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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century -W-

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

cabinet card man
Photographer: Wakely & Cobb
McKinney, Texas

Wakely seemed to move around a great deal, it appears his partnership with Cobb lasted from 1893 to 1897.

Also listed under Cobb

George D. Wakely
(26 Nov 1836 - 22 Apr 1922)

Nearly every document sets Wakely’s birthdate differently. The date settled on here is from The “England & Wales, Non-conformist and Non-Parochial Register 1587-1790” which seems to make the most sense.

Other dates are:
1823 - Pioneer Photographers of the Far West (Peter E. Palmquist, ‎Thomas R. Kailbourn)
1837 - England census 1841
1837 - England census 1851
1843 Dec - US census 1900
1832 - US census 1910
1832 - US census 1920
Abt 1832 - Texas death certificate

There is little doubt that it is all the same George D. Wakely, however. His accomplishments and endeavors along with his known locations seem to tie it all to one person.

Timeline sources:
All data from US Census or City Directories. All news items are from the McKinney Democrat unless otherwise noted. The book “Pioneer Photographers of the Far West” - Peter E. Palmquist, ‎Thomas R. Kailbourn contributed some early dates and locations (Indicated in the timeline by “PPFW”)

born in England (see previous comment)
PPFW as ambrotypist, photographic stock dealer in Chicago, IL
PPFW some evidence he lived in New York, NY
PPFW as photographer, Leavenworth, Kansas
1859 Aug 16
PPFW with Thorn Star, an acting troupe, leaves with family for Denver, CO
1859 Oct 20
PPFW opens ambrotype gallery across from theater in Denver, CO
Kansas territory census shows Wakely in North Clear Creek, Arapaho County, KS, which becomes part of Colorado on 29 Jan 1861 when Kansas becomes the 34th state in the US
1861 Jul 18
PPFW photographs Mademoiselle Carolista in tightrope performance in Denver, CO
1862 May
PPFW begins building new studio; completed the following month.

PPFW In Colorado at Montgomery, Blackhawk, Empire City, Garden of the Gods, Monument Valley
1864 May 19-20
PPFW Wakely photographs the flooding of Cherry Creek in Denver
PPFW closes Denver, CO, gallery and travels to Washington, DC
PPFW publishes photographic series as Stereographics: National Capital of US and Smithsonian
arrives in US according to the 1900 US census (If accurate, it was obviously for the second time)
PPFW operates photograph stock depot at 518 Walnut St Kansas City, MO, until about Nov 1871
PPFW Omaha, NE as photographer
PPFW as photographer in Leadville, CO
1886 Mar 25
Wakely was in Galveston according to a news item in the Galveston Daily news
marriage to Etna Lawrence in Collin county TX

1888 Feb 11
Waco Daily News Item Selling pianos at store in Waco, TX
1888 - 1889
as traveling salesman for Goggan and co music
1890 Mar 27
news item as photographer in McKinney TX
1891 Feb 05
adv selling pianos and organs in McKinney

McKinney Democrat
05 Feb 1891

Example found on the net. Note it is the same chair as in the LOST GALLERY example.

McKinney Democrat - 3 May 1894

McKinney Democrat 18 Mar 1897

1893 Jun 01
adv Wakely’s Gallery, McKinney TX
1894 May 03
adv Wakely and Cobb in McKinney, TX
PPFW Texas State Gazetter as photographer with Cobb
1897 Mar 18
news item Wakely and Cobb dissolves partnership
1897 Nov 25
news item Will Pennington works for Wakely at Gallery
1898 Jul 09
McKinney Daily Courier news item Selling house, leaving McKinney
1898 Nov 24
news item adv new location in McKinney
1899 May 20
McKinney Daily Gazette Photographer in Metz Building
1900 Jun 02
McKinney Gazette adv Photographer in Metz Building
1900 Jun 11
US census as photographer in McKinney, TX
1900 Jun 14 adv
as photographer in Metz building McKinney, TX
1901 Sep 26
news item takes job as salesman, Gallery in charge of Mr. Sharp
1903 Jan 16
adv Wakely’s gallery McKinney, TX
1903 May 28
news item as photographer, in McKinney, TX , “13 years”
1903 Jun 04
news item, returns to Plano, TX after visiting family
adv as McKinney Studio in “Wakely’s old Place”

1910 Apr 26
US census as photographer in Colgate, OK
1910 Sep 20
Ada Evening News news item “Wakely, Coalgate photographer on way to Sulphur, OK”
1920 Jan 26
US census as photographer in Dallas, TX
1922 Apr 22
dies in Dallas at age 85 after being hit by a train on Apr 20. Note: Ada news item says he was run over by a car.

Just click on the picture for a larger version

Dad and three sons
Photographer: Wales Studio
No. 19 North 4th
Keokuk, Iowa

Thomas Leonard Wales
(14 Jan 1852 - 2 Aug 1935)

born in Columbus, Indiana
brought by parents to Centerville, IA
studies carpentry, quits, travels through Iowa
at Centerville, IA, employed by G. C. Goodenough and RF Lyman (photography)until 1874
succeeds Lyman and establishes own gallery at Centerville
Opens millenary shop managed by wife Marieta
1875 Nov 17
marries Marietta Weaver
moves family from Centerville, IA, to Keokuk, IA

moves family from Keokuk, IA, to Davenport, IA
as photographer at 121 1/2 e 3rd
1911 Aug 05
wife Marietta dies
1912 May 11
Ottumwa Tri-Weekly Courier news item Thomas Wales on committee
Sells studio and moves back to Centerville, IA
US census as no occupation
US census as no occupation
Dies in Centerville, IA at age 83

It appears that Wales Studio was in Keokuk, IA only a few months in 1890. The cabinet card here must have been finished then.

Cabinet Card Family
Photographer: Clay & Walker
Marlin, Texas
(also listed under Clay)

There appears to be more than twenty Walkers living in Marlin, Texas, around a time that would be possible for the photographer in question. Unfortunately, these are only Public Record Indexes so no other information is available on them. And there are seven city directory mentions of Walkers that are photographers about the right era, living in the southern Texas area but none of them in Marlin. No connections have been made so far to any photographer named Clay. (See Clay)

Sisters Clara and Geneva Clay were well known photographers on the east coast of the US. So far, there is not much evidence to tie them to Marlin, a small town just north of Houston, Texas.

No city directory listings or census enumerations have been found for a Photographer Clay in or around Marlin, Texas, which suggests at best, that the partnership of Clay and Walker might have been short.

Photographer: J. M. Waller
Cabinet Card man
Photographer: J. M. Waller
Armstrong, Missouri

John M. Waller
(Aug 1863 - 27 Mar 1931)

born in Kentucky
1864 Sep
the Centralia, MO, massacre, civil war
marries Elizabeth G. in Huntsville, MO
son Charles born in Centralia, MO

US census as clothing salesman in Centralia. MO
1908 Dec 1 and 4 and 1909 Jan 18
Columbia MO, ad for Kodak finishing

Columbia Evening Missourian

1909 Feb & Mar Columbia MO, ad for savitar photos

Columbia Evening Missourian

1910 Jan 11
newspaper ad for photographer Waller in Columbia, MO

Columbia Evening Missourian

1910 Apr 13
US census as clothing salesman in Centralia, MO
1911 Jan, Mar, Apr
ad photographer in Columbia, MO 911a Broadway

Columbia Evening Missourian

1919 Apr 25
Higbee, MO news item mentions Waller as Centralia’s leading clothier and photographer from “years ago”
1919 Jun 09
Columbia Evening Missourian news item, son Charles Waller dies in Russia
1919 Jun 09
Columbia Evening Missourian news item, son Charles Waller dies in Russia
1920 Jan 20
US census as clothing merchant in Centralia, MO
1929 Jul 29
Columbian, Columbia, MO, news item Hawkinson family visits Waller Family
1930 Apr 30
US census as merchant in Centralia, MO

1931 Mar 27
John Waller dies at age 68 in Centralia, MO

Moberly Monitor-Index

Continued in next row

Moberly Monitor-Index 19 Oct 1965

Elizabeth Waller Dies at age 92 in Centralia, MO

Of course, it is possible that there were two John M. Waller’s, about the same age, living within 30 miles of each other, one a photographer and the other a clothing merchant. The census seems to follow one and the newspaper ads seem to be about another.

The Missouri towns of Centralia, Columbus, Huntsville, Higbee and Armstrong are all within about a 35 mile radius of each other.

It could also be the same person. Some family trees on seem to think so.

Obituaries for John Waller and wife Elizabeth in the Moberly (MO) Monitor-Index, both describe his career in the clothing business but do not mention photography.

Yet, a cabinet card found in a Waller family tree, if authentic, rather firmly makes the connection. A hand written inscription identifies it as a portrait of a young Elizabeth Hawkinson while the imprint at the bottom of the cabinet card is Waller Studio, Centralia, MO; Waller’s wife photographed at the Waller Studio in Centralia, MO.

But whether one person or two, the LOST GALLERY cabinet card was probably made between 1908 and 1911, when Waller seems most active as photographer. He might also have kept the studio as a sideline for his entire working career as a clothier.

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Walton
Vevay, Ind

Joseph. E. Walton
(2 Sep 1847 - 8 Nov 1916)

It appears the J. E. Walton spent his entire life in Vevay, Indiana. The earliest record of his photography is the 1880 US census when he was 32 but he probably started in his 20’s. He is then documented to be a photographer on his death certificate in 1916 at age 69.

Since there is no address on this cabinet card, the time frame cannot be narrowed through his biography.

The physical characteristics of the card do indicate a range of 1889-1896. (See “additional ways to date cabinet cards” at end of this page.)

Cabinet Card woman

Photographer: Snyder & Walton
227 & 229 W. Dirard Avenue

The Walton of Snyder and Walton is probably not the J. E. Walton shown above.

Girl with the golden ear
Winterset, Iowa

There were at least four photographers named Ward in the vicinity of Winterset, IA, in the late 1800’s. An Iowa gazetteer finds George A. Ward working as photographer in 1885. The 1880 US census finds George A. Ward, photographer, in the same town. The name appears in “The Photographic Times” Volume 13, page 427, as photographer in Iowa, 1887.

What he was doing and where he went before and after that is confused by the other photographers named George Ward. Are they the same? Did he move? Did he go out of the photography business?

One scenario suggests that George changed his profession to electrician and with wife Josephine moved to San Jose, CA. Age, wife's name, and birthplace match. The 1900 US Census hints this but the birthplaces of George’s mother and father don’t match with the 1880 census. It could be a mistake on the enumerator’s part or just the wrong George Ward.

Based on what information that does seem accurate and connected, George Ward was an active photographer in Winterset, IA, at least from 1880 to 1887.

The family. Life is hard.
Photographer: Ward & Robar
North Side Public Square, Tecumseh, Oklahoma

George Robert Ward was born 23 Feb 1858 in Retherford Obion, TN. There is some evidence that he opened a studio in about 1880.

The earliest record of his presence in Oklahoma Territory is 12 Oct 1889, when his daughter Violet M. Ward is born.

There was no city directory for Tecumseh, OK, so it is impossible to tell what years his studio was operating in Oklahoma, but according to the US census of 1910 he is still a photographer in Tecumseh.

A page by page search of the 1920 US census of Pottawatomie County, OK, did not find George Robert Ward but found wife Nina and son George E. Ward. George may have been traveling with his camera to neighboring towns.

1930 finds George Robert widowed, in Shamrock, OK, a small town north of Tecumseh, closer to Tulsa, OK.

George was not found in the 1940 US census. So far, there is no evidence of when he partnered with James J. Robar. Only one US census has found Robar, living in Stillwater, OK in 1900.

The best scenario would put them together between 1899 and 1910.

Cabinet Card baby
Photographer: S. E. Warrant
Plainwell, Mich.

Not a word found anywhere on S. E. Warrant. If anyone has any leads let LOST GALLERY know in a comment.

Two children
Photographer: N. A. Watkins
Rising Star, Texas

Not a word found anywhere on N. A. Watkins. If anyone has any leads let LOST GALLERY know in a comment.

Cabinet Card two children
Watson & Bowles
(Listed under Bowles also)

Mrs. Esther A. Bowles (nee Buck) lived her entire life in Michigan. She was born in April 1853. She worked as a photographer In Wyandotte, Michigan, from 1892 to 1921. She married the Reverend George A. Bowles in 1869.

So far, no "Watson" photographer of that time period in Michigan, has been found.

Cabinet Card woman
Way & Fletcher
154 Claybourn Ave.

John Way and Fred Fletcher

It appears Way and Fletcher operated together only in 1888 at 154 Claybourn in Chicago, IL. They appear in only one Chicago city directory, 1888. They do not appear in the 1889 city directory together or separately. John Way appears with no occupation in the 1887 directory but not Fletcher. Where they were before and after is not known at this time.

Family of Seven
Photographer: G. R. Wear
McKinney Tex

George R. Wear
(15 Jan 1863 - 13 mar 1948)

All data from US census, city directories, death certificates and newspapers McKInney Democrat and Courier-Gazette
Jan 15 George R Wear born in Savoy, TX; His father dies the following year
living with brother in Fannin, TX
Mother dies in Fannin, TX
1890 Mar 27
McKinney newspaper city directory as photographer
1891 Apr 23
newspaper mention of Wear’s Gallery in McKinney
1891 Dec 31
marriage to Sarah Thomas in McKinney

as Wear and Thomas Art Gallery at 117 ½ W Houston, Denison, TX, (partnered with E. L. Thomas, a brother of his wife Sarah.)
as Wear’s Studio at 117 ½ W Houston, Sherman, TX
as photographer at 149 Travis, Denison, TX
as photographer at 211 N Travis, Sherman, TX
as photographer, studio at 211N Travis as "THE WEARS";
death at age 85

The cabinet card here must have been finished before he set up a studio in Sherman, TX, between about 1885 and 1895.

Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: Webster Bros
Greeley Colo.
Laramie Wyo.

There were several photographers in the North West US in the late 1800’s named Webster but none of them have been put together as brothers as yet. A likely possibility was H. D. Webster of Greeley, CO, who was a photographer and florist.

Two Women, Two Men
Photographer: Mary Weigel
Dyersville, Iowa

Mary Weigel
(15 Oct 1859-20 Apr 1934)

1859 Oct 15
born in Wisconsin
1870 Aug 02
Father as photographer/Jeweler
1880 Jun 02
living at home as photographer
Dubuque city directory no occupation 30 W 14th
as Maria (Mary A. probably) living at home as photographer
Dubuque city directory no occupation 30 W 14th
Dubuque city directory no occupation 442 Windsor Ave
Iowa census as Mary living at home, no occupation or address given

purchases the Freyman Gallery in Dyersville
Dubuque city directory no occupation 442 Windsor Ave
Iowa census no occupation given at Dubuque IA
1908- 1909
Dubuque city directory no occupation 442 Windsor Ave
NOT in Dubuque city directory
Dubuque city directory as no occupation at Iowa Home for the Friendless
Dubuque city directory as photographer no address given
Dubuque city directory as photographer at Dubuque, IA
US census as photographer on Main st, New Wine, IA

NOT in Dubuque city directory
NOT in Dubuque city directory
Iowa census as no occupation at Dyersville, IA
NOT in Dubuque city directory
as no occupation at 224 W Main, New Wine, Dubuque, IA
dies at age 74

The Dubuque city directory made a habit of not listing a business for single females apparently. The available documents make it only marginally clear that Mary Weigel was a photographer from 1880 to about 1920. This cabinet card was probably finished around 1902 when she purchased the Freyman Gallery. It also might have been made in that period from 1920 to 1929 when she was NOT in Dubuque.

Cabinet Card family
Photographer: W. C. Wells
Marengo, Illinois

William C. Wells
(1879- )

There are some ads from the Marengo, IL, newspaper that show W. C. Wells was working as a photographer in Marengo in 1885 and 1890. Then he is found again in ads from East Liverpool, OH, in 1903 and 1907. US census and East Liverpool city directories keep him there until at least 1921 when there seems a possibility he moved again to San Pedro, CA. There is no evidence he ever returned to Marengo.

This cabinet card must have been finished before the move to Ohio, between about 1890 and 1900

There are three Photographers named William Wells working in that era so there is plenty of confusion in following the trail.

Cabinet Card Family of five
Photographer: Wenzel
Plain City Ohio

Henry A. Wenzel
(11 Jan 1863 - 4 Dec 1925)

Data from US census and Ohio city directories and narrative from Shirley Ann Gher from Plain City Historical Society

1863 Jan 11
born in Columbus, OH
Columbus city directory as phtgrphr apprentice w Urlin and Pfeifer
marries Nellie Wilson
Columbus OH city directory studio at 262 ½ S High st Goble & Wenzel
Columbus, OH, city directory brief partnership with Baker Gallery, High & State; making two day trips to Plain City, OH
opens permanent studio on Plain City, OH

US census as photographer in Jerome, OH (Plain City)
finished new house on West Main St., Plain City, OH
US census as photographer in Jerome, OH (Plain City)
tornado hits Plain City, OH, Wenzel photographs damage
as photographer in Plain City, OH
US census & city directories moves to Springfield, OH, works for Robbins & Myers (Electric Motors)
dies age 62 in Columbus. OH

This cabinet card would have been finished between 1895 and 1916

Cabinet Card Man with Horse
What Cheer, IA

Ross Smith Wheeler
(3 Apr 1859 - 25 Sep 1902)

Sources; US census, Genealogical and Biographical History of Keokuk County, IA

born in Sandy Creek, West Virginia
moves to Iowa, age 13
begins studying photography at West Liberty, IA and area
opens first studio in West Liberty, IA

US census as artist at West Branch, Cedar, IA
1881 Oct - 1898
operates studio in What Cheer, IA
elected county auditor of Keokuk County, IA
US census as county auditor, Sigourney, Keokuk, Iowa
dies at age 43 in Sigourney, Iowa

This cabinet card would have been finished between about 1881 and 1898.

Boy in sweater with book
Photographer: S. G. White
Dardenelle, Ark
Reverse of Boy with Book CC
Photographer: S. G. White
Dardenelle, Ark
(Reverse of card on the left)

Nothing substantial has been found so far on S. G. White except that he apparently partnered with C. C. White for a short time in Arkansas.

An attempt to follow the career of C. C. White to find the connection, found only that White had studios in Little Rock, AR from 1880 to 1885, and then in Clarksville, AR, in 1886. Nothing else.

Cabinet Card with elaborate photomask
Ashland, Neb.

Whittmore research page is HERE

Cabinet Card portrait young man
Photographer: Wilkins & Co.
Brazil, Ind

Wilkins and CO has been updated HERE

Cabinet Card baby
Photographer: P A Williams
Joplin. MO

No data has been found on P. A. (or A. P.) Williams. Available Joplin, MO, city directories only go back to 1902.

Man with bow tie, moustache
Photographer: Ed A. Williams
1140 Market St., San Francisco

Ed A. Williams seems to have moved around a lot. He was born in Indiana and moved west early on. It was confirmed however, through city directories, that he was active at 1140 Market Street in San Francisco, CA, from 1889 to 1891.

He seems to have moved back east after that with records possibly putting him in Chicago a few years and then a small town in Kansas.

Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: H. C. Wilber
Chardon, Ohio
Cabinet Card portrait
Photographer: H. C. Wilber
Chardon, Ohio (1896-1897)
Actually there are ten of these portraits apparently shot all at the same time. Only two are represented here.
See another by Wilber at Luminous Lint

Henry Carlton Wilber
(13 Dec 1854 - 11 Jan 1921)

1854 Dec 13
born in Newbury, OH
US census as no occupation shown at Noble, IN
US census as farm laborer at Burton, OH
US census as no occupation given at Chardon, OH
US census as hardware salesman at Chardon, OH
US census as deputy sheriff, Chardon, OH
1921 Jan 11
death at age 66 in Chardon, OH

There are no city directories available for these small towns in northern Ohio so about the only records found for Wilber were five US census reports. There is no mention of him being a photographer.

The cabinet cards here are imprinted with Chardon, OH, so it can at least be assumed that the photography work was done after about 1900.

Cabinet Card
Parkersburg, W Va

Miles S. Wilson
(Jun 1863 -)

There are not many city directories available for Parkersburg, WV. Available directories show him as photographer in Parkersburg from 1900 to 1921 with a brief stay in Marietta, OH in 1910. The stay must have been brief because on 14 Apr 1910, the US census places him in Parkersburg, WV, and a city directory for the same year places him with his wife, in Marietta, OH. Then by 1914 he is again in Parkersburg.

born in Ohio
marriage to Grace
as photographer at 917 Market st Parkersburg, WV
as photographer at 315 Fifth, Parkersburg, WV

as photographer at 315 Fifth, Parkersburg, WV
1910 Apr 14
US census as photographer in Parkersburg, WV
as photographer at 202½ Front, Marietta, OH
as photographer at 529½ Market, Parkersburg, WV
as photographer at 607½ Market, Parkersburg, WV
as photographer at 607½ Market, Parkersburg, WV
as photographer at 501½ Juliana, Parkersburg, WV
NOT in Parkesburg, OH, city directory

Based on this meager evidence, this cabinet card could have been done between 1900 and 1921.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Cobleskill and Middleburgh
New York

Edwin Russell Winans
(20 Jul 1861 - 6 Mar 1917)

1861 Jul 20
born in Westford, Otsego, NY
US census at 18 working as farm labor at Roseboom, NY
marries Emelyn Buckley in Oneonta, NY
Genealogy of Cleveland Families as photographer in Oneonta, NY
US census at 38 as Artist at 757 Main, Oneonta, NY
Winsted, CN, city directory as Portrait Artist at 19 High; wife Emalyn B. Winans listed as Chiropodist at same address
Winsted, CN, city directory Edwin Winans listed but no occupation. Wife Emelyn shown as “removed to New York State.”
Cleveland, OH, city directory as salesman
US census as salesman of motors in Cleveland, OH; wife Emelyn and daughter Grace listed at same address
death at 55 in Oneonta, NY

An Edwin Winans was also an engineer in New York, NY, from about 1876 to 1884 but this is probably not the photographer as in 1876 the photographer was only 14 years old. From 1888 to 1889 an Edwin Winans worked “treadles” in New York, NY.

The only two mentions of photography is in an 1899 genealogy narrative of Cleveland, OH, families and the 1900 US census where he is listed as “Artist”.

From 1909 on to his death in 1917, Edwin Winans is listed as salesman in Cleveland, OH.

Was there more than one Edwin Winans? Possibly. It Is the Superman/Clark Kent example again. While Salesman Edwin is found, where was Photographer Edwin?

The only available documents make it look fairly certain that Edwin was a photographer from 1899 through about 1907.

Some cabinet cards are imprinted from the studio of Mereness and Winans. Mereness was a photographer from about 1871 to 1900. The partnership with William H. Mereness was probably early on as Mereness died around 1900.

This cabinet card was probably done around 1900 but before 1907.

Cabinet Card man
Oak Harbor,

Though John H. Windisch, the photographer, was found in data mostly in Toledo, it is not hard to imagine he worked the small towns within 20 miles of Toledo. Oak Harbor, OH, just 23 miles from Toledo, could be one of them. Oak Harbor is on a rail line directly from Toledo, OH.

And it could be work done just before he moved into Toledo, OH, but no records have been found to support that.

There was another person by the name of John Windisch in Ohio, about the same age, so his location in the early years is a bit uncertain. The years after 1900 tie together with occupations and addresses.

John H. Windisch
(Sep 1852-07 Oct 1931)

born in Ohio
marries Margarite
NOT in Toledo, OH city directory

US census as photographer at 1602 Wisconsin st
Toledo, OH, city directory as photographer at 1535 Dorr
Toledo, OH, city directory as photographer at 1619 Dorr
Toledo, OH, city directory as truss manufacturer at 1619 Dorr
Toledo, OH, city directory as truss manufacturer at 715 Fernwood
US census as laborer at 715 Fernwood
Toledo, OH, city directory as photographer at 715 Fernwood (age 76)
1930 Apr 03
US census as no occupation at 715 Fernwood
1931 Oct 07
dies at age 79 in Lucas, OH

Note that after years of making Trusses, he returns in 1930 to photography.

J. H. Wright
Portrait with herbs
Photographer J. H. Wright
Ottawa, Kas.

There were several people with the name J. H. Wright in the late 19th century. Two or three of them seemed to be photographers in the mid-west at one time or another.

The right one was finally sorted out with the discovery of a newspaper article describing a marriage of “Mattie Geer” of Oswego, KS, to photographer J. H. Wright from Macon, MO, in 1899.

Macon Republican - 12 Dec 1899

Here is an interesting bit from her obituary: "Mattie lived and worked in a saloon, cleaning up for her room and board. She had to fend for herself and it was in Cherryvale, Kansas, that she met up with John Harris Wright and agreed to go with him. She married him in 1899."

There are small almost weekly advertisements in the Osawatomie, KS, newspaper, “The Graphic” that place him in Ottawa, KS, from 13 Jul 1888 to Sep 1889. Two news items from the Ottawa Daily Republic place him with a studio in Ottawa 1891 and 1892.

Osawatomie Graphic - 14 Dec 1888

Ottawa Republican - 17 Jun 1891

Ottawa Republican - 21 Jul 1892

After the marriage in 1899, he and his wife live in Macon, MO until about 1903. After a time in St. Louis, MO, the two spend the rest of their lives in towns in Ohio.

Macon Citizen - 09 Mar 1900

Joseph Harris Wright
(24 Jun 1874 - 10 Mar 1942)

1874 Jun 24
born in Coldwater, MS
1888 Jul 13 thru 1889 Nov 30
newspaper ad photographer at 3rd & Main, Osawatomie, KS
1891 Jun 17
story in Ottawa Daily Republic about remodeled studio
1892 Jul 21
story about Wright skipping town
marriage to Martha E. Gear at Oswego, KS
US census as photographer in Macon, MO.
son Joseph Harris Wright born in Cherryvale, KS
1903 May 30
news item in Macon Republican; Wright goes to work for Denslow’s Studio

Macon Republican - 30 May 1903

US census as photographer in St. Louis, MO
1916 Sep 12
draft registration as photographer at 21 W College, Lorain, OH
US census as photographer Lorain, OH
US census as photographer 139 E Main, Franklin, OH
US census as photographer at Revenna, OH
US census as photographer at 617 Main, Ravenna, OH
Death at 67 in Akron, OH.

This cabinet card was probably finished between 1888 and 1892.

Macon Republican - 09 Mar 1900

Man, woman portrait
Photographer: J. L. Wright
Sipe Springs, Tex.

There were several photographers named Wright in Texas in the late 19th century. No positive connections have been made to this J. L. Wright. Sipe Springs is now considered a ghost town.

W Wright Artist restored
On reverse:
W Wright Artist
William George Henry Wright
1860 - 1915
Studios in London

LOST GALLERY is researching only US photographers at this time. Photographers from other countries is a future project.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
photographer: Wybrant
329 Walnut, over Macauley's Theater
Louisville, KY

No research on this photographer as of 20170619

Please note:
As of September 2017 this series will no longer be updated here.
All content has been transferred to a new site called
Cabinet Card Photographers
All future additions will be made there.

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

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For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

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  1. I have a cabinet card that is exactly like the picture of Waller but of a different person. How would I go about showing you?

    1. The best method would be to email a good scan of the card to phase65 at yahoo dot com. I'd love to see it.



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