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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer T. Rainwater
Sulphur Springs, Texas
Block West of City Natn'l Building
Mustache man
Photographer: T. Rainwater
Sulphur Springs, Tex.

Terrell Rainwater
(10 Jan 1846 - 4 Nov 1913)

There is a fine description of Terrell Rainwater’s life and times at the Rainwater collection website.

These dates are documented:
T. Rainwater worked as photographer in Appleton, MO, in 1880 and 1881.
T. Rainwater had his studio located on the south side of the square in Sulphur Springs, TX, from about 1880 to about 1900. Between 1900 and 1910 the family moved to Itasca, Hill County, TX. He died in 1913, in Mexia, Limestone Co., TX.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: J. F. Ramsey
New Lisbon, Wis.
Some Interesting History HERE

James Francis Ramsey
(22 May 1845 - 3 Mar 1917)

J. F. Ramsey began in photography with S. E. Curtis in the spring of 1864, in New Lisbon, WI. In the fall of that same year he opened his own photo studio. He operated there in New Lisbon, WI, apparently until two days before his death.

He also sold Kimball organs and New Home Sewing Machines and was an agent for the Mutual Life Insurance Co.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Photographer: Rankin & Co.
Eugene Or.
Cabinet Card Child with hobby horse
photographer: Rankin & Co.
Eugene, Or.

Francis Albert Rankin
(14 April 1852 - 10 Apr 1925)
F. A. Rankin had photography studio in Eugene, OR, from about 1874 until February of 1893 when he sold the business to Catterlin and Hicks. He was in the musical instrument business for the rest of his life.

Eugene, OR, Guard
08 Nov 1892

Eugene, OR, Guard
21 Feb 1893

Cabinet Card family
Quincy, Ill

Mrs. Candace McCormick Reed
(1818 - 7 Apr 1900)

The husband of Candace McCormick was Warren A. Reed was a daguerreotype artist. He died quite young, about 1850. By 1870 Candace and her sister Celina have taken up the business, making daguerreotypes. Details are sketchy for a few years but by 1884 Candice has her own studio at 403 ½ Hampshire in Quincy, IL, and remains in business there until her death in 1900, at age 82.

This cabinet card was probably made sometime between 1884 and 1900. The card design indicates 1889-1896.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Coleman & Remington
Hoppin Homestead Building
Providence R. I.

Orville M. Remington (1839 - 1894) is shown as Photographer in City Directories from 1850 through 1882, when he became a newspaper editor and a short service as an insurance salesman for Aetna Life.

Around 1863 he had a short service in the Civil War reaching the rank of Second Sergeant apparently never leaving his home of Providence, Rhode Island.

There could be cabinet cards credited to Remington as early as 1850 and up to 1868 when he joined with W. W. Coleman. City Directory entries indicate he and Coleman were apparently partners from 1868 to 1883.

After 1883 Remington apparently gave up the photography business.
(Also see W. W. Coleman)

Cabinet Card Portrait pair
F. M. Reynolds
David City, Nebr.

Francis Marion Reynolds
(11 Apr 1849 - 3 Mar 1934)

The earliest record found for F. M. Reynolds as a photographer is a mention in a news item in the Burlington (Iowa) Weekly, 9 Dec 1875. In 1883 and 1885 records show he is in Harlan, IA.

F. M. Reynolds then worked in David City, NE, as a photographer from about 1887 to sometime before 1917. He then moved his business to Omaha, NE. The family moved to Kanas City, MO about 1931. He died in Kansas City, MO, in 1934.

The cabinet card to the left must have been finished between 1887 and 1917.

Photographer: A. F. Rice
North Manchester, Indiana

Arthur F. (Phocian) Rice
(6 Aug 1867 - 28 Aug 1952)

Arthur Phocian Rice spent his entire life in North Manchester, IN. He was photographer there from as early as 1885 to 1918 on Walnut Street, and from 1920 to 1930 on East 2nd Street. In later years his health was not good and his son Lozier worked as photographer. In 1930 both were “retail merchants selling photos and radios.”

Considering also the pale color and the scalloped edges, the cabinet card at the left was probably finished between 1890 and 1900.

Ft. Wayne News
01 Apr 1895

Ft. Wayne News
15 Sep 1894

Portrait of a man
Photographer: Richardson & Packard
Lewiston, ME.
(Also listed under PACKARD)

Elbridge Walter Packard
(21 Apr 1870 - 16 Jul 1949)
E. W. Packard was a photographer only briefly around 1893 when he was 23. He had just married Ida Richardson, and Joseph Richardson, a multifaceted businessman became his father in law. By 1896 Packard is working as a salesman and no record after that lists him as photographer.

Joseph Taylor Richardson
(21 Jan 1843 - 23 Sep 1904)

J. T Richardson was the partner of E. W. Packard in 1993 in the photography business. Richardson was also in the shoe, boot and harness business at the same time, partnered with Fordyce C. Farr and George H. Farr, apparently his in-laws.

This cabinet card was probably finished in 1893.

W H Rosham
Photographer: Ridgway
Portage, Wis

Isaac A. Ridgway
(16 Mar 1850 - 14 Jun 1935)

All information from US Census, Wisconsin State Census and City Directories

1850 birth at Milwaukee Woods, WI
1870 as Farmer in Iowa
1880 - 1895 as photographer in Portage, WI
1900 - 1917 as artist & photographer at 16 w Main, Madison, WI
1920 as photographer in Whitestown, Oneida, New York; res 58 Main St
1930 no occupation in Randolph, WI
1935 death in Wisconsin

Except for a short time in Floyd, OH, and New York, Ridgway spent his entire life in Wisconsin.
The cabinet card at the left must have been done around 1880 to 1895

Cabinet Card
photographer: Riley & Sherraden
43 & 45 S. Main st.
Council Bluffs,
(Also under Sherraden)
Cabinet Card reverse
Reverse of the card on the left.

Clarence A. Riley
(1859 - 30 Oct 1923)

born in Missouri
working with C. H. Sherraden as partner or apprentice in Council Bluffs, IA
1889 - 1892
as photographer at 301 Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA
1893 - 1894
as photographer with C. H. Sherraden in Council Bluffs, IA
1895 - 1897
as photographer at 404 W Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA
as photographer with son Clarence S. at 402 W Broadway
1901 - 1902
as photographer at 402 Broadway, Council Bluffs, IA
1904 - 1906
as photographer in Linn, IA
1907 - 1920
as photographer at 317 Broadway in Council Bluffs, IA
death in Council Bluffs, IA

All documentation is from census or city directories.

It appears C. A. Riley worked with C. H. Sherraden twice. The first time was around 1880 when he was apparently learning the photography craft. Then they worked together from 1893 to 1894.

Except for 1904 to 1906 when he worked in Linn, IA, all the rest of his photography was done in Council bluffs, IA.

In 1907 he established the Riley Studio at 317 Broadway in Council Bluffs, IA, and remained there until his death in 1923. He had studios on Broadway at 301, 404, 402, and finally 317.

The cabinet card at the left was probably finished around 1880

Cabinet Card, child
Photographer: F. A. Rinehart
1520 Douglas St.
Omaha, Nebr.
Cabinet Card young girl
Photographer: F. A. Rinehart
1520 Douglas St.
Omaha, Nebr.
Cabinet Card child
This is the reverse design of both cards.

Frank Albert Rinehart
(12 Feb 1861 - 17 Dec 1928)

All data from city directories, US Census and FindaGrave website.

born in Illinois or Indiana
F A Rinehart and brother Alfred work with photographer Charles Bohm
F A Rinehart and brother Alfred form a partnership with photographer William Henry Jackson

moves to Omaha, NE, and sets up studio at 1520 Douglas
1886 - 1906
Rinehart studio at 1520 Douglas, Omaha, NE
studio at 302 s 18th
1908 - 1916
studio 14 Wead bldg. at 306 s 18th
at about this point his wife Anna takes over the studio as Rinehart and Marsden; Marsden is a son-in-law.
1918 - 1923
The studio still operates under the name Rinehart and Marsden with Mrs Anna Rinehart as owner.

Omaha, NE, city directory says he has moved to New York, NY. The studio still operates under the name Rinehart and Marsden with Mrs Anna Rinehart as owner.
F. A. Rinehart dies in Connecticut
Mrs. Anna Rinehart retires because of ill health and George Marsden continues on with the studio until his death in 1966

The reverse of this card mentions 1887. The cabinet card here must have been done between 1887 and 1906. Probably closer to 1887 than 1906

Cabinet Card four boys
Photographer: Rino
1047 N. Grand Ave
St. Louis

No research has been done on Rino yet.

Cabinet Card Three Children
Photographer: A. Rino
801 Franklin Avenue
St. Louis Mo.
Cabinet Card Three Children
(Dated 1897)

Baby on Cabinet Card
Photographer: Robinson Art Studio
Monon, Ind.

Robinson Art Studio, Monon, Ind.

There were more than fifty photographers named Robinson in the cabinet card era. There was quite a large family of Robinsons in Monon, IN, between 1860 and 1920 but so far none of them have been documented as a photographer.

Three Graces again.
Photographer: W. S. Rogers
Wichita, Kansas

William Santee Rogers
(9 Oct 1853 - 27 May 1930)

All data gathered from US Census, Find-A-Grave website and City Directories.

1853 W. S. Rogers born in Wisconsin
1879 marriage to Susie Margaret Coggeshall in Wichita, KS
1880 as clerk in store in Wichita, KS
1883 - 1892 as photographer at 106 E Douglas
1894 - 1908 as photographer at 915 N Market
1909 - 1924 as photographer at 941 N Market
1925 - 1028 as photographer at 937 N Market
1930 death in Wichita, KS

After W. S. Rogers semi-retired around 1924, his son Guy Albert carried on the studio at 2012 e Central, Wichita, KS.

The cabinet card here could have been done any time in his career between 1883 and 1928.

Cabinet Card Family
Photographer -
Rollow's Art Car

Louis DeArcy Rollow
(28 Oct 1868 - 8 Nov 1937)

born in Brown County, KS
begins photography career according to newspaper ad of 1911
1893 - 1910
Based mostly in Hoisington and Hill City, KS, Rollow moves his Photo Car around the small towns in north-western Kansas in Barton County, near Great Bend, KS
W M Titus takes charge of Photo Car; Rollow opens a studio in Hoisington, KS, over the post office.
Rollow moves to Provo, UT
1922 - 1936
as photographer in Provo, UT
death in Provo, UT

All data is from US Census, newspaper mentions and city directories.

The cabinet card at the left was probably done between about 1894 and 1911. This is assuming that the Rollow Photo Car name was not preserved after W M Titus took over the traveling studio and Rollow opened a permanent location in Hoisington.

Cabinet Card portrait of Grace Newsome Clark
photographer: W. J. Root
Kimball Hall
243 Wabash Ave. Chicago

William Jay Root
(29 Dec 1854 - )

born in Ohio
as photographer w/Hodges in Ohio
as photographer in Nashville, TN
as photographer in Chicago, IL
1902 - 1918
as photographer at 726-28 Kimball Hall 243 Wabash
1917 - 1929
as photographer at 1610 Kimball Hall 306 Wabash
as photographer at 410, 185 s Wabash

All data from US Census or city directories.

The death date is not known but W. J. Root seems to have still had a studio when he was 76 in 1930. The cabinet card here was probably finished between 1902 and 1918.

Cabinet Card from Sweden
Photographer: Hedrig Rosendahl
Stockholm Drottninggatan 51

LOST GALLERY is researching only photographers who worked in the continental United States at present. European photographers are a future project.

Cabinet card man
Photographer: A.L Russell
instructor in Photography
Normal College Studio
Chillicothe, MO

Research for A. L. Russell has developed nothing. There was one photographer in New York in 1901 by that name but no connection to Chillicothe, MO, could be made.

Cabinet Card man with tie
Saint Louis Art Company

So far, only one other example of work by this photograph studio has been found. No connections have been made to any photographer’s name. There was probably more than one actual photographer involved in the company.

Three Men
Photographer: A. P. Schoenung
South Wilwaukee, Wis

Philip A. Schoenung
(Jun 1862 - 1912)

Following an unusual name like Schoenung in Milwaukee, WI, was not difficult. Unfortunately, no document, US Census or City Directory, connected him to being a photographer. According to records he was a teacher, a printer and an insurance salesman.

born in Lindenberg Rhein, Germany
immigrated to US
married to Christine Schoenung
son Alois born in Sheboygan, WI
not in city directory for Milwaukee (no Sheboygan directory available before 1904
son Peter born in South Milwaukee, WI; not in city directory for Milwaukee
not in city directory for Milwaukee

son Philip born in Wisconsin
daughter Maricher born in Illinois
US Census as teacher in New Ulm, MN
daughter Harlandis born in Minnesota
as insurance agent in Madison, WI
as teacher at University of WI
US Census as teacher in Indianapolis, IN
not in city directories for Milwaukee or Madison, WI, or Indianapolis, IN
death in Milwaukee, WI

The only document found that states “South” Milwaukee, WI. is the birth of his son Peter in 1894. It is just a guess that the photograph was made around then.

Portrait of a man
Photographer: Scholl & Mink
715 Halsted St.
(Also listed under MINK)

John B. Scholl
(11 Aug 1857 - 3 Oct 1924)

John B. Scholl was a photographer in Chicago most of his career. He partnered with B. A. Mink only a short time ending in 1885. Between 1885 and 1924 he had a studio in Chicago, IL, at various locations.

born in Chicago, IL
as photographer boarding at 20 Brown st
Dec 06 (Allentown Democrat news item) B A Mink moves to Chicago
approximately, partners with B. A. Mink, studio at 715 Halsted
as photographer at 715 Halsted (Mink and Scholl)
dissolved partnership with B A Mink

1887 - 1889
as photographer at 447 Halsted
May-Jun newspaper ads shows address as 210 State and Halsted at 14th; hires George Hana from England as chief operator
George Hanna leaves partnership, returns to England; Scholl closes State Street Studio and opens offices at 553 Halsted and 1167 Milwaukee.
1900 - 1904
as photographer at 553 Halsted and 1167 Milwaukee
as photographer unknown address
as photographer unknown address
death in Chicago, IL

All data is taken from Theatrical Photography website, newspaper articles, US Census and city directories.

The cabinet card here must have been finished between about 1884 and 1886.

Cabinet Card couple
photographer: Shaff
Seneca, Kansas
Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Photographer: Shaff's studio
Maryville, Mo.

James S. Shaff
(Jun 1850 - 19 Jan 1934)

born in Washington, IA
NOT in Blue Rapids, KS; whereabouts unknown
birth of daughter, living in Blue Rapids, KS
US Census - as photographer in Blue Rapids, KS
KS Census - as photographer in Seneca Ks
KS Census - as photographer in Seneca KS
US Census - as band teacher in Blackwell, OK
US Census - as farmer in Rudolph, NM

US Census - as farmer in Tucumcari, NM
death of wife Charlotte A. in NM
Jan 19 - death of James Shaff in NM

The cabinet card at the far left was probably done at the time J. A. Shaff was living in Seneca, KS, between 1885 and 1895.

The other cabinet card, near left, is more difficult to place. There were no records found placing Shaff in Maryville, MO, at any time. It can be shown that he was not yet in Blue Rapids, KS, in 1870 and unfortunately, the 1870 US Census for Maryville, MO, is not available. It remains just a good guess then that about 1870 was the period he was in Maryville, Mo.

Cabinet Card child
(Greatly Enhanced)
Photographer: J. B. Shane
615 Mass. St. Lawrence, Kans.
cabinet card portrait
(Greatly Enhanced)
Photographer: J. B. Shane
615 Mass. St. Lawrence, Kans.

John Boucher Shane
(05 Dec 1840 - 28 Dec 1913)

born in Dover, KY
began operations as a photographer in a railroad car in Lawrence, KS
first record of his own studio at 615 Massachusetts, Lawrence, KS
1902 - 1912
incarcerated for murder in Lansing Prison; daughter Juno Belle operates the business in his absence until...
Juno marries and the studio name is changed to Thompson Studio, same address
J. B. Shane released and pardoned
J. B. Shane death in Lawrence, KS

All data above collected from US Census, city directories and the short biography at the University of Kansas Library

These cabinet cards were probably finished between1885 and 1907. The scalloped edges , heavy card stock and the script printing indicate a date closer to 1900.

To compare the original and the enhanced version of these cards to to LOST GALLERY - Looking For Lost Details

Cabinet Card baby
Horton, Kas

George G. Shellabarger
(01 Nov 1848 - 22 Jul 1933)
1848 Nov 1
born in Mad River, OH
US census at age 2 in Mad River, OH
US census at age 12 in Mad River, OH
news item says Shellabarger was in Topeka for two years
city directory as photographer in Topeka, KS, Adine and Shellabarger
city directory as photographer in Emporia, KS
1877 May
news item opens gallery in Valley Falls, KS, in May
US census as photographer at Valley Falls, KS
1880 Oct 9
news item gallery in Valley Falls, KS
1882 Feb 8
news item father’s obituary says Shellabarger lives in Valley Falls

1890 Aug 2
news item gallery in Valley Falls, KS
1896 Jan 17
news item working in Horton, KS
1900 Sep 28
news item residence in Horton, KS
1901 Jan 4
news item residence at Horton, KS
1905 Nov 10
news item residence in Horton, KS
Sells out studio in Horton, KS to Wesley Blackmore
news item studio at Marion, IN
US census as photographer Marion, IL
studio at Winona, MN
1912 Apr 18
news item return to Horton, KS
US census as photographer in Horton, KS
1933 Jul 22
dies in Glen Ellyn, IL at age 84

This cabinet card could have been finished between 1896 and 1905 or when he returned to Horton, KS, in 1912. The design of the card indicates 1889-1896.

Brown County (Horton) World -
19 Apr 1912

Cabinet Card
photographer: Riley & Sherraden
43 & 45 S. Main st.
Council Bluffs,
(Also under Riley)
Cabinet Card reverse
Reverse of the card on the left

Charles Henry Sherraden
(26 Aug 1845 - 7 Jun 1908)

born in Illinois
as photographer in Osceola, Clarke, IA
as photographer in Council Bluffs, IA, working with C. A. Riley
1892 - 1893
as photographer at 43-45 s Main, Council Bluffs, IA
1893 - 1894
as photographer as Riley & Sherraden at 45 s Main, Council Bluffs, IA
1895 - 1901
as photographer at 43-45 s Main, Council Bluffs, IA
death in Salt Lake City, UT at age 62

Although C. A. Riley and C. H. Sherraden worked together twice, the cabinet card at the left was probably done during their later 1893 - 1894 collaboration.

Photographer: J. C. Shinkle
Portrait man with hair parted in the middle reverse
Reverse of card at the left.
This may not have been a cabinet card but the original mounting board is trimmed to that size.

John Clark Shinkle
(29 Aug 1854 - 29 Jan 1938)

He was married and began his photography career about the same time, 1884. According to his obituary, J. C. Shinkle built his own camera and ground his own lens.

Some of his most well-known photographs were of the town square in Harrisonville, MO, in 1896. They appear in
“Images of America: Harrisonville”
by Carol Bohl and David R. Atkinson.

He worked in Missouri until about 1910 when he moved to Woodland, CA.

He closed his studio in Woodland, CA, about 1920 and operated studios in Colusa, Oakland and Stockton, CA. He died in 1938.

Cabinet Card Young Woman
Miss O. M. Shira
Saint John, Kans
Cabinet Card children
Miss O. M. Shira
Saint John, Kans

O. M. Shira (Miss)

(no biographical information found)

regional directory as photographer in St. John, KS

Miss O. M. Shira has been documented only once. She appears in a Regional Directory for towns along the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe rail line in northern Kansas. The book is dated 1889. Although there are a few photographs on genealogical sites credited to her, no other references to this photographer have been found.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: Shoemaker
MT. Vernon, Ohio

Elmer Shoemaker
(Aug 1862 - 29 May 1925)

Elmer Shoemaker can be documented as a photographer from 1900 to 1921. He worked and lived in Ashland, OH, just 32 miles from Mount Vernon, OH.

Elmer Shoemaker is the likely photographer for the cabinet card at the left.

But there is also this possibility:
George M. Shoemaker
(1857 - )

Cincinnati, OH, city directories place G. M. Shoemaker as photographer from 1877 to 1888. Then he either leaves the state or dies for there are no confirmed documents after that. There is no indication that he ever was in Mt. Vernon, OH.

Cabinet Card man w striped tie
L. Short,

Lorenzo Short
(24 Nov 1847 - Jul 1928)

All data from US Census and city directories.

born in New York
as farmer
as photographer at Division in Kingston
as photographer in Kingston
as photographer at 18 Union
1878 - 1879
as photographer for D. J. Auchmoody
as photographer on Union ave
as photographer at 160 ½ Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1889 - 1892
as photographer at 161 Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1894 - 1900
as photographer at 9 Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY

daughter Isabella (Belle) begins working at studio
1901 - 1913
as photographer at 9 e Strand and 329 wall, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1916 - 1927
as photographer at 9 e Strand, Rondout, Kingston, NY
1928 death in NY
1918 - 1951
Isabelle carries on the studio at 9 e Strand until she retires in 1952

After her father's death, Isabelle Short carried on the studio under the name Short's Studio.

So the cabinet card at the left could have been done any time between 1873 and 1927 but probably before his daughter Isabella started work in the studio in 1900. That would be about the time the studio name changed to Short's Studio. Their studio was always somewhere in Rondout, a suburb of Kingston, NY.

Cabinet Card man
J. Sigvaldson
Butterfield, Minn

John Sigvaldson
(Dec 1860 - 9Jun 1936)

J. Sigvaldson immigrated to the US in 1891 at age 31. He worked as a laborer and an elevator operator until about 1897. After marrying in 1897 he took up photography until about 1900, possibly as late as 1904. In 1905 he was a day laborer again and then took up farming for the rest of his life. He died in 1936.

This cabinet card must have been finished between about 1897 and 1904.

Cabinet Card family
Photographer: Silver
104 Ludington Ave
Ludington, Mich

Fred C. Silver
(14 Aug 1848 - 18 Jul 1913)

All data from US Census and city directories.

born in Ohio
1877 - 1913
as photographer-artist at 102-104 Ludington av
death by meningitis in Ludington, MI

This cabinet card could have been done anytime between 1877 and 1913. Style of printing and weight of card would indicate it was around 1900.

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: D. P. Sink
South Main St.
Vernon, Texas

Daniel Philip Sink
(26 Sep 1846 - 31 Jan 1931)

born in Davidson, NC
moved to Calvert, TX
1889 March
moved to Vernon, TX; opens photography studio in a tent in center town
1918 Jul 12
sells South Main studio to R. B. Clifton
moves to California, apparently does not go into business again
death in Los Angeles, CA

All data is from US Census, newspaper items. Find-A-Grave website and city directories

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1889 and 1918.

Vernon Record
12 Jul 1918

Vernon Record - 15 Feb 1918

Vernon Record
02 May 1919

Cabinet Card baby
Windom, Minn.

Benjamin Peters Skewis
(6 Feb 1860 - 1 Feb 1846)

B. J . Skewis and his wife Ammie travelled quite a bit after 1900 so their location will tell a lot about when a photograph was taken.

Birth in Shullsburg, WI
Apple River, IL as laborer (at 20)
marriage to Ammie
1885 - 1910
as photographer in Windom, MN
(US Census)as photographer in Salem, OR
1928 -1929
travels in Canada
(US Census)as photographer in Albany, OR
1935 - 1936
no occupation in Salem, OR
no occupation in Yuba City, CA
death in Yuba City, CA

The cabinet card at the left would have been finished between about 1885 and 1910.

Cabinet Card portrait curly hair
Photographer: Smith
Sterling, Illinois

There isn’t much about C. F. Smith in official records. There are only two city directory listings, 1908 and 1909, in Sterling, IL, where he lived all his life, but he is in newspaper items from the Sterling Standard and the Sterling Gazette that show him as a photographer from 1889 through 1895.

He is in the US Census of 1880 and 1900 as photographer. The 1910 US Census shows his second wife as widowed and his last child born in 1908.
Charles Frank Smith
(May 1857 - 1909)
born in Iowa
(US Census) as photographer in Sterling, IL
Dec 14 newspaper item show he moved his studio building to the East part of town
1889 - 1895
newspaper items show him as photographer in Sterling, IL
1895 Dec 19
(Newspaper) as photographer; obit for wife Lyda/Lida
1898 Jul 29
married to 2nd wife Genevieve Pearl
US Census - as photographer at 608 4th av
birth of son Franklin
city directory shows wife Genevieve as widowed
US Census shows wife Genevieve as widowed

This cabinet card could have been done anywhere from about 1880 to 1900

Eugene Warren Smith
Cabinet Card Couple
E. W. Smith
Pittsburgh, Kan.

Eugene Warren Smith

born in Indiana
US census as helper in father’s store in Springfield, IN
US census as photographer
Many gossipy news items and small display ads chronicle his presence in Pittsburgh, KS
1894 Jan 31
moves studio from above Ramsey Bros store to West 3rd St.
1894 Feb-Mar
multiple small ads telling E W Smith has moved his studio
news item storm damages studio
US census as photographer in Pittsburg, KS, res 308 e 9th
1903 - 1906
as photographer at 106 ½ w 3rd

1908 - 1919
as photographer at 614 ½ n Broadway
1926 - 1928
as photographer at 406 ½ n Broadway
Pittsburg, KS, city directory as photographer at 410 ½ n Broadway
Pittsburg, KS, city directory as photographer, no business address
dies at age 84, still a photographer

Although E. W. Smith travelled a lot he apparently never established a studio anywhere but Pittsburg, KS.

He moved at least three times. Since there is no studio address on this cabinet card, it could have been finished any time between 1880 and 1936 when he died.

The style of the card suggests 1890-1900.

All newspaper clippings are from the Pittsburg Daily Headlight.

31 Jan 1894

7 Feb 1894

February, March and April of 1894

5 Nov 1895

7 Nov 1895

29 Apr 1897

17 May 1900

18 Dec 1908

Oh dad, poor dad.
Photographer: E. Smith
Artistic Photographer

Not much information to start with on this one. It looks like there is only a middle initial and the last name, Smith. No location.

In photographers of the era, there was a John E. Smith and a Charles E. Smith and even an Elmer Smith and probably other possibilities.

Maybe another cabinet card from this photographer, without the corner missing, will turn up in LOST GALLERY and reveal at least a first name.

Three girls one boy
Photographer: Spengler
106 & 108 Stephenson St. Freeport, Ill.

Robert Leonard Spengler
(26 Mar 1886 - 16 May 1979)

R. L. Spengler worked at several occupations including carpenter, dairy farmer and maintenance man. The 1910 US Census shows him as a photographer but working for another studio. He re-appears in a 1912 Freeport city directory as a photographer with his own studio, rooms 13-15 in the Wilcoxon bldg.
Then by 1917 he is a carpenter and no subsequent documents show he ever returned to photography.

The cabinet card to the left must have been done around 1912.

Freeport Journal Standard
06 Mar 1909

Photographer: Stanford Bros.
Farmersville, Texas

Thomas Jefferson Stanford
(3 Aug 1867 - 14 Nov 1940)

Joseph Bismark Stanford
(17 Apr 1869 - 28 Feb 1948)

John Wesley Stanford
(16 Jun 1873 - 22 mar 1936)

All data for these three men come from US Census, death certificates, marriage licenses and Find-A-Grave index.

All three brothers were photographers at some point in their lives.

Thomas born in Rogersville, AL
Joseph born in Rogersville, AL
John born in Rogersville, AL
1862 - 1901
Joseph lives in Colquitt, GA
1896 Jan
Thomas lives in Ouachita, AR
1896 Dec - 1900
Thomas lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer

1900 Jun 09
Thomas listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 11
John listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1900 Jun 22
Joseph listed as farm laborer in Auteyville, TX
1901 Sep - 1905 Feb
Thomas lives in Royce City, TX
1902 Nov - 1948
Joseph lives in Farmersville, TX, as photographer
Thomas is in Taiban, NM, as farmer
1910 May 10
John is in Saint Vrain, NM, as farmer
1910 Apr 20
Joseph is listed as photographer in Farmersville, TX
1920 - 1940
Thomas is in Childress, TX
John dies in Livingston, TX
Thomas dies in Childress, TX
Joseph dies in Farmersville, TX

The only time that at least two of the brothers were living in Farmersville, TX, at the same time, was in 1900.

Documents show Thomas was in Farmersville, TX, in December of 1896 to 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Taiban, NM.

John was there in 1900 but by 1910 had moved to Saint Vrain, NM.

Joseph moved to Farmersville, TX, in 1902 and stayed until he died in 1948.

This cabinet card was probably finished sometime between around 1900 to 1910.

Cabinet Card Woman Portrait
Photographer: Stanton
Ground Floor Studio
Fort Wayne, Ind.

Merritt Craig Stanton
(25 Jul 1870 - Feb 1959)

All facts on Stanton are from US Census, city directories, newspaper mentions and Social Security application.

born in Rensselaer, NY
as photographer at 70 e Main, Amsterdam, NY
as printer, bds at 68 e Main
1891 - 1893
(newspaper) as photographer 164 Calhoun, res same, Fort Wayne, IN
1894 Aug 25
(newspaper) Stanton Gallery in Fort Wayne, IN, now managed by Ed Perrey
1895 Jan 15
daughter Ruby born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1895 Jan 15 - 1900 Feb 22
in Port William, Clinton, OH
1896 Nov 30
daughter Mary born in Port William, Clinton OH

1900 Feb 22
daughter Martha born in Port William, Clinton, OH
1900 Jun 1 - 1928
as photographer at 26 ½ s Fountain, Springfield, OH
1930 Apr 23
as photographer at 128 s 4th st, Marysville, OH
1940 Apr 01
no occupation at 310 w 4th st, Marysville, Union, OH
1950 Nov 14
portrait of Merritt and Rosetta
dies in New Jersey

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1891 and 1894.

Fort Wayne Sentinel
24 Aug 1894

Fort Wayne Sentinel
27 Mar 1894

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: W. H. Staples
Peirce City

No information has been found on W. H. Staples. There are records of a photographer named W. F. Staples, in Texas, Indiana, Tennessee and perhaps Ohio. He could not be connected to anywhere in Missouri.

The town of “Peirce” City, Missouri, is quite infamous. In 1901 it was the scene of terrible race related mob violence. The spelling of the name changed to “Pierce” City in the early 1920’s.

The style of the card would indicate that it was made in 1900 or after.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: Stein

Milwaukee City Directory 1924
This advertisement would be for Julian Stein after his father's death.

Cabinet Card
This is the reverse of the card on the left.
on reverse:
Copied by Stein -Photographer

Simon Leonard Stein
(Aug 1854 - 4 Mar 1922)

Julian Henry Stein
(21 Jul 1883 - Jan 1937)

All information is from US Census, city directories, newspaper items and draft registration.

Simon born in Austria
(newspaper) Simon starts first studio in Milwaukee, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI employed
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI own studio
Julian born in Lincoln, WI
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
1905 - 1910
Julian and Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle
29 Jan 1937

Julian as farmer in Widewater, VA
Julian as photographer in Washington DC
Simon as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian and Simon as Stein and Sons, Milwaukee, WI
Simon dies in Milwaukee, WI
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI; mentions copying
1924 - 1934
Julian as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
Julian residential listing only
Julian dies in Milwaukee, WI

The cabinet card at the left is labeled as being a copy. In reality this could have been made any time either the father Simon or the son Julian, was working as a photographer. However, there is one mention of copying in a city directory listing for Julian in 1923.

But wait, there’s more...

Nathan L Stein
(Nov 1857 - 1921)

Nathan Stein lived at the same time as Simon L. and son Julian, in the same city, Milwaukee, WI, and was also a photographer. But Nathan Stein seems totally unrelated genetically to Simon Stein. However, he could be the Stein credited for the cabinet card here.

born in Austria or Germany
1837 - 1875
immigrates to US

as photographer at 310 State; res 1316 Prairie, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 502 Greenfield av
Marriage to Rachel Stein
1894 - 1897
as photographer at 456 Mitchell; res 638 1st
1898 - 1920
as photographer at 452 Mitchell
death in Milwaukee, WI

Cabinet Card
Photographer: F. J. Steinborns
Cor's Fond du Lac Ave.
28th & Center Sts.

Ferdinand J. Steinborn
(23 Oct 1851 - 1924)

All information comes from US Census, newspaper ads and city directories.

F. J. Steinborn spent his whole life in Wisconsin, mostly in Milwaukee. There were periods when one or more of his sons worked in his photography studio together, hence the name on this cabinet card, “Steinborns”

born in Lebanon, WI
(newspaper ad) started studio
Hermann F Steinborn is born
Arthur Paul Steinborn is born
Paul Bernard Steinborn is born
Ferdinand as carpenter at 2006 Fond du Lac
as photographer at 268 Water; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av; with Herman (son)
as photographer at 28th & Fond du Lac av

1897 - 1898
as photographer at Fond du Lac & Center
1899 - 1916
as photographer at 1033 28th
1917 - 1921
as photographer at 1033 28th w Arthur & Paul at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1922 - 1924
as no occupation at 1033 28th w Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
Ferdinand dies; Arthur at 2725 Fond du Lac studio
1930 Feb 21 (newspaper) Arthur at 2661 n 27th
1942 - 1947
Arthur as photographer at 2661 n 27th

(newspaper) Steinborn Photo Studio, 2661 n 27th

This cabinet card could have been made during the period when Ferdinand and sons Arthur and Paul were working with him in 1917 - 1921. But more likely it was made in 1895-1896, when the studio address was termed “28th and Fond du Lac Avenue” or as the cabinet card puts it “Cor’s Fond du Lac Ave. 28th & Center Sts.” It is the intersection of three streets which is still there today.

Arthur carried on the business into the late 1940s but the records are incomplete after that.

Cabinet Card young man
C. W. Stephens
Cissna, Ill.

There were only a handful of people named Stephens in the cabinet card era; about five of them had the initials C. W., but no documents found so far, describe any of them as photographers. Further, no documents place any of them in or near Cissna, IL.

Quite possibly, C. W. Stephens was in the photography business only a short time.

Photographer: Stevens Art Studio
McVickers Theater Bldg, Chicago

Eacy, Willie and Harold
Photographer: H. J. Stevenson
Portable Gallery

Henry James Stevenson
(13 Feb 1864 - 31 Dec 1944)

born in Ohio
1878 - 1895
works up and down the US west coast as miner, farmer and cowboy.
living in Denver, CO, and moves to Oklahoma City, OK; opens a photograph gallery on Broadway between Grand and Main Streets. It was called “The Stevenson’s Art Gallery”
May 01 moves to El Reno, OK; works for photographer named Wallace, eventually buying the studio which was located in the 200 block of Bickford Ave El Reno, OK
(US Census) as photographer; res: 419 Choctaw, El Reno, OK
(city directory) as photo supplies at 119 s Bickford, El Reno, OK
as photographer at 430 n Edwards, El Reno, OK
sells 150 Indian photographs to Oklahoma State Historical Society

buys Schlitz Building at 115 S Bickford and opens studio there; in US Census he is listed as photographer with “Traveling Shop”
(city directory) as photographer at 115 s Bickford
Stevenson’s eyes “go bad” and he retires and runs a filling station at 1535 Sunset Drive
Mar 18 interview with WPA #10268
dies in El Reno, OK

All information is from US Census and city directories. Also helpful was a 10 page document dated 18 Mar 1938, called the Works Progress Administration Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma. This biography outlines the life of H. J. Stevenson including many details not found anywhere else.

This cabinet card was probably finished around 1920, when Stevenson referred to his business as the “Traveling Shop”.

Photographer: C. A. Steward
Granite Falls, Minn

Charles Alvis Steward
(8 Apr 1858 - 13 Jan 1928)

born in Macoupin, IL
1870 - 1879
living on farm in Lamar MO
NOT in census for Granite Falls, MN,(14 pages) OR Lamar, MO (46 pages)
marries Clara Clatworthy in Granite Falls, MN
1885 - 1893
living in Granite Falls, MN, profession undocumented
(newspaper) moves to Carthage, MO
living in Missouri profession unknown
(St. Louis and Canadian Photographer vol 24) as photographer in Carthage, MO
1900 - 1928
as photographer in Carthage, MO
death in Carthage, MO

There are no documents found showing the occupation of C. A. Steward during his stay in 1885 to 1893. But this must have been the period the cabinet card to the left was made.

Jasper News 14 Nov 1918

Jasper News
10 Sep 1908

Jasper News
14 Oct 1915

Joplin Globe
14 Jan 1928

Unionville, Missouri

It appears that Thomas H, Stout spent most of his career in photography in Unionville, Missouri. There was no city directory for Unionville and only one mention in an 1881 Missouri Gazetteer so the documents are sparce.

Thomas H. Stout
(22 Jan 1850 - 01 Mar 1919)

born in Clark County, IL
as photographer (US Census)
in Union, Putnam, MO (marriage)
as photographer in Union, Putnam, MO
as photographer in Union, MO (Gazetteer)
NOT in Chicago, IL, city directory

Mar 12 in Chicago, IL (Birth of daughter)
NOT in Chicago, IL, city directory
as photographer in Unionville, MO (US Census)
as photographer in Union Ward 2, MO (US Census)
dies in Unionville, Putnam, MO

This cabinet card could have been made any time between about 1870 and 1919.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: F. W. Streit
30 Juneau Ave.
Milwaukee, Wis

Here is a paragraph from a website called LinkstothePast taking the Frederick W. Streit biography up to about 1874.

Photographic artist, was born in 1842, in the Rhine Province; he studied and practiced photography in the City of Trier, Germany from 1862 to 1865; emigrating then to America, he located in Chicago and practiced the art there until 1874, when he came to Milwaukee and became successor to C.M. Haase in his present studio at No. 320 Third street.”

There is some confusion in the records after that, there being more than one F. W. Streit in Milwaukee, WI, at the time and his first and second name or initial were switched often. And there was also a Charles Haase and a Charles Hasse, both photographers, both residents of Milwaukee, WI, at the same time. But there is a fairly clear picture of when F. W. Streit, the photographer, was working (and living) at 30 Juneau, Milwaukee, WI.

Frederick W. Streit
(Jul 1842 - 1919)

born in Rhine Province
1862 - 1865
as photographer in Trier, Germany
1866 - 1874
as photographer in Chicago, IL
1875 - 1877
as photographer at 333 Third, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 517 Walnut
1879 - 1886
as photographer at 320 Third
1887 - 1904
as photographer at 30 Juneau
1905 - 1906
as photographer 793 Third; res same
1907 - 1909
as photographer at 720 Third; res same
as photographer at 1066 15th as William F
as no occupation at 1066 15th
as photographer at 1066 15th as Fred W
1913 - 1919
as no occupation at 1066 15th
No listing after 1919

Most of the time line was assembled from city directory listings. Although the name changed often from Fred William, to W. Frederick to Frederick W. and many other variations, the continuity held through the addresses and seem fairly accurate.

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1887 and 1906.

Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
Photographic Art Studio
425 Warren Street
Hudson N. Y.
Portrait of a woman
The reverse of the card at the left.

Boy in suit with cane
Photographer: Sullivan Bros.
No 425 Warren St., Hudson, N. Y.

There were many, many Sullivan Brothers in business in New York during the 1800’s. There were attorneys, carriage makers, furniture salesmen, awning makers, show dog owners, Yacht Club members and even a pair of scam artists named Sullivan Brothers.

Fortunately Frederick and Henry Sullivan stayed at one address most their lives. No documents have been found to prove exactly when they died. Their last appearance in a city directory was 1915. Frederick, Henry and their mother Catherine appear in the 1915 New York State census, still at the same address.

In the 1918 City Directory Sullivan Bros. studio at 425 Warren is taken over by James Van Loon and is still listed as Sullivan Brothers Studio.

Frederick Sullivan
(Oct 1851 - 1916)
Henry Sullivan
(Dec 1856 - 1916)

as photographers Fred and A. H. bds at Partition n S Third
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at partition bel Third
1875 - 1885
as photographers Frederick & Henry bds at 98 Allen; not in business section
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 98 Allen
1889 - 1899
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 230 Allen
1902 - 1915
as photographers Sullivan Bros 425 Warren; res 552 Warren
1916 - 1917
neither Frederick or Henry are in this directory; Mother is still at 552 Warren
Catherine still listed at 522 Warren; 425 Warren now occupied by James VanLoon photographer
1919 - 1920
directory unavailable

The cabinet cards at the left and above were done between 1889 and 1915 unless VanLoon kept the name of Sullivan Brothers imprinted on the cards after 1915.

Another chair, Mom, Dad and kid.
Photographer: Sutton
Hornellsville, N. Y.

William Lybolt Sutton
(6 Nov 1828 - 17 May 1899)

Very little was found for W. L. Sutton. Only two city directory entries and the 1870 US Census outline his career as photographer from 1870 to 1886. According to a newspaper article from 1872 he was to open his first studio in the spring of 1873 in Hornellsville, NY.

We can see by the city directory ad, his studio was at 191 Canesteo Street in 1875 and the newspaper item says he is on Main Street in August of 1890.

Some cabinet cards show the studio address as 131-133 Main in Hornellsville. Others show 171 Main.

He died in 1899.

Hornellsville Weekly
08 Mar 1872

1875 City Directory advertisement

Three Young Women cabinet card
Photographer: Swan and Taylor
Lamar, Missouri

Charles R. Taylor
(Apr 1855- )

Charles R. Taylor, photographer, was found in the US census of 1900 and 1910, living in Lamar, MO. and in the 1880 US census as photographer living in Louisville, IL. There were no city directory listings.

No documents have been found about his partner Swan. There were four photographers named Swan about that time, in Vermont, Iowa, Maine and New York. No connections have been made.

Cabinet Card Sisters
Photographer: Edwin Taylor
1 High St
Parade Chambers

LOST GALLERY is researching only US photographers at this time. European photographers are a future project.

Photographer: E. A. Thatcher
Photographer: E. A. Thatcher
Tipton, Ind.

Eli A. Thatcher
(23 May 1862 -31 Jan 1895)

Eli A. Thatcher was a photographer from about 1880 to the spring of 1894. Although the name was found in the US Census of 1870 and 1880, nothing would connect the photographer to the entry. There were no city directories available for Tipton, Indiana.

He died at age 30. His Obituary was about all that was found that told his sad story.

There was some additional information in the obituary of his wife Retta (shown below) who died two years later.

Elwood Advocate - 01 Feb 1895

Photographer: E. A. Thatcher
Tipton, Ind.
Elwood Daily Record - 10 Jun 1897

Cabinet Card
Photographer: Thoms
134 and 136 Grand Avenue
Milwaukee, Wis.
Nothing on reverse

Note that photographer Thoms and J. Brown use the same address at 134 and 136 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wi, but probably not at the same time.

And the studio is very close to Hugo Broich who was at 116-118 Spring (aka Grand) Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. All three were active between 1890-1900.

Only one photographer of the cabinet card era with the name Thoms was found. It was David Thoms of Milwaukee. WI.

Milwaukee, WI, and Grand Rapids, MI, are not far apart. In modern times only about four hours separates them.

Several listings in the Grand Rapids city directory were found for Thoms spanning 1887 to 1895. Then he appears in the Milwaukee directory for four years in a row 1896 to 1899 as photographer at 319 Third Street.

No listings have been found before 1887 or after 1900. Of course Thoms could have opened a studio in Milwaukee for a short duration anytime in his career. He may have even shared it with photographer J. Brown during his stay there from 1885 to 1888.

No biographical information has been found for Thoms.

David Thoms
( - )
All from city directory listings
as photographer at 126-128 Canal, Grand Rapids, MI
as photographer at 98 Monroe, Grand Rapids, MI
as photographer at 44 Canal, Grand Rapids, MI
as photographer at 319 3rd. Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 62 Canal, Grand Rapids, MI

Although nothing could be found that places Thoms at 134 and 136 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, as shown on this cabinet card, it can be assumed that it was probably not during the dates shown above. It would have to be either before or after this period unless he maintained two studios in two separate cities at the same time.

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Thompson
West Cherry Street

There were several photographers named Thompson in the area of Nevada, MO, in the cabinet card era. None of them have been placed IN Nevada, MO.

The photographer on this cabinet card remains unknown.

Girl sitting at organ, Bonham Texas w
Photographer: Thompson
Bonham, Texas

Although there were several people named Thompson living in and around Bonham, TX, around the right time, none of them have been documented as photographer.

Cabinet Card portrait child and chair
Photographer: D. P. Thomson
1000&1002 Walnut St.
cor 10th St.
Kansas City, Mo.
Cabinet Card child and chair
Reverse of the cabinet card on the left

David Presley (or Presly) Thomason
(17 Sep 1849 - 28 Jan 1933)

Birth in Ray County, Missouri
Marriage to Sophia
Establishes a studio at 610 Main in Kansas City, MO
as photographer at 610-12 Main, with William I. Williams
as photographer at 610 Main
as photographer Thomson and Co at 612 Main & 613 Delaware
as photographer Thomson and Co at 610 Main
as photographer at 610 Main AND 1000-1002 Walnut
as photographer at 1000-1002 Walnut
as photographer at 1118 Walnut

as photographer with other photographers at 1000-1002 Walnut 3rd floor
dies at age 83 in Kansas City, MO

The cabinet card here must have been done between 1892 and 1906 of after 1929.

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Cabinet Card portrait of a woman

This one is a little confusing: It seems to credit two photographers and has two identifications of the portrait.
Photographers (imprinted front and reverse)
W. G. & A. J. Thuss
Practical Photographers
No. 230 1/2 N. Cherry Street
McGavock Block
Nashville, Tennessee
and stamped on reverse:
F. E. Turner
Portraits and Frames
3043 Lake Park Ave.

Written on reverse:
Susie A Howard (Caligaiphy)
and in pen
Mrs P M Bell
1025 Ohio
Wichita Kansas

William Gustav Thuss
Andrew Joseph Thuss

The story of WG & AJ Thuss is well documented on the website CivicScope Your City Your Insite
in an article written by Dave Price.

There is also a brief accounting at Cabinet Card Gallery

The partnership of the brothers lasted from 1889 to 1917 outlining when this cabinet card was made.

The reason for the rubber stamp identifying F. E. Turner, Portraits and Frames, 3043 Lake Park Ave. is unknown. It may have been a photographer who sold old photographs and frames as a sideline.

cdv three women
Photographer: Hermann Tietz
Hamburg, Gr. Burstah 12-14
Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places
for another example from this photographer

LOST GALLERY is researching only US photographers at this time. European photographers are a future project.

Herman Tietz has quite a history. Some can be seen here:
Forgotten Faces and Long Ago Places
and here:
Herman Tietz

Photographer: J. B. Tooley
Easton, Kansas

John Blue Tooley
(02 May 1840 - 1914)

J. B. Tooley appears to have based his operations in Concordia, KS, for many years but travelled a lot to smaller towns in the area, staying in hotels for months at a time and then moving on.

The records show him as farmer in 1880 and then as “artist” in 1885, possibly indicating when he began his photography career. The following timeline may help to show where Tooley was working and help date cabinet cards that are imprinted with that town.

Timeline - All data from US census, newspaper blurbs and city directories
1840 May 02
born in Chariton, MO
1860 Aug 24
As farmer in Chariton, MO
marriage to Susan Marian Henderson
1863 - 1875
birth of 5 children in Salt Springs, MO

death of son in Silver Creek, MO
1880 Jun 18
US census as farmer in Silver Creek, MO
birth of son in Silver Creek, MO
1885 Mar 01
Kansas census as artist in Lyndon, KS
1887 May 13
newspaper item in Concordia, KS
death of daughter in Concordia, KS
1888 May 01
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia, KS
1889 May 24
newspaper item as photographer in Glasco, KS and Concordia, KS
1891 Mar 26
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia KS
1892 Apr 08
newspaper item as photographer in Concordia, KS
1895 Mar 01
Kansas Census as photographer in Concordia, KS

1896 Feb 25
newspaper item as photographer in Leavenworth, KS
1896 May 01
newspaper item as photographer in Potter, KS
1898 June 24
newspaper item as photographer in Teboo, KS (unknown town)
1900 Jun 05
US census as photographer in Rock Creek, KS
1901 Nov 04
newspaper item as photographer in Atchison, KS, moving that week to Potter, KS
death of son in Center, KS
1910 Apr 15
US census as no occupation in Greenleaf, KS
death in Greenleaf, KS at age 74

No clues turned up when Tooley was in Easton, KS. Easton is a very small community even today. He probably visited there during his stay in Leavenworth, KS, as it is very near by.

Maude Cabinet Card
West Liberty, Iowa

There seems to be at least three photographers named Townsend that might have done this cabinet card. The most probable is T. W. Townsend of Iowa City, IA. Iowa City is only about fifteen miles from West Liberty, IA. Photographers of the day were known to travel to nearby towns to find additional business.

Also the three were related: T. W. Townsend and his two sons Alva C. and Charles F. Townsend. To make it even more complicated, T. W. Townsend’s father James Townsend , who was living in Muscatine, IA, just a few miles east, was also a photographer.

According to the historical volume “Leading Events in Johnson County Iowa History, 1913 “, Timothy Wesley Townsend “was 20 years of age when he first engaged in the photographic business at West Liberty, Iowa. “ This would work out to be 1864.

The newspaper account at the far right, dated 24 Apr 1904, about C. F. Townsend, says that his father (T. W. Townsend) was located in Iowa City for 30 years. That would mean he was in Iowa City, IA, since 1874. The US Census places him there in 1870.

Timothy Wesley Townsend
(11 Apr 1844 - 01 Jul 1912)

1844 Apr 11
born in Frederick Grove, Kings County, Ohio
establishes first studio in West Liberty, IA
marriage to Sarah Emeline Coover in Muscatine, IA
1870 Aug 21
US census - as photo artist in Iowa City, IA

son Alva Cooper Townsend born in Iowa City, IA
son Charles Fremont Townsend born in Iowa City, IA
newspaper item - establishes studio in Iowa City, IA
1880 Jun 05
US census - as photographer, Iowa City, IA
1900 Jun 04
US census - as photographer, Iowa City, IA
Iowa State census in Iowa City, IA
1910 Apr 23
US census - as photographer, Des Moines, IA
1912 Jul 01
dies at age 68 (location unknown)

T. W. Townsend is the only one of the three that can be documented as being in West Liberty, IA. His son Alva moved to Lincoln, NE, about 1894. His son Charles moved to California and returned Muscatine, IA, and then to Des Moines, IA, in 1904.

So, in reality, any one of the other three, his father James, or either of his two sons, Alva or Charles, could have hopped the few miles over to West Liberty, IA, for a day or a week and accomplished a series of photographs.

The cabinet card here could have been done any time from about 1840 to 1910 by any one of the Townsends. In all likelihood however, considering the scalloped edges and the clarity of the photograph, it was probably done by T. W. Townsend, around 1890.

Des Moines Register - 24 Apr 1904

Cabinet Card two children
Emporia, Kansas.
Cabinet Card small child
F. A. Trader
518 Commercial Street
Emporia, Kansas
Cabinet Card baby

No research on F. A. Trader yet.

G. W. Tromater
Springdale, Ark.

The timeline on the right shows that G. W. Tromater can be placed in Hot Springs, AR, between 1903 and 1908. More precise dates are unknown. The cabinet card shown here must have been finished around 1905.

George Washington Tromater
(32 Dec 1863 - 17 Nov 1933)

Data from US census, city directories and draft card.
born in Indiana
married to Dora Merrill in Springdale, AR
birth of son Luther in Tennessee
birth of son Raymond in Springdale, AR
as photographer in Springdale, AR
NOT in Hot Springs, AR, directory
as photographer in Hot Springs, AR
NOT in Hot Springs. AR, city directory
wife Dora dies in Benona, MI
Sep 12 (from son Albert’s draft card) now living in Prescott, AR
as photographer w Hinkley Studio in Lakeland, FL
death at age 70 in Lakeland, FL

Cabinet Card baby in christening gown
Mexico, Mo.

Paul Ernest True
(27 Sep 1862 -12 Apr 1939)

born in Renick, Missouri
US Census living Rennick, MO, working as blacksmith. Age 18
1887 Jun 01
married to Jeannette Hunter in Moberly, MO
NOT in St. Louis, MO, city directory
US census - living in St. Louis., MO, “declined to fill in blanks”
NOT in St. Louis, MO, city directory
New York state census - in Manhattan, NY, as bookkeeper
Apr 19 US census - in Manhattan, NY, as photographer
dies at age 76 in Manhattan, NY

It appears Paul True worked as photographer for only a short time in Missouri. This cabinet card must have been finished sometime around 1887 to 1900. He apparently moved to New York shortly after 1900 and never returned to Missouri

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Tull
Kirksville, MO

George W. Tull
(5 May 1850 - 28 Feb 1934)

Research on G. W. Tull of Kirksville, MO, was somewhat hindered by a better-known Texan by the name of George Washington Tull, who fought in the civil war. Also it appears there was a G.W. Tull, an organist and a building contractor, both in Missouri.

John H. Morris operated Kirksville’s first photo studio from about 1862 to about 1882 when he sold out to his brother in law G. W. Tull. Tull took training as an osteopath about 1893 and never returned to photography.

born in Hardin County, KY
US census family in Walnut Creek, MO age 10
J. H. Morris (G. W. Tull’s future father-in-law) begins photography business in Kirksville, MO
US census as photographer living with sister Frances and her husband in Kirksville, MO. He is probably working at the Morris Studio

La Plata (MO) Home Press item shows Tull is still working for Morris
It is about this time that Tull takes over the studio and begins operation as his own
US census as photographer living with sister and husband in Kirksville, MO
1881 Sep 7
Marriage to Willa O. Robinson in Frederick, VA
1883 Nov 23
item in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic about photo studio
1885 Mar 6
item in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic about photo studio
1891 Dec 4
ad in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic as photographer
1891 Dec 25
ad in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic as photographer
1892 Aug 5
ad in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic as photographer
1894 Jun 17
item in Kirksville (MO) Weekly Graphic as Osteopathic student

Decatur (IL) item in Decatur, IL, Herald article describes osteopathy
US census as osteopathic physician in Indianapolis
(Same year of birth, same wife name, same child name as the photographer)
US census as osteopathic physician in Indianapolis
US census as osteopathic physician in Indianapolis
US census as osteopathic physician in Indianapolis
1934 Feb 28
dies in Indianapolis IN, at age 83

This cabinet card must have been finished in that brief period when Tull actually ran a studio on his own, between 1890 and 1893.

La Plata Home Press - 5 Oct 1878

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 9 Sep 1881

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 23 Nov 1883

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 7 Dec 1883

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 6 Mar 1885

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 6 Nov 1885

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 4 Dec 1891

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 1 Jul 1892

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 12 Feb 1892

Kirksville Weekly Graphic - 17 Aug 1894

Decatur Herald Sun - 1 Mar 1896

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

Below are the links to the alphabetized pages in the LOST GALLERY cabinet card collection.



























There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

There are now more than 8,000 photographs in the Lost Gallery.
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  1. Thanks again for the link to my blog regarding photographer Tietz. I'm adding you to my blog roll - your amazing photo collection should be seen by all vintage photo enthusiasts!


  2. Thanks very much, Teresa. I think collectors that rescue old photographs should have as many connections as possible.



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