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Cabinet Card Photographers of the 19th Century - S - part 02

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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card woman

Photographer: Snyder & Walton
227 & 229 W. Dirard Avenue

The Walton of Snyder and Walton is probably not the J. E. Walton described elsewhere.

Three girls one boy
Photographer: Spengler
106 & 108 Stephenson St. Freeport, Ill.

Robert Leonard Spengler
(26 Mar 1886 - 16 May 1979)

R. L. Spengler worked at several occupations including carpenter, dairy farmer and maintenance man. The 1910 US Census shows him as a photographer but working for another studio. He re-appears in a 1912 Freeport city directory as a photographer with his own studio, rooms 13-15 in the Wilcoxon bldg.
Then by 1917 he is a carpenter and no subsequent documents show he ever returned to photography.

The cabinet card to the left must have been done around 1912.

Freeport Journal Standard
06 Mar 1909

Photographer: Stanford Bros.
Farmersville, Texas

Thomas Jefferson Stanford
(3 Aug 1867 - 14 Nov 1940)

Joseph Bismark Stanford
(17 Apr 1869 - 28 Feb 1948)

John Wesley Stanford
(16 Jun 1873 - 22 mar 1936)

All data for these three men come from US Census, death certificates, marriage licenses and Find-A-Grave index.

All three brothers were photographers at some point in their lives.

Thomas born in Rogersville, AL
Joseph born in Rogersville, AL
John born in Rogersville, AL
1862 - 1901
Joseph lives in Colquitt, GA
1896 Jan
Thomas lives in Ouachita, AR
1896 Dec - 1900
Thomas lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer

1900 Jun 09
Thomas listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 11
John listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 22
Joseph listed as farm laborer in Auteyville, GA
1901 Sep - 1905 Feb
Thomas lives in Royce City, TX
1902 Nov - 1948 Feb 29
Joseph lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer
Thomas is in Taiban, NM, as farmer
1910 May 10
John is in Saint Vrain, NM, as farmer
1910 Apr 20
Joseph is listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1920 - 1940
Thomas is in Childress, TX
John dies in Livingston, TX
Thomas dies in Childress, TX
Joseph dies in Farmersville, TX

The only time that at least two of the brothers were living in Farmersville, TX, at the same time, was in 1900.

Documents show Thomas was in Farmersville, TX, in December of 1896 to 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Taiban, NM.

John was there in 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Saint Vrain, NM.

Joseph moved to Farmersville, TX, in 1902 and stayed until he died in 1948.

This cabinet card credited to Stanford Bros. was probably finished sometime between around 1900 to 1910.

Cabinet Card small child
Photographer: J. B. Stanford
Farmersville, Texas

At the left is an example of a cabinet card finished by the brother
Joseph Bismark Stanford,
who was in the photography business the longest.

He lived and worked in Farmersville, TX from 1902 on until his death in 1948.

Cabinet Card Woman Portrait
Photographer: Stanton
Ground Floor Studio
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Merritt Craig Stanton
(25 Jul 1870 - Feb 1959)

All facts on Stanton are from US Census, city directories, newspaper mentions and Social Security application.

born in Rensselaer, NY
as photographer at 70 e Main, Amsterdam, NY
as printer, bds at 68 e Main
1891 - 1893
(newspaper) as photographer 164 Calhoun, res same, Fort Wayne, IN
1894 Aug 25
(newspaper) Stanton Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN, now managed by Ed Perrey
1895 Jan 15
daughter Ruby born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1895 Jan 15 - 1900 Feb 22
in Port William, Clinton, OH
1896 Nov 30
daughter Mary born in Port William, Clinton OH

1900 Feb 22
daughter Martha born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1900 Jun 1 - 1928
as photographer at 26 ½ s Fountain, Springfield, OH
1930 Apr 23
as photographer at 128 s 4th st, Marysville, OH
1940 Apr 01
no occupation at 310 w 4th st, Marysville, Union, OH
1950 Nov 14
portrait of Merritt and Rosetta
dies in New Jersey

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1891 and 1894.

Fort Wayne Sentinel
24 Aug 1894

Fort Wayne Sentinel
27 Mar 1894

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: W. H. Staples
Peirce City

No information has been found on W. H. Staples. There are records of a photographer named W. F. Staples, in Texas, Indiana, Tennessee and perhaps Ohio. He could not be connected to anywhere in Missouri.

The town of “Peirce” City, Missouri, is quite infamous. In 1901 it was the scene of terrible race related mob violence. The spelling of the name changed to “Pierce” City in the early 1920’s.

The style of the card would indicate that it was made in 1900 or after.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: Stein

Milwaukee City Directory 1924
This advertisement would be for Julian Stein after his father's death.

Cabinet Card
This is the reverse of the card on the left.
on reverse:
Copied by Stein -Photographer

Simon Leonard Stein
(Aug 1854 - 4 Mar 1922)

Julian Henry Stein
(21 Jul 1883 - Jan 1937)

All information is from US Census, city directories, newspaper items and draft registration.

Simon born in Austria
(newspaper) Simon starts first studio in Milwaukee, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI employed
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI own studio
Julian born in Lincoln, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
1905 - 1910
Julian and Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
29 Jan 1937

Julian as farmer in Widewater, VA
Julian as photographer in Washington DC
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian and Simon as Stein and Sons, Milwaukee, WI
Simon dies in Milwaukee, WI
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI; mentions copying
1924 - 1934
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian residential listing only
Julian dies in Milwaukee, WI

The cabinet card at the left is labeled as being a copy. In reality this could have been made any time either the father Simon or the son Julian, was working as a photographer. However, there is one mention of copying in a city directory listing for Julian in 1923.

But wait, there’s more...

Nathan L Stein
(Nov 1857 - 1921)

Nathan Stein lived at the same time as Simon L. and son Julian, in the same city, Milwaukee, WI, and was also a photographer. But Nathan Stein seems totally unrelated genetically to Simon Stein. However, he could be the Stein credited for the cabinet card here.

born in Austria or Germany
1837 - 1875
immigrates to US

as photographer at 310 State; res 1316 Prairie, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 502 Greenfield av
Marriage to Rachel Stein
1894 - 1897
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 638 1st
1898 - 1920
as photographer at 452 Mitchell
death in Milwaukee, WI

Cabinet Card
Photographer: F. J. Steinborns
Cor's Fond du Lac Ave.
28th & Center Sts.

Ferdinand J. Steinborn
(23 Oct 1851 - 1924)

All information comes from US Census, newspaper ads and city directories.

F. J. Steinborn spent his whole life in Wisconsin, mostly in Milwaukee. There were periods when one or more of his sons worked in his photography studio together, hence the name on this cabinet card, “Steinborns”

born in Lebanon, WI
(newspaper ad) started studio
Hermann F Steinborn is born
Arthur Paul Steinborn is born
Paul Bernard Steinborn is born
Ferdinand as carpenter at 2006 Fond du Lac
as photographer at 268 Water; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av

1897 - 1898
as photographer at Fond du Lac & Center
1899 - 1916
as photographer at 1033 28th
1917 - 1921
as photographer at 1033 28th w Arthur & Paul at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1922 - 1924
as no occupation at 1033 28th w Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
Ferdinand dies; Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1930 Feb 21 (newspaper) Arthur at 2661 n 27th
1942 - 1947
Arthur as photographer at 2661 n 27th

(newspaper) Steinborn Photo Studio, 2661 n 27th

This cabinet card could have been made during the period when Ferdinand and sons Arthur and Paul were working with him in 1917 - 1921. But more likely it was made in 1895-1896, when the studio address was termed “28th and Fond du Lac Avenue” or as the cabinet card puts it “Cor’s Fond du Lac Ave. 28th & Center Sts.” It is the intersection of three streets which is still there today.

Arthur carried on the business into the late 1940s but the records are incomplete after that.

Cabinet Card young man
C. W. Stephens
Cissna, Ill.

There were only a handful of people named Stephens in the cabinet card era; about five of them had the initials C. W., but no documents found so far, describe any of them as photographers. Further, no documents place any of them in or near Cissna, IL.

Quite possibly, C. W. Stephens was in the photography business only a short time.

Photographer: Stevens Art Studio
McVickers Theater Bldg, Chicago

John K. Stevens
(1838 Jul - )
Over 700 ads were found for the Stevens studio the name varying between J. K. Stevens, J. K. Stevens Co. and J. K. Stevens and Son. They seem to overlap between 1881 and 1900. There is some evidence that J. K. Stevens himself died as early as 1901 though no documentation has been found. His son Lester probably kept the business going. It appears the studio name carried on until 1905 when it was changed in court to Gibson, Sykes and Fowler studios.

1838 July
Stevens born in Erie, NY
Stevens starts as helper in Alfred Pattiana’s old portrait studio at 75 Lake; res on State st
1858 Jul 04
marriage to Mary Brown in Knox, IL
Stevens opens own studio at West Madison st, Chicago, IL
1863 Dec 15
Son Lester Webb Stevens born in Chicago, IL
Misawaka, IN, gazetteer as photographer on Main
daughter Mary Grace born in Indiana
1870 - 1874
Chicago city directory as photographer; res 163 Halstead, Chicago, IL

1876 Jul 24
Chicago Tribune news item announcing J. K. Stevens to retire turning the studio over to W. A. Armstrong at 75 Madison st

Chicago Tribune Sun - 24 Jul 1876

Chicago Tribune Sun - 1876 Oct 08

1877 Jan 27
Inter Ocean news item his “retirement” obviously a ruse, J. K. Stevens opens new location at Madison and Robey sts

Chicago Inter Ocean - 7 Dec 1887

1877 Jul 08
Chicago Tribune as for studio at 85-87 Madison, opposite McVickers Theater
1878 Mar 10
Chicago Tribune Sun party at residence of J. K. Stevens, 271 Park av
1878 Jul 13
Inter Ocean ad studio at 85-87 East Madison st over Hershey Music Hall; 271 Park
Chicago Tribune 3 ads for studio at 786 West Madison
Chicago Tribune 20 ads for studio at 108 Dearborn, Chicago, IL

1881 Oct 25
marriage to Addie B. Cater
1881 Apr 10
Chicago Daily Tribune ad studio at 108 Dearborn and 786 W Madison
1881 Aug 07 - 1882 Jan 08
Chicago Daily Tribune ad as JK Stevens, studio at 108 Dearborn st
1883 Jun 17
Chicago Tribune ad/news item puts Stevens studio at 108-110 Dearborn st
1885 Jan 13
Inter Ocean ad for studio 106-108-110 Dearborn st; later same year moves to McVickers Bldg
1887 Jan 27 - 1892 Oct 12
Inter Ocean many ads for J K Stevens at McVickers Building
1887 Jan 27 - 1892 Oct 12
Inter Ocean ads for J K Stevens at McVickers Building
1889 Oct 04 - 1900 Jul 18
Inter Ocean news ads now as J. K. Stevens and Son
1890 Jan 18 - 1900 Aug 13
Inter Ocean ads Stevens and Son at McVickers Building
1892 Jan 31
Chicago Tribune Sun news item establishing photographic business incorporated, J. K. Stevens, Charles H. Stevens and Addie B. Stevens (The relationship of Charles H. Stevens to the rest of the family is unknown at this time.)

1895 May 30
Chicago Inter Ocean Sun son Lester Webb Stevens opens gallery at 699 Washington blvd
1900 Jun 01
US census lists photographer John K. Stevens, wife Addie B. , and son Harry K.
1901 Feb 10
Chicago Inter Ocean news item short bio about J. K. Stevens
Chicago, IL, city directory NO listing for any of the family; odd entry in business section as Stevens and Son, 78 Madison
1904 Jan 12
Chicago Inter Ocean news item death of Harry Kimble Stevens, aged 20, funeral at residence 690 Washington blvd
1905 Apr 12
Inter Ocean news item J. K. Stevens & Sons, Chicago; Name changed to Gibson, Sykes and Fowler studios

The cabinet card represented here must have been finished between 1885 and about 1900.

Chicago Inter Ocean - 10 Feb 1901

Eacy, Willie and Harold
Photographer: H. J. Stevenson
Portable Gallery

Henry James Stevenson
(13 Feb 1864 - 31 Dec 1944)

born in Ohio
1878 - 1895
works up and down the US west coast as miner, farmer and cowboy.
living in Denver, CO, and moves to Oklahoma City, OK; opens a photograph gallery on Broadway between Grand and Main Streets. It was called “The Stevenson’s Art Gallery”
May 01 moves to El Reno, OK; works for photographer named Wallace, eventually buying the studio which was located in the 200 block of Bickford Ave El Reno, OK
(US Census) as photographer; res: 419 Choctaw, El Reno, OK
(city directory) as photo supplies at 119 s Bickford, El Reno, OK
as photographer at 430 n Edwards, El Reno, OK
sells 150 Indian photographs to Oklahoma State Historical Society

buys Schlitz Building at 115 S Bickford and opens studio there; in US Census he is listed as photographer with “Traveling Shop”
(city directory) as photographer at 115 s Bickford
Stevenson’s eyes “go bad” and he retires and runs a filling station at 1535 Sunset Drive
Mar 18 interview with WPA #10268
dies in El Reno, OK

All information is from US Census and city directories. Also helpful was a 10 page document dated 18 Mar 1938, called the Works Progress Administration Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma. This biography outlines the life of H. J. Stevenson including many details not found anywhere else.

This cabinet card was probably finished around 1920, when Stevenson referred to his business as the “Traveling Shop”.


Photographer: C. A. Steward
Granite Falls, Minn

Charles Alvis Steward
(8 Apr 1858 - 13 Jan 1928)

born in Macoupin, IL
1870 - 1879
living on farm in Lamar MO
NOT in census for Granite Falls, MN,(14 pages) OR Lamar, MO (46 pages)
marries Clara Clatworthy in Granite Falls, MN
1885 - 1893
living in Granite Falls, MN, profession undocumented
(newspaper) moves to Carthage, MO
living in Missouri profession unknown
(St. Louis and Canadian Photographer vol 24) as photographer in Carthage, MO
1900 - 1928
as photographer in Carthage, MO
death in Carthage, MO

There are no documents found showing the occupation of C. A. Steward during his stay in 1885 to 1893. But this must have been the period the cabinet card to the left was made.

Jasper News 14 Nov 1918

Jasper News
10 Sep 1908

Jasper News
14 Oct 1915

Joplin Globe
14 Jan 1928

Cabinet Card Child on chair
Photographer: C. H. Stoddart
34 Broadway
Taunton, Mass.

Finding C. H. Stoddart’s lifeline was complicated a bit by individuals with similar names and initials, and miss-spelling of his name by census takers and other record keepers.

Photographer Stoddart relocated often throughout his life which will be of value in dating his photographs by where he was working at the time. Birthdates of his children are shown in his timeline to help establish his location.

Chester H. Stoddart
(1842 - 1929)

1842 Aug 14
born in Canada
arrives in US at age 20
NY state census Masonville, NY, still living with parents, no occupation shown; father is farmer
1870 Jul 15
US census in Trumbull, OH, living/working with three other photographers: Isaac Bliss, Luther M. Rice, Eugene Chase, colorist.
1870 Nov 24
marries Harriet (Hattie) H. Hull in Trumbull, OH
1873 Nov 30
son Edwin W. Stoddart is born Ohio
Son Charles H. Stoddart is born in Ohio
1880 Jun 05
US census as photographer; res 557 Canal st, Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY, city directory as artist with Henry Goer, 469 Market
Louisville, KY, city directory, NOT listed
daughter Olive Blanche Stoddart is born in Ohio
Erie, PA, city directory as photographer; res 315 w 9th
Photographers of Chester County, as photographer in Coatsville, PA

Erie, PA, city directory, as photographer with Stoddart and Sterrett, studio at 7th and State, 3rd flr; res 433 w 11th
Erie, PA, city directory, NOT listed in residence or business pages; Edwin is listed as boarding at 201 Peach
Erie, PA, city directory NOT listed in directory
Taunton, MA, city directory NOT in directory
Taunton, MA, city directory as photographer at 34 Broadway; res 72 Broadway
1896 & 1897
Taunton, MA, city directory as photographer at 34 Broadway; res 24 Fruit
Taunton, MA, city directory as photographer but not in business pages, res 24 Fruit
Taunton, MA, city directory, NOT listed in directory
1900 Jun 09
US census Taunton, MA, no occupation shown, daughter Blanche is listed but wife Harriet is not
Taunton, MA, city directory, Chester H. Stoddart is not listed; MRS. Chester H. Stoddart is listed at 54 E Walnut st; William E. Miller is listed for studio at 34 Broadway

Taunton, MA, Stoddart NOT listed; studio at 34 Broadway now operated by Miller and Briggs
Niagara Falls, NY, city directory and Taunton, MA city directory NOT listed
Niagara Falls, NY, city directory as photographer; res 1346 Ontario
Buffalo, NY, city directory as photographer at People’s Arcade; res 9 Arkansas
Buffalo, NY, city directory as photographer; res 63 Barton
1910 Apr 10
US census as photographer in Hubbard, OH
Ashtabula, OH, as laborer; res 23 Madison
Ashtabula, OH, no occupation shown; Center Studio, 23 Madison
US census Ashtabula, OH, as photographer at 56 Center st
Ashtabula, OH, city directory as photographer at 56 Center, res same
C, H, Stoddart dies in Ashtabula, OH at age 86

The cabinet card shown here was finished in that short period he was at 34 Broadway, in Taunton, MA, 1895 to 1898.

Unionville, Missouri

It appears that Thomas H, Stout spent most of his career in photography in Unionville, Missouri. There was no city directory for Unionville and only one mention in an 1881 Missouri Gazetteer so the documents are sparce.

Thomas H Stout
(22 Jan 1850 - 01 Mar 1919)

born in Clark County, IL
as photographer (US Census)
in Union, Putnam, MO (marriage)
as photographer in Union, Putnam, MO
as photographer in Union, MO (Gazetteer)

NOT in Chicago, IL, city directory
Note: since there is no Union, MO, directory for 1882 or 1883 available, showing that he was NOT yet in Chicago, IL, means he was probably still in Union in 1882
Mar 12 in Chicago, IL (Birth of daughter)
NOT in Chicago, IL, city directory
as photographer in Unionville, MO (US Census)
as photographer in Union Ward 2, MO (US Census)
dies in Unionville, Putnam, MO
Note: Union, MO, and Unionville, MO, are not the same city.

This cabinet card could have been made any time between about 1870 and 1919.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: F. W. Streit
30 Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, Wis

Here is a paragraph from a website called LinkstothePast taking the Frederick W. Streit biography up to about 1874.

Photographic artist, was born in 1842, in the Rhine Province; he studied and practiced photography in the City of Trier, Germany from 1862 to 1865; emigrating then to America, he located in Chicago and practiced the art there until 1874, when he came to Milwaukee and became successor to C.M. Haase in his present studio at No. 320 Third street.”

There is some confusion in the records after that, there being more than one F. W. Streit in Milwaukee, WI, at the time and his first and second name or initial were switched often. And there was also a Charles Haase and a Charles Hasse, both photographers, both residents of Milwaukee, WI, at the same time. But there is a fairly clear picture of when F. W. Streit, the photographer, was working (and living) at 30 Juneau, Milwaukee, WI.

Frederick W. Streit
(Jul 1842 - 1919)

born in Rhine Province
1862 - 1865
as photographer in Trier, Germany
1866 - 1874
as photographer in Chicago, IL
1875 - 1877
as photographer at 333 Third, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 517 Walnut
1879 - 1886
as photographer at 320 Third
1887 - 1904
as photographer at 30 Juneau
1905 - 1906
as photographer 793 Third; res same
1907 - 1909
as photographer at 720 Third; res same
as photographer at 1066 15th as William F
as no occupation at 1066 15th
as photographer at 1066 15th as Fred W
1913 - 1919
as no occupation at 1066 15th
No listing after 1919

Most of the time line was assembled from city directory listings. Although the name changed often from Fred William, to W. Frederick to Frederick W. and many other variations, the continuity held through the addresses and seem fairly accurate.

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1887 and 1906.

Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
Photographic Art Studio
425 Warren Street
Hudson N. Y.
Portrait of a woman
The reverse of the card at the left.

Boy in suit with cane
Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
No 425 Warren St., Hudson, N. Y.

There were many, many Sullivan Brothers in business in New York during the 1800’s. There were attorneys, carriage makers, furniture salesmen, awning makers, show dog owners, Yacht Club members and even a pair of scam artists named Sullivan Brothers.

Fortunately Frederick and Henry Sullivan stayed at one address most their lives. No documents have been found to prove exactly when they died. Their last appearance in a city directory was 1915. Frederick, Henry and their mother Catherine appear in the 1915 New York State census, still at the same address.

In the 1918 City Directory Sullivan Bros. studio at 425 Warren is taken over by James Van Loon and is still listed as Sullivan Brothers Studio.

Frederick Sullivan
(Oct 1851 - 1916)
Henry Sullivan
(Dec 1856 - 1916)

as photographers Fred and A. H. bds at Partition n S Third
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at partition bel Third
1875 - 1885
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at 98 Allen; not in business section
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 98 Allen
1889 - 1899
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 230 Allen
1902 - 1915
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 552 Warren
1916 - 1917
neither Frederick or Henry are in this directory; Mother is still at 552 Warren
Catherine still listed at 522 Warren; 425 Warren now occupied by James VanLoon photographer
1919 - 1920
directory unavailable

The cabinet cards at the left and above were done between 1889 and 1915 unless VanLoon kept the name of Sullivan Brothers imprinted on the cards after 1915.

Another chair, Mom, Dad and kid.
Photographer: Sutton
Hornellsville, N. Y.

William Lybolt Sutton
(6 Nov 1828 - 17 May 1899)

Very little was found for W. L. Sutton. Only two city directory entries and the 1870 US Census outline his career as photographer from 1870 to 1886. According to a newspaper article from 1872 he was to open his first studio in the spring of 1873 in Hornellsville, NY.

We can see by the city directory ad, his studio was at 191 Canesteo Street in 1875 and the newspaper item says he is on Main Street in August of 1890.

Some cabinet cards show the studio address as 131-133 Main in Hornellsville. Others show 171 Main.

He died in 1899.

Hornellsville Weekly
08 Mar 1872

1875 City Directory advertisement

Three Young Women cabinet card
Photographer: Swan and Taylor
Lamar, Missouri

Charles R. Taylor
(Apr 1855- )

Charles R. Taylor, photographer, was found in the US census of 1900 and 1910, living in Lamar, MO. and in the 1880 US census as photographer living in Louisville, IL. There were no city directory listings.

No documents have been found about his partner Swan. There were four photographers named Swan about that time, in Vermont, Iowa, Maine and New York. No connections have been made.

Photographer: Swartz & Freeman
220 Main Street
Dennison, Texas
(also listed under Freeman)

David H. Swartz (27 Jul 1854 - 1918)
John Swartz (27 Aug 1858 - 17 Jan 1937)
Charles Swartz (07 Sep 1864 - 06 Oct 1905)

Columbus, TX David H. Swartz partners with G. C. Freeman in the photographic firm of Swartz & Freeman
1882 Oct 06
Galveston (TX) Daily News classified ad, D H Swartz looking for two first class retouchers
San Marcos (TX) Free Press small “notice” says there is a new photograph gallery in San Marcos, TX, under the management of G. C. Freeman of Swartz and Freeman, from Brenham, TX, adding they will be there only a short time
1883 Jan 01
San Marcos (TX) Free Press small ad for D. H. Swartz and bro. now of Fort Worth
1883 Jan through Apr
Brenham (TX) Daily Banner small ads for D. H. Swartz

1883 Apr, May
San Marcos (TX) Free Press small ads for Swartz and Freeman
1883 Nov 15
San Marcos (TX) Free Press news item mention Swartz and Freeman finding quarters in a new building in Temple, TX
1884 Feb 14
Colorado (TX) Citizen news item Swartz (David) sells out to Freeman and moves to Fort Worth
Denison (TX) city directory Freeman, Swartz NOT in directory
1887 Feb 13
Fort Worth (TX) Daily Gazette small ad about D H Swartz and Bros
1878 Jan 27
Denison Daily News John buys herd of buffalo
1888, 1889, 1890
Fort Worth (TX) Daily Gazette extensive advertising for D. H. Swartz
1889 Jan 01
Fort Worth (TX) Daily studio of David Swartz at fifth and Main in Fort Worth burns
Dec Fort Worth (TX) Heritage Trails John Swartz photographs the Wild Bunch in his studio

1889 Jan through Dec
Denison Gazetteer small ads for Swartz and Freeman studio
1889 Feb 03
Fort Worth (TX) Daily Gazette Swartz officially opens new gallery Fifth and Houston
1889 Jul Through Sep
Fort Worth Daily gazette small ad for D. H. Swartz at Houston and 5th
1890 -1891
Fort Worth (TX) Daily Gazette several small display ad for D H Swartz
1893 May 28
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer John sells out and moves to Fort Worth
1895 Jun 09
Denison (TX) Sunday Gazetteer John marries Blanche Buck
1895 to 1907
John Swartz maintains his studio at 705 Main in Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth TX, city directory David as photographer working as view artist with John; res 1020 Lipscomb; brothers Charles L and John on same page, different addresses;
1900 Dec
Fort Worth (TX) Heritage Trails John Swartz photographs the Wild Bunch in his studio (Continued below)

Fort Worth, TX, city directory lists Charles and John as photographers working separately
1901, 1902
Dallas, TX, city directory lists no Swartz
1901, 1902
Dayton, OH, city directory David H is listed as photographer at 36 w Washington, wife Nellie and son Charles H also listed
Dayton, OH city directory David H is listed as a “chemist” at 36 w Washington, wife Nellie and son Charles H also listed
Dallas city directory lists a John Swartz working for the Texas Portland Cement co; living in West Dallas
Fort Worth, TX, city directory Charles listed as view photographer and John as studio photographer
Dallas, TX, city directory David listed as manager of D. H. Swartz Chemical Co.; bds 144 Veal
1905 Oct 07
Palestine (TX) Daily Herald news item Charles Swartz is struck and killed by a train, age 40

1910 Sep 23
Wise county (TX) Messenger news/ad about John Swartz Studio
US Census John has moved his studio to 1114 Billinger in Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth, TX, city directory John moves studio to 503 ½ Main
Fort Worth, TX, city directory David Swartz has no personal listing but his company “Doctor Swartz Chemical Company” continues in the directory
1918 Nov 25
Dayton, OH, Woodland Cemetery data base seems David Swartz, born in Virginia returned to Dayton, OH, and died there
US census John has moved back to Virginia and is working on the farm
John dies in Manassas, VA, at age 78

Charles Lee Swartz, the youngest of the three brothers, worked mostly for brother John Swartz in Fort Worth as a “View” artist. Views are photographs taken of various points of general interest, such as buildings or bridges.

He was killed by a train in 1905 while trying to rescue a camera from the path of the train. An article about that event in the Denison newspaper says he was partners with G. C. Freeman “28 years ago”. This is probably not accurate as there is no other information to support that idea and also, he would have been only 13 years old in 1877 and G. C. Freeman did not arrive in Denison, TX, until after 1880.

David Swartz was partnered with G. C. Freeman between 1882 and 1884 living and working in several smaller towns in Texas, such as San Marcos, Brenham, Columbus and Denison. It is the Superman/Clark Kent situation when David H. Swartz the photographer disappears and David H. Swartz the chemist appears. While living in Dayton, OH, at 36 Washington st, between 1902 and 1903 city directories show he abruptly changed professions from photographer to “chemist”. He then returns to Fort Worth without his wife and son to open his new business, “Doctor Swartz Chemical Company” and remains there until his death in 1918. His death date is determined when his company is listed in the Fort Worth city directory but he has no

personal listing. There is also an entry in the Dayton, OH, Woodland Cemetery data base for David H. Swartz, born in Virginia, who died 25 Nov 1918. Did David return to Ohio just before he died? No other information has been found on his death.

John Swartz was partnered with G. C. Freeman between 1888 and 1893, situated mostly in Denison, TX. He sold out his partnership to Freeman and left Denison to live and work in Fort Worth, TX. In 1900 he photographs in his studio, five gentlemen who are later discovered to be “The Wild Bunch” including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. John remained in Fort Worth as photographer until his death in 1937 at age 78.

So the cabinet card here could have been done between 1882 and 1884 with Charles Swartz or between 1888 and 1893 with John Swartz.

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A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

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