariton, IA, Harvey moving to Detroit, MI, about 1899. William apparently lived in Chariton, IA, most of his life, dying in Chicago, IL, at age 57.

Nothing has been found to show which, if either or both, worked in Albia, IA, to take this photograph. Albia is just 26 miles from Chariton.

Sometime after 1918, Harvey became a minister and “healer” in Detroit, MI, according to various city directory listings and the 1930 US census. He was not found in the 1920 US census

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
photographer: N. B. Bettison
Photographic Artist
Glasgow, KY
Cabinet Card Three women
Photographer: N. B. Bettison
Photographic Artist
Glasgow, KY
Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: N. B. Bettison
Photographic Artist
Glasgow, KY
No records were found putting
Noel Byron Bettison (1847-1918) in Glasgow, KY, in any kind of permanent studio. It is very likely that his work in that city was during one of the many “Day Trips” photographers of the era were known to do. It is less than a hundred miles from Louisville, KY, where most records place him and his studio up until 1889 and about 30 miles from Bowling Green, KY, where he lived and worked from 1900 until his death in 1918.

Best scenario without more data, these three cabinet cards were finished between 1900 and 1918.

William Oscar Bibel
Cabinet Card
W. O. Bibel
(See the REVERSE)

William Oscar Bibel
(May 1866 - 16 Oct 1933)

W. O. Bibel had a relatively short career in photography, from about 1886 to 1891. His time in Chenoa, IL was even shorter as noted by a small newspaper item from the Bloomington Pantagraph, 21 Oct 1887 that he had closed his Chenoa studio.
Bloomington Pantagraph 21 Oct 1887
After 1891 he was a railroad fireman, cigar shop proprietor, a street car repairman and a gardener for the city park.

His brother Charles Adolph Bibel was also in the photography business but only for a very short time.

The Bibel family (originally Schwitalskey) was a colorful and apparently hot headed group. In 1880, W. O. Bibel’s mother Margaret and another brother Louis G. were arrested and jailed for attempting to murder his father Louis J. Bibel (Schwitalskey), a shoemaker.
The newspaper accounts of the attempt and the subsequent trial are quite humorous.

This cabinet card from Chenoa, IL, must have been finished in that short time between 1886 and 1887.

Cabinet Card two youngsters
Photographer: Bigelow
Plattsburg, N. Y.
over Vilas Bank
William Andrew Bigelow
(18 Jan 1833-02 Aug 1901)

Records for Plattsburgh NY are uncharacteristically scant. No city directories are available and only two US census accounts were found 1880 and 1900. There was an accounting for W. A. Bigelow in “Bigelow Society” found in a Google search.
A small bio called “The Souvenir Industrial Edition of Plattsburgh 1897, page 100” was also found on

Jan 18 born in Worcester, MA
1858 Oct 06
marriage to Olive Emogene Carr
Souvenir Industrial Edition of Plattsburgh 1897 studio in Haverhill, MA
Souvenir Industrial Edition of Plattsburgh 1897 studio in Thompsonville, MA
MA Register studio in Haverhill, MA
small bio: moves to Plattsburgh, NY
New York State business directory as “photographist”
1872 Jun 25
marriage to Katherine Herrington Lansing
US census as photographer in Plattsburgh, NY, res 40 Oak st
NY state census as photographer
US census as photographer; res Oak st.
1901 Aug 02
dies at age 68 in Plattsburgh, NY

This cabinet card must have been finished after 1868 and before Bigelow’s death in 1901. There is nothing to establish any changes of address in Plattsburgh, NY, during that time.

Cabinet Card man with moustache
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS
Cabinet Card portrait of a young woman
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS
Cabinet Card woman in dress
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS
Although examples of photographs from the Bishoff Brothers studio are plentiful around the net, tracing the brothers themselves has been difficult. City directory and census listings so far have turned up only Bertha, a bookkeeper; Simon, a peddler; David, a vulcanizer; Sam, a peddler; Kitty, a stenographer; and Raymond, a clerk.

In 1910 the population of the town of Minneapolis, KS, was only 1,800. One would think that if two brothers with an unusual name were in business as photographers, it would show up somewhere.

Cabinet Card Man
Bishop Bros.
Altoona, PA.
Henry T. Bishop (1853-1917) and three sons, James E. (1860-), Theodore (1852-) and William N.(1849-) were all photographers working mainly in Philadelphia, Altoona, Chambersburg, PA and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Studios were named Bishop, H. T. Bishop, and Bishop Bros.

It appears there were as many as five other photographers named Bishop around the turn of the 19th century. Only one, Isaac R. Bishop actually worked in the Philadelphia area. Others were in Connecticut, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.
Three Children
Photographer: Blanchard
Montpelier, VT.
Azel Norman Blanchard (1843-1923) photographer in 1865, Barre, Vermont and in 1880, Monpelier.
Another example and a bit more biography at
Cabinet Card Gallery.

Cabinet Card Baby
E. H. Bliven
Paullina, Iowa
Although there seems to be much history about a Robert Henry Bliven of Ohio and Missouri, nothing has been found on E. H. Bliven.

Long after the cabinet card era, in 1949-1958 there was a photographer in Omaha, NB, Alert L. Bliven and wife Isabel K. Bliven. This tree was followed back and no siblings or cousins were found with the initials E. H. Bliven.
Cabinet card baby
Photographer: Blocker
Succesor to Rowley and Blocker
Cor 11th and Main Sts.
entrance 8 E 11th St.
Kansas City, Mo.
One Blocker was found as a photographer. There were a number of photographers at the end of the 18th century named Rowley. Nothing has been found yet to connect any of them to this photographer in Kansas City, MO.

Blocker, A. M.(PA, Myerstown)
Rowley, W. C. (NY, Elmira)
Rowley, Douglas S (MA,Springfield)
Rowley, Edward H (NY,Brooklyn)
Rowley, Edward H (NY,New York)
Rowley, Evert (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, Fred C (CA,Berkeley)
Rowley, John D (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, M V (CO,Denver)
Rowley, Morris M (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, Morris V (MO,St. Joseph)
Rowley, S R (NY,Hastings-on-Hudson)
Rowley, Wesley C (NY,Elmira)

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Bloomer with Carpenter
236 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.
No information has been found on Bloomer. But the Carpenter here is probably the same as A. C. Carpenter shown on the page for the letter C.

Cabinet Card seated woman
The Booth studio
Rich Hill, MO
Henry Martin Booth apparently had several interests in his life, including a brick factory, a photograph studio, a funeral home, a music store, a livery stable with race horses and in 1920 he purchased an Opera House, all in Rich Hill, MO.

Henry Martin Booth
(14 Jun 1853 - 09 Aug 1935)

1853 Jun 14
born in Erie, PA
US census living with family in New Oregon, IA
US census living with family in New Oregon, IA
marries Rolla Jessie Hedges in Rich Hill, MO
1879 May 28
Shelbina (MO) Democrat news mention as photographer
1894 Aug 28
St. Joseph (MO) Herald news mention entry in horse race
1894 Sep 09
St. Joseph (MO) Herald news mention entry in horse race
1897 Sep 06 & 10
Springfield MO Republican news item Booth enters horse race
1900 Jun 16
US census as photographer; res Walnut st
1904 Jan 28
Rich Hill Tribune news item mention as undertaker
1905 Nov 01
Rich Hill Tribune news item mention as undertaker
1905 Dec 14
Rich Hill, Tribune ad for piano sales - H. M. Booth, agent
1907 Aug 01
Rich Hill Tribune news item Booth purchases brick plant in Rich Hill, MO
1908 May 02
Rich Hill Tribune news item Booth as brick manufacturer in Rich Hill, MO
1910 Apr 23
US census as photographer; res on Walnut st
Booth purchases the Opera House in Rich Hill, MO, to be operated by his wife Rolla
1920 Jan 10
US census as photographer; wife Rolla as manager of “Picture Show”
1930 Apr 17
US census as no occupation, wife Rolla as manager of funeral home and son-in-law as manager of “Picture Show”; res Walnut st
1935 Aug 09
Dies in Rich Hill, MO at age 82

There’s not much to define when Booth actually operated a photograph studio. It may have been an exclusive business at one time and it may well have been a sideline with all his other interests. Possibly he was photographer as early as 1879 and as late as 1920.

Selby (MO) Democrat 28 May 1879

Selby (MO) Democrat 18 Jun 1879

Springfield (MO)Republican 10 Sep 1897
Rich Hill (MO) Tribune 28 Jan 1904
Rich Hill Tribune 14 Dec 1905
Rich Hill, (MO) tribune 01 Aug 1907

Cabinet Card Group of Six
Photographer: T. F. Bottomley
Glasgow, KY
Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographer: T. F. Bottomley
Glasgow, KY
Thomas F. Bottomley
(22 Aug 1851 - 2 Jan 1910)

Information source:
Rootsweb “Kentucky: History of the State by Battle, Perrin, and Kniffin, 3rd edition 1886. Barren County
City and state business directories

Aug 22 born in Simpson County, KY
US census living with family in Simpson, KY
Kentucky History: worked saddler’s trade with father
1868- 1869
Kentucky History: moved to Louisville, KY, to learn crayon drawing
US census living in boarding house in Louisville, KY as clerk in store
Kentucky History: operates saddlers shop in Scottsville, KY for 18 months
1871 - 1876
Kentucky History: Bottomley is traveling crayon artist through Southern states
Kentucky History: opens and operates photograph and crayon studio in Glasgow, KY
married to Julia Elizabeth Glenn
son John West Bottomley born in Glasgow, KY
1890 Oct 24
son Henry Stone Bottomley born in Nashville, TN
1893 - 1994
City Directory as photographer in Pueblo, CO
1900 Jun 09
US census as photographer in Lamar, CO
1910 Jan 02
dies in Brownsville, TN, at age 58

The best scenario on the cabinet cards here places them finished between 1880 and 1888.

Cabinet Card Woman
Slater, Mo.
Merrick Boyden Bower (3 Dec 1832 - 7 Nov 1913) was a photographer along with at least two of his sons at one time or another. Keep in mind also that this was a very large family. A brother Henry C. Bower was a photographer in Kansas City for a time and any of several cousins and grandchildren could also have been photographers. The best scenario however is that in the cabinet card era, Merrick Boyden Bower was the most likely candidate.

There is little doubt about the date of this photograph as 1887 is imprinted on the face of the card along with the name and city. Slater, MO, was only about 70 miles from Kansas City where M. D. Bower lived from 1870 on.

In case there are examples of photographs from Bower that are not imprinted with a date here is a timeline showing important events in his life and where he was at the time.

1832 Dec 03
born in Union City, PA
living at Tazewell, IL age 18
1858 May 21
marriage to Virginia E. Thompson
1859 Sep 09
birth of son William Leslie in Kansas City, MO
1860 Jun 17
as farmer in Tazewell, IL
1863 Jul 01
as farmer in Malone, IL
1865 Jun 07
as farmer in Potosi, KS
1870 Jul 18
as photographer working with Williams Simmons at a Stereotype Gallery
1871 Feb 07
marries Rosanna Catherine Bird in Clay, MO
1874 - 1875
as photographer at own studio 1215 Grand; res 1314 Grand, Kansas City, MO; brother Henry C. Bower listed as photographer at same address
as photographer at Bower Brothers studio 546 Main, Kansas City, MO with Henry C. Bower
as photographer working at another studio; son Henry C. Bower has studio at 1222 Union av WK
as photographer working at another studio (probably J Ploetz, 618 Main)
1880 - 1881
as photographer for J Ploetz 618 Main Kansas City, MO
as photographer working at unknown studio
brother Henry C. Bower moves to Deer Creek, CO; he later lives in Colorado Springs, CO and Los Angeles, CA and seems never to return to Kansas City, MO
as photographer at unknown studio
as photographer living with son James O. Bower
Nov 07 dies of pneumonia at age 80

As you can see Merrick worked for another studio most of the time. He could, as many photographers of the time, take days off and work in rented rooms in neighboring towns for a week.

Cabinet Card two children
Watson and Bowles
(Lister under Watson also)
Mrs. Esther A. Bowles (nee Buck) lived her entire life in Michigan. She was born in April 1853. She worked as a photographer In Wyandotte, Michigan, from 1892 to 1921. She married the Reverend George A. Bowles in 1869.

So far, no "Watson" photographer of that time period in Michigan, has been found.

Cabinet Card Portrait
Bowman Hughes & Company
205 N. 16th St. Omaha, Neb.
Benjamin E. Hughes and Charles M. Bowman were both photographers in Omaha, NE. They worked together as Bowman Hughes only a short time between 1890 and 1892.

A sketchy timeline of their period in photography has been assembled from Omaha city directory listings. No biographical information on either has been found.
(All data from the Omaha city directory)
1884 - 1885
Bowman or Hughes not listed
Hughes partnered with G Heyn
Bowman as photographer partnered with J. E. North; Hughes as photographer
Bowman as photographer at 205 N 16th; Hughes as photographer at 1509 Douglas
Bowman as photographer 205 n 16th; Hughes partnered with Alvord
1890 - 1892
Working as Bowman Hughes at 205 N 16th
1893 - 1896
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
1897 - 1900
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Allen; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
as Hughes and Co. but not in Bus. Section; Bowman not listed
Hughes not listed; Bowman not listed

Cabinet Card Baby
J. D. Boyd's Photographic Studio
Sulphur Springs, Tex.
Research has found nothing so far on J. D. Boyd of Sulphur Springs, TX.

Photographer: Boyd
1206 & 1208 Pearl Street
Cleveland, O.
(Nothing on reverse)
Samuel C. Boyd was born in Ontario, Canada. He immigrated to Chicago, Illinois. In 1882.
In Chicago, Illinois, Samuel Boyd operated from 1887 to 1893
In Cleveland, Ohio, Samuel Boyd operated at 1206 Pearl in 1895. From 1896 to 1899 his address was apparently 1206-1208 Pearl.

Samuel married Mary McKenzie in 1878. They had three children, Ella, Jessie and Verna. Mary died in 1903 and two years later Samuel married Mary’s sister, Jesse McKenzie-Austey who had been boarding with the family since 1882.

Here are two more examples of the work from Boyd in Cleveland:
Seated Woman and Two Children

Samuel C. Boyd

Cabinet Card six women
Photographer: T. G. Boyer
Altamont, Ills.
Theodore George Boyer
(23 Aug 1850 - 18 Dec 1926)

Without the availability of city directories for Altamont, IL, and nearby towns, little was found to substantiate Theodore George Boyer’s career in photography. Only one mention was found, in the 1880 US census while he was living in Altamont, IL.

Cabinet Cards have been found with locations imprinted including, Altamont, IL, Carbondale, IL, Centralia, IL, Columbus, IN, Effingham, IL, Grand Tower, IL, Ramsey, IL, and Vandalia, IL. All are within about 200 miles of Altamont, IL.
1850 Aug 23
born in Coshocton, OH (and sources do not wholly agree on that date)
1880 Jun 15
at age 29 as photographer in Altamont, IL, no address given
1900 Jun 7
at age 49 as farmer in Avena, IL
1910 Apr 25
at age 60 as farmer in Union, White, AR
1926 Dec 16
dies at age 76 of prostate cancer, death certificate says he is a “merchant”

So it is left that this cabinet card must have been done around 1880 but at least before 1900.

Two children in a studio
F. Bradbrook
Red Cloud, Neb.
From the Red Cloud Chief, 05 Oct 1906

Man, wife, two daughters, one son
Photographer: Brady & Medaris
28 Oct 1948

In the 1900 US Census James Brady is listed as a photographer.
James is the brother of Meda Brady, wife of W. A. Medaris.

Two girls studio
Photographer J.? E. Bragg
Artist - Traveling Photographer
No other information at this time.

 Cora Lee Granger
Photographer: Brewer’s Art Studio
Belfast, N. Y.
No other information at this time.
Here is a link to
on wordpress, for another photo from this studio.
My chair is bigger than your chair.
Photographer: Brewster, Main St., Montpelier, Vt.
Brewster (probably Frank G.) apparently dated his cabinet cards. Other examples found showed similar dating. One document placed him at 98 Main and another at 120 Main.
No other information at this time

Cabinet Card Woman
Hugo Broich

Hugo Broich photography was at 3rd and Chestnut streets in Milwaukee from 1858 to 1870
He moved to 116 and 118 Spring Street in Milwaukee in 1870
Apparently Spring Street was changed to Grand Avenue in 1876 then to Wisconsin Avenue in 1926.
He retired from active photography in 1896.
Broich died in 1905.

The addresses shown on cabinet cards should help date them.

At the right from The Milwaukee Eau Clare Reader
August 16, 1896

Cabinet Card - Man with mustache
Photographer: H. G. Brown
E. W. Clark (Listed also under Clark)
No. 11 Broadway
Whitehall, N. Y.
No biographical information has been connected to H. G. Brown so far.

H. G. Brown was found in the Saratoga, New York, city directories as “Photographer” for years 1886 through 1891. The 1892 directory lists the name followed only by “removed to New York.”

There are some entries for Hugh G. Brown in the US census and the New York state census for those years but since the birth date and other essential information is missing, there are no credible connections.

Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: H. R. Brown
Mo. Valley, Iowa
Cabinet Card Woman
Reverse of the Cabinet Card on the left
Child on a chair
No. 19 West Main Street
Marshalltown, Iowa

Six Sioux City, IA, city directory listings were found for Henry R. Brown between 1884 and 1894. Beyond that the popularity of the name clouds any other connection. Many H. R. Brown entries were found with a wide variety of occupations but no positive connection could be made. Also there was an R. H Brown in Iowa about the same time.

As indicated on the reverse of this card he traveled to Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

No biographical information has been found.

Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer at J H Hamilton, bds St Elmo Hotel
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer at 413th, res 1623 Pierce
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer (Brown and Wait) res 1512 Ingleside Ave
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as Collector res Hedges Sta. MS
Sioux City, IA, city directory, res N of Hedges Sta. MS
Sioux City, IA, city directory, entry says “Moved back to Rock Valley, IA”
February 03, 1910, through July 07, 1911
A small one line ad for “Brown, Photographer, 19 West Main” runs in the Marshalltown, IA, Evening Times Republican
1911 Feb 25
Marshalltown evening Times-Republican, “Brown the photographer will move March 1, 1911 to corner over Abbot’s hardware store”

1911 Jun 12 - July 21
Evening Times Republican, Marshalltown, IA as says “Brown ‘the man behind the camera’ now located over Abbott’s hardware store” (Corner Main and Center Streets)
No mention found in Iowa newspapers

The cabinet card above right was probably finished between February 1910 and July 1911.

No guess on when the cabinet card above left was made.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: J. Brown
136 - 138 Grand Ave.
Nothing on reverse
Note that photographer Thoms (shown on page "T") and J. Brown use the same address at 134 and 136 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wi, but probably not at the same time.

And the studio is very close to Hugo Broich who was at 116-118 Spring (aka Grand) Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. All three were active between 1890-1900.

Joseph Collier Brown
(Mar 1851 - 24 Aug 1948)

1851 Mar
Born in Austria
Arrival in US
Marriage to Mary Frans
Sons Joseph and Alexander, apparently twins, are born, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 136 Grand
as photographer at 138 Grand
Son Edwin Brown born in Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 136 Grand

as photographer at 524 Center
1891 -1899
no records found
as photographer at 762 18th ave
as photographer at 529 12th
as photographer at 537 12th Death of son?
as photographer at 539 12th
as photographer at 2102 Vine
as photographer at 3803 Lisbon
no records found. Apparently quits photography
Dies at age 97

Cabinet Card chair and baby
Photographer: The Peoples gallery
Jas Bruce
Stillwater O. T.
Oklahoma became a state 16 Nov 1907. Before that it was called Indian Territory or Oklahoma Territory (OT).

It is difficult to ascertain whether James R. Bruce was a photographer for a while in Oklahoma Territory and then just disappeared or if he changed his profession to real estate and moved around a lot.

The only document that says he was a photographer is the 1900 US census, which places him in Eden, a township that no longer exists, in Payne County, OK, where Stillwater, OK, is also located. He, his father and mother were all born in Georgia. His birth date is given as Dec 1861.
His wife is shown as Elisa, born in Illinois, her father in Pennsylvania and her mother in New Jersey. Her birth date is Apr 1865.

Matching all of that information with other documents is tentative at best.
In the 1910 US Census the best match is James R. Bruce, age 49 (born 1861). He and his parents again are born in Georgia. No occupation is given. His wife is Eliece, age 42 (born 1868), from Illinois. Her father was born in Germany and her mother is from England.

By the 1920 US Census we find the best match in Waddel Creek, Moffat County, CO. He is listed as a farmer age 61 (born 1859). He and his parents again are from Georgia. His wife is still Eliece, age 50 (born 1879). She is from Illinois, her father from Germany and her mother from England.

1930 US Census finds him in Douglas County, Oregon. His “age at last birthday” was 69 (born 1860). He and his mother are still from Georgia but his father is now from North Carolina. He is now a real estate agent. His wife is now Eliza N. still from Illinois. Both her mother and father are from Germany now. This time she is 54 (born 1876)

The Douglas County, Oregon death registry shows James R. Bruce died 17 Dec 1938, his wife’s name given as Eliza.
If any of the leads from here on are to be believed, James R. Bruce never returns to the photography business but continues in real estate.

A James R. Bruce, realtor, can be found in Los Angeles, CA, gazetteer for 1912-1912.

Another James R. Bruce applied for a railroad job in 1911, age 50 (born 1861), but apparently lived in Oregon from 1883 to1911.

In 1935 there’s another James R. Bruce in the real estate business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his wife’s name is Georgia. Probably not a match if we are to believe the Oregon 1938 death registry where his wife’s name is given as Eliza.

And there are others in various employments, in several locations. With a stretch of imagination, about any of them could be the right James Bruce, but it is apparent he was photographer only around 1900.

Cabinet Card gentleman with moustache
Photographer: J. A. Brush
Hennepin Ave & Sixth St.
Minneapolis, Minn
Cabinet Card Gentleman with moustache
Reverse of the cabinet card on the left
James Albert Brush
(27 Aug 1846 - 22 May 1906)

Born in Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI, city directory as artist at 22 Montclaire
Marriage to Alice Sprague
1869 - 1874
Detroit, MI, city directory as photographer at SW cor Woodward and Larned
1875 or 1876
relocates to Minneapolis, MN
as Brush & Company, 301 South Washington Av, Minneapolis, MN
223 Nicollet Av, Minneapolis, MN
609 Nicollet Av, Minneapolis, MN
601-603-605 Hennepin Av, Minneapolis, MN
33-35 S 6th St, Minneapolis, MN
1906 May 22
death at 59 in Minneapolis, MN (one source says the cause was alcoholism)

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1887 and 1897
Minnesota Journal - 23 May 1906

Cabinet Card girl
Photographer: G. W. Bryant
Plattsburgh, Mo
Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: G. W. Bryant
Plattsburgh, Mo
George W. Bryant
Born: 2 November 1853 • Decatur County, Indiana, USA
Died: 8 Jul 1912 • Plattsburg, Clinton County, Missouri, USA
From the book “History of Northwest Missouri, Vol. 2”
“George R. Bryant was born in Plattsburg, March 7, 1881, a son of the late George W. Bryant. His father, who located at Plattsburg in 1878, was well known as an artist and photographer for many years. He (George W.) was born near Greensburg in Decatur County, Indiana, and was of English ancestry. He was married in Missouri in 1877 to Margaretta Robinson, and in 1878 they came to Plattsburg. George W. Bryant died at Plattsburg, July 10, 1912 at the age of 59.”

Active years in Plattsburg, about 1878-1910. Anything imprinted with Indiana would be before that.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: Gray Button
124 North Travis
Sherman Texas
No information of any kind has been found for Gray Button.

Cabinet Card three children
Photographer: Byarlay & Shaff
Maryville, Mo.
Leonidas A. Byarlay
(26 Mar 1854 - 3 Sep 1934)

Amos George Shaff
(14 Aug 1857 - 25 Aug 1889)
Shaff included in timeline only for where it affects the life of Byarlay.

L. A. Byarlay has the distinction of being enumerated in the 1930 US census twice. On 9 Apr 1930 he is found at home with his wife Marie and son Ernest at 915 Fifth st where his occupation is noted as “butcher”. He is also found a few days later 30 Apr 1930, alone at his studio address 515 ½ S Edmund and noted as a “photographer”.

1854 Mar 26
Byarlay Born in Roseville, IL
1857 Aug 14
Shaff born in Baltimore, MI
Maryville, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer
Liberty, MO, US census Shaff as photographer on Franklin st
Byarlay marriage to Helen E Crow (1855-1903) in Pottawattamie, IA
Maryville, MO, Byarlay son Ernest (1884-) born
Kansas City, MO, Amos Shaff is in Kansas City with Wilcox and Shaff
1885 Aug 11
Maryville, MO, Amos Shaff daughter Amy born
St Joseph city directory lists Shaff as “Operator at L A Byarlay”
1889 Aug 25
Amos Shaff dies in Maryville, MO, age 32
St Joseph city directory Byarlay listed as photographer at 717 Edmond
1896 - 1898
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 1102 Frederick av; res same
US census Byarlay as photographer; res 2203 Faranon st, St Joseph
1903 Jul 21
St Joseph, MO, Byarlay wife Helen dies
Byarlay marriage to Marie Meschel (1872 - 1966)
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 121 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 117 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 116 s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 114 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer residence at 813 Fifth
1919 Nov 01
St Joseph, MO, Observer Newspaper ad studio at 515 ½ Edmond
1921 Jan 22
St Joseph, MO, Observer newspaper ad at 515 Edmund
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 525 ½ Edmond; res: 915 n Fifth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as butcher at res 915 Fifth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer at 515 ½ s Edmund
St. Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 515 ½ Edmund
Byarlay dies in St. Joseph, MO, of a stroke; last residence as 915 n Fifth

It appears that this cabinet card could only have been done in that short span around 1885 when both Byarlay and Shaff were still in Maryville.

St. Joseph Observer 17 Dec 1883

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A few additional ways to date cabinet cards
Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)
1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE
1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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  1. I have a book filled with old pictures--Several with the Bishoff Studio Maryville Mo. printed on the front. It is the same printing style as the ones you have listed. Sadly I have no family names on the pictures. In this book are several other studios from Maryville, MO.

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, examples of the work of the Bishoff Studio are plentiful. Perhaps with the additional location you mentioned, more about the photographers can be found. If you have good scans of your examples, send them to me and I will include them on this page. Phase65 at Yahoo dot com

  3. We have relatives that have lived in the Maryville, MO area since 1856. Would love to see the photos.

    1. Thanks for your comment! As soon as any new photographs from Maryville, MO, come in, they will be added to the blog.



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