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Most often a found photograph is of unknown people by an unknown photographer. Occasionally the names of the people in a photograph are written on it later. But, very seldom do we ever learn the name of the photographer.

In the case of the Cabinet Card and the Carte de Viste (CDV) the photographer's name or studio name is often included as part of the mounting. It is sometimes at

the narrow end of the mounting board on the front and sometimes it is given in an elaborate fashion on the reverse of the card.

These pages of the LOST GALLERY will present all of the CABINET CARDS in the collection where the photographer is known.

The name of the photographer will be

repeated in the text so that it can be included in internet searches by Google and Bing and the rest.

As more information about the photographer emerges it will be added here.

This is a project in progress. If you don't find something here on a photographer you are researching, check back again.

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There are MANY photographs on each page so they might load slowly.

Cabinet Card man with moustache
Abell & Priest
Bancroft Building
723 Market Street
S F Cal

This cabinet card must have been finished in that short time between 1889 and 1891 when Abell and Priest worked together in San Francisco, CA.

Franklin George Abell
(1844 - 20 Jul 1910)

All data from US census and city directories

born in Roscoe, Winnebago County, Illinois, on September 20
family moves to Petaluma CA
tries out working in the mining industry in eastern OR
returns to California to pursue a career in photography
1863 Oct 01
marries Catherine Celissa Lauder
1863 - 1872
joins the gallery of William Shew to learn photography
1879 1882
opens own gallery 167-169 First Portland, OR
1884 - 1887
gallery operates as Abell and Son, 29 Washington, Portland, OR
returns to San Francisco, CA, to open a galley
1889 - 1891
returns to San Francisco, CA, where he and Charles F. Priest open gallery at 723 Market
US census finds him back in Portland, OR

marries second wife Viola Baker in Orange, CA
1906 - 1907
opens a new gallery at 724 Johnson in Portland, OR
1908 - 1910
moves gallery to 631 Provident, Tacoma, WA
dies in Tacoma, WA, at age 64 and is buried in Portland, OR

Charles F. Priest
(6 Jun 1852 - 5 Mar 1916)

All data from San Francisco, CA, city directories and US census

Priest born in Massachusetts
now living in San Francisco, CA
1873 - 1874
as carpenter for stepfather William H. Smith; res 730 Folsom, San Francisco, CA
1875 - 1878
as carpenter for stepfather William H. Smith; res 1033 Howard, San Francisco, CA

US census says working as carpenter, city directory says working as machinist; res 18 ½ Rausch, San Francisco, CA
as brushmaker living at 18 ½ Rausch, San Francisco, CA
1882 - 1883
as brushmaker living at 323 Minna, San Francisco, CA
Marries Frances C Lauder
as carpenter again; res 427 9th, San Francisco, CA
1889 - 1891
as photographer with Franklin George Abell at 723 Market, top floor, San Francisco, CA
as photographer at 723 Market but Abell is not mentioned
1897 - 1900
as photographer at 2518 Mission, San Francisco, CA
1901 - 1915
as photographer at 2532 Mission, San Francisco, CA
Priest dies in San Francisco, CA, age 63


Cabinet Card Woman Portrait
Photographer: J. C. Adams
108 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Cabinet Card Woman Portrait
Photographer: J. C. Adams
135 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Ind.

One could almost make a case that there were two men named J. C. Adams in the northern part of Indiana near Fort Wayne, around the turn of the nineteenth century. It doesn’t help that in FOUR census reports, he calls himself a farmer while historical accounts of him and his own death certificate describe him as a photographer. But, similarity in addresses, birthplaces of parents and the names of his wife and children, seem to make the farmer also the photographer.

It appears he started out as a farmer living next door to his father, William Adams, a Brick mason in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN. In 1890 James Adams was learning photography as an artist with the Wm. Salzmann studio in Fort Wayne, IN, just 40 miles north of Blackford County. In 1892, his daughter was born in Bluffton, IN, 20 miles south of Fort Wayne. Then he moved another 20 miles south, back to Harrison Township, Blackford County in 1900.

By 1910 he is living next door in the same Blackford County in Washington Township, Hartford City, IN, where he maintained his photography studio. His farm land may well have been in the rural Harrison Township while he maintained residence in Hartford City in Washington Township.

James C. Adams
(3 Mar 1856 - 21 Sep 1927)

Born in Indiana
married Mary Schwartzkopf
US census as farmer in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN (where Hartford City is)
NOT in Fort Wayne city directory
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as artist with Wm Salzmann photo studio, res 64 Force
Fort Wayne, IN, city directory as photographer at 135 Broadway
birth of daughter Mary Laverna Adams in Bluffton, IN, halfway between Fort Wayne and Hartford, IN (Source Mary Adams death certificate)
1893 - 1895
NOT in Fort Wayne, IN, city directory
Operates as photographer in Hartford City, IN (Indiana Historical Society)
1895 - 1903
photo studio at 401 S Jefferson st (Indiana Historical Society)

This is not likely to be our photographer:
Fort Wayne Sentinel - 18 Sep 1880

US census as Farmer in Harrison Township, Blackford County, IN (no street address shown)
1905 - 1916
photo studio at 209 ½ N Jefferson st Hartford City, Blackford, IN (Indiana Historical Society)
US census as Farmer 438 Spring in Hartford City, IN
(The house was located at the junction of three streets, Spring, Patterson and Williams. The census enumerator apparently got the house number correct but placed it on Spring rather than Patterson.)
Hartford City city directory as farmer at 438 E Patterson
US census as farmer 438 Patterson in Hartford City, IN
death certificate as photographer at 438 E Patterson in Hartford City, IN

Sources: Fort Wayne city directory 1890. 1891
Hartford City city directory 1911 (only one available)
Find-A-Grave website
Blackford County/ Photographers Collection, CA. 1880–1939
US census 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
Death Certificates

This is not James Adams either.
Argos, IN, Reflector - 2 Apr 1891

Cabinet Crd couple
Photographer: J. H. Allen
Russell, Kansas

On Reverse:
Clovis N. M.
June 24 - ???9
I found this picture of
you and your girl and
I know you want it
so this is why I am
sending it to you well
I (illegible) you have changed
some since I saw you
last you have growned
to be good looking
since I saw you last
please write me a perscription
on beauty finding and
maby some day I will
send you and Lizzie
one of my picture
Guess who

On front:
This speaks of the future
Ha Ha

It is quite possible that the Cabinet Card on the left is a copy of an earlier photograph. The detail is very soft. It is quite faded and damaged however, making assessment difficult.

Some census information was found on photographer Joseph H. Allen of Russell, Kansas. He was born in England in January of 1849 and immigrated to Connecticut in the US in 1866.

By the 1880 federal census he was living in Russell, Kansas, with wife Catharine Allen and two daughters, Ida and Alberta and one son, Henry C. Allen. The daughters are shown as being born in Connecticut in 1875 and 1877. Henry C. was born in Kansas in 1879. So the Allen family moved to Kansas sometime between 1877 and 1879. Joseph H. is listed as farmer in 1880.

Just five years later, the 1885 Kansas census shows J. H. Allen of Russell, Kansas, as widowed and living with only his two daughters, Ida and Alberta, now 7 and 9 years old. No mention of Henry C. Allen. Joseph H. Allen is now listed as photographer.

The Kansas state census of March 1915 has 66 year old Joseph H. Allen, without family, living alone. He is still listed as a photographer.

This cabinet card must have been finished after about 1880 and before about 1920. The style of the card would put early in that span, possibly 1890.

The photograph itself might be as much as ten years older, if it is indeed a copy of an earlier photograph.

For two hours every morning... and evening...
Photographer: Anderson
511 and 513 N. S. Square
Springfield, Ill.

Lymon Sperry Anderson was born in Sweetwater, New York, 30 Apr 1847. He moved to Springfield about 1872 and started into the photography business shortly thereafter. He continued in the photography business until his death in 1913.

His studio was at 511-513 East Washington Street in Springfield, IL, from about 1884 on.

For earlier addresses see the great research on Lymon Sperry Anderson at
Lincoln's Springfield

Cabinet Card Man
Robt. M. D. Anderson

Robert M. D. Anderson was born in 1860 in Maryland. His photography business was conducted mostly in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Although he was in the 1900, 1910 and 1920 US census, no other documents have been found; no death certificate, no city directory listings, not even another family tree included him or his wife.

US census as photographer at High st, Fayetteville, TN
US census as photographer at Mill st, Fayetteville, TN
US census as photographer at 229 s Front st, Rockwood, TN

The couple had three children but apparently none of them survived infancy. Wife Amy M. Anderson gave a different age at each census.

This cabinet card must have been finished before he moved from Fayetteville to Rockwood.

Man with moustache
Photographer: Anglin & Randall
75 1/2 Peachtree St., Atlanta, GA.
Seven more examples HERE

Very little has been found about Anglin & Randall. J. Robert Anglin worked as a "retoucher" for MM & WH Gardner according to city directories around 1890. Nothing so far on Randall.

Below is an interesting clip from the Atlanta Constitution July 19, 1896.

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: The Apex
378 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas

Who the actual photographers were at "The Apex" is still unknown.

Another example shows the address as The "APEX" 948 Elm St. Dallas, Tex.

Here is another example with an approximate date at
SMU Central University Libraries

Cabinet Card gentleman
Photographer: G. C. Arless
(Enhanced for detail)
Cabinet Card gentleman
Reverse of the cabinet card on the left

G. C. Arless of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

LOST GALLERY is currently researching US photographers. Those based outside the US are a future project.

L'atelier of Portrush, Northern Ireland.

LOST GALLERY is currently researching US photographers. Those based outside the US are a future project.

Fashion couple
Photographer: L' Atelier
2 Main St. Portrush
There is another photo from this studio HERE

Family of five
Photographer: A. S. Atkins
Arkadelphia, Ark.
family of five reverse

Adolphus Scott Atkins (1854-1900) worked mainly in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, from about 1875 to 1900. There is no city directory available so no addresses are known.

He married Ruth Hawkins in 1879 and they had four children.

"None but first-Class work
allowed to leave the Studio."

"Special attention given to copying and enlarg-
ing old pictures to life size."

Life size?

Cabinet Card woman and baby
Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis
Cabinet Card woman
reverse of the card at the left
Cabinet Card woman with braids
Photographer: Baer
Baraboo, Wis

Cabinet Card Man with Beard
Photographer: Baer
Barraboo, Wis

Only three references to Alfred Baer, photographer, were found.

There were many references to an Alfred Baer, physician, but no connection could be made to the photographer.

There is also an Alfred Baer listed in the 1940 US census, the Find-a-Grave website and the 1905 Wisconsin state census but no occupation is included anywhere and this one was born in 1899 making him basically too young for the cabinet card era.

1870 US census at 7 living with Gattiker family
1880 Baer worked at William Lathrop studio, La Crosse, WI, (from narrative about Lathrop)
1907 Red Wing, MN, city directory as photographer

No guess on the age of these cabinet cards, although the designs do indicate 1890 or after. If further information turns up it will be added here.

Cabinet Card Woman

Photographer: B. W. Barrett
Home Portrait Co.
41 N. Main St. Kokomo, Ind.

There were many newspaper articles mentioning B. W. Barrett in North Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Louisiana. None of these could be connected to being a photographer in Indiana.

There were many small ads for Home Portrait Co. in Indiana newspapers of Indianapolis, Bookville and Fort Wayne but none seemed connected to a studio at 41 N Main, in Kokomo, IN.

Home Portrait Company of Indianapolis apparently had several people working under that name as photographers and agents.

These photographers were found:
J. W. Barrett of La Salle, IL
Charles Barrett of San Francisco, CA
George Barrett of Philadelphia, PA
Robert W. Barrett of New York, NY
James W. Barrett of Lockport, NY
Frank W. Barrett of Barre, VT
Charles W. Barrett of Springfield, MA
B. W. Barrett of London, England
Mrs B. J. Barrett of Pasadena, CA

One could speculate that B. W. Barrett of Kokomo, IN, was only in business a short time.

Cabinet Card man
F. E. Baynes
Britt, IA

Nothing on J. F. Baynes, photographer, has been found in Britt, IA, or anywhere. There was grocer in Louisville, KY in 1913 and a married couple living in London between 1927 and 1936 with the name F. E. Baynes.

Cabinet Card Man
Wm. H. Beck
Morrisonville, ILL
Cabinet Card Man
Reverse of the card on the left

Although there seems to have been several photographers in the cabinet card era named Beck, none could be connected to this one in Morrisonville, IL.

This card, however, has a date printed on the reverse as part of the logo. 1894

This is one of the few cards in LOST GALLERY that has a date in the printed logo on the reverse.

Photographer: Bell
Eastside Square, Girard, Kans.

The small town of Girard, Kansas, had at least three families with the name Bell in residence at about the same time. Two of them were photographers.

There was James R. Bell and wife Mary. Newspaper items show James was a photographer on South forth in Girard, KS, from about 1886 to about 1896.

There was the John Q. Bell family with census records and a few city directories placing them in Girard, KS, from about 1880 to 1908. All records indicate he was either a Farmer or a lumber merchant.

Then there is the case of Miss Z. M. Bell, who shows up in newspaper accounts in Girard and other cities in Kansas, from 1906 to 1920 as a photographer.

So far, no evidence has been found to tie the three family strains together. But, it seems unlikely the three would inhabit the same small Kansas town and not be related in some way.

At this point it seems quite likely that the cabinet card shown here could have been done by James R. Bell between 1886 and 1896. However, the heavy embossed design of the card indicates it was probably done after 1890 perhaps by Miss Z. M. Bell.

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Bemesderfer
33 South Prussian Street
Manheim, PA

John K. Bemesderfer
(13 Dec 1863 - 4 Jan 1954)

John Bemesderfer was an artist/photographer/picture framer in Pennsylvania

All information from US census, Lancaster and Norristown city directories and a biography From Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania; a history. Vol. 3 (ub 1923)

born in Manheim, PA
1880 - 1881
works on a farm
1881 - 1884
works at planning mill
Lancaster, PA city directory as crayon artist at s Prussian; bds e High

a typical city directory listing

marries Salome Swartley
1906 - 1910
works as janitor at 230 Main in Norristown, PA
Opens his own store at 407 w Marshall, in Norristown, PA
1912 - 1944
Norristown city directories John Bemesderfer operates variously as artist, photographer, picture framer, mirror restorer and sells art objects all at 407 w Marshall.
no occupation given
dies of peritonitis at age 90

This cabinet card must have been done before 1911 when he opened his own shop, probably around 1890.

Cabinet Card portrait
Parrish & Berry
Waltham St.

Only one item found on this pair. It does describe their years of operation a bit.

British Photography Journal

This would seem to put their partnership within the years of 1908 and 1915.

Photographer: Best
Albia, Iowa
(reverse blank)

Nothing found on this photographer

Cabinet Card
W. O. Bibel
(See the REVERSE)

William Oscar Bibel
(May 1866 - 16 Oct 1933)

W. O. Bibel had a relatively short career in photography, from about 1886 to 1891. His time in Chenoa, IL was even shorter as noted by a small newspaper item from the Bloomington Pantagraph, 21 Oct 1887 that he had closed his Chenoa studio.

Bloomington Pantagraph 21 Oct 1887

After 1891 he was a railroad fireman, cigar shop proprietor, a street car repairman and a gardener for the city park.

His brother Charles Adolph Bibel was also in the photography business but only for a very short time.

The Bibel family (originally Schwitalskey) was a colorful and apparently hot headed group. In 1880, W. O. Bibel’s mother Margaret and another brother Louis G. were arrested and jailed for attempting to murder his father Louis J. Bibel (Schwitalskey), a shoemaker.
The newspaper accounts of the attempt and the subsequent trial are quite humorous.

This cabinet card from Chenoa, IL, must have been finished in that short time between 1886 and 1887.

Cabinet Card man with moustache
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS
Cabinet Card portrait of a young woman
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS
Cabinet Card woman in dress
Photographer: Bishoff Bros
Minneapolis, KAS

Although examples of photographs from the Bishoff Brothers studio are plentiful around the net, tracing the brothers themselves has been difficult. City directory and census listings so far have turned up only Bertha, a bookkeeper; Simon, a peddler; David, a vulcanizer; Sam, a peddler; Kitty, a stenographer; and Raymond, a clerk.

In 1910 the population of the town of Minneapolis, KS, was only 1,800. One would think that if two brothers with an unusual name were in business as photographers, it would show up somewhere.

Cabinet Card Man
Bishop Bros.
Altoona, PA.

Henry T. Bishop (1853-1917) and three sons, James E. (1860-), Theodore (1852-) and William N.(1849-) were all photographers working mainly in Philadelphia, Altoona, Chambersburg, PA and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Studios were named Bishop, H. T. Bishop, and Bishop Bros.

It appears there were as many as five other photographers named Bishop around the turn of the 19th century. Only one, Isaac R. Bishop actually worked in the Philadelphia area. Others were in Connecticut, Wisconsin and Massachusetts.

Three Children
Photographer: Blanchard
Montpelier, VT.

Azel Norman Blanchard (1843-1923) photographer in 1865, Barre, Vermont and in 1880, Monpelier.
Another example and a bit more biography at
Cabinet Card Gallery.

Cabinet Card Baby
E. H. Bliven
Paullina, Iowa

Although there seems to be much history about a Robert Henry Bliven of Ohio and Missouri, nothing has been found on E. H. Bliven.

Long after the cabinet card era, in 1949-1958 there was a photographer in Omaha, NB, Alert L. Bliven and wife Isabel K. Bliven. This tree was followed back and no siblings or cousins were found with the initials E. H. Bliven.

Cabinet card baby
Photographer: Blocker
Succesor to Rowley and Blocker
Cor 11th and Main Sts.
entrance 8 E 11th St.
Kansas City, Mo.

One Blocker was found as a photographer. There were a number of photographers at the end of the 18th century named Rowley. Nothing has been found yet to connect any of them to this photographer in Kansas City, MO.

Blocker, A. M.(PA, Myerstown)
Rowley, W. C. (NY, Elmira)
Rowley, Douglas S (MA,Springfield)
Rowley, Edward H (NY,Brooklyn)
Rowley, Edward H (NY,New York)
Rowley, Evert (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, Fred C (CA,Berkeley)
Rowley, John D (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, M V (CO,Denver)
Rowley, Morris M (IL,Oregon)
Rowley, Morris V (MO,St. Joseph)
Rowley, S R (NY,Hastings-on-Hudson)
Rowley, Wesley C (NY,Elmira)

Cabinet Card couple
Photographer: Bloomer with Carpenter
236 Main St., Kansas City, Mo.

No information has been found on Bloomer. But the Carpenter here is probably the same as A. C. Carpenter shown later on this page.

Cabinet Card Woman
Slater, Mo.

Merrick Boyden Bower (3 Dec 1832 - 7 Nov 1913) was a photographer along with at least two of his sons at one time or another. Keep in mind also that this was a very large family. A brother Henry C. Bower was a photographer in Kansas City for a time and any of several cousins and grandchildren could also have been photographers. The best scenario however is that in the cabinet card era, Merrick Boyden Bower was the most likely candidate.

There is little doubt about the date of this photograph as 1887 is imprinted on the face of the card along with the name and city. Slater, MO, was only about 70 miles from Kansas City where M. D. Bower lived from 1870 on.

In case there are examples of photographs from Bower that are not imprinted with a date here is a timeline showing important events in his life and where he was at the time.

1832 Dec 03
born in Union City, PA
living at Tazewell, IL age 18

1858 May 21
marriage to Virginia E. Thompson
1859 Sep 09
birth of son William Leslie in Kansas City, MO
1860 Jun 17
as farmer in Tazewell, IL
1863 Jul 01
as farmer in Malone, IL
1865 Jun 07
as farmer in Potosi, KS
1870 Jul 18
as photographer working with Williams Simmons at a Stereotype Gallery
1871 Feb 07
marries Rosanna Catherine Bird in Clay, MO
1874 - 1875
as photographer at own studio 1215 Grand; res 1314 Grand, Kansas City, MO; brother Henry C. Bower listed as photographer at same address
as photographer at Bower Brothers studio 546 Main, Kansas City, MO with Henry C. Bower
as photographer working at another studio; son Henry C. Bower has studio at 1222 Union av WK

as photographer working at another studio (probably J Ploetz, 618 Main)
1880 - 1881
as photographer for J Ploetz 618 Main Kansas City, MO
as photographer working at unknown studio
brother Henry C. Bower moves to Deer Creek, CO; he later lives in Colorado Springs, CO and Los Angeles, CA and seems never to return to Kansas City, MO
as photographer at unknown studio
as photographer living with son James O. Bower
Nov 07 dies of pneumonia at age 80

As you can see Merrick worked for another studio most of the time. He could, as many photographers of the time, take days off and work in rented rooms in neighboring towns for a week.

Cabinet Card two children
Watson and Bowles
(Lister under Watson also)

Mrs. Esther A. Bowles (nee Buck) lived her entire life in Michigan. She was born in April 1853. She worked as a photographer In Wyandotte, Michigan, from 1892 to 1921. She married the Reverend George A. Bowles in 1869.

So far, no "Watson" photographer of that time period in Michigan, has been found.

Cabinet Card Portrait
Bowman Hughes & Company
205 N. 16th St. Omaha, Neb.

Benjamin E. Hughes and Charles M. Bowman were both photographers in Omaha, NE. They worked together as Bowman Hughes only a short time between 1890 and 1892.

A sketchy timeline of their time in photography has been assembled from Omaha city directory listings. No biographical information on either has been assembled.
(All data from the Omaha city directory)
1884 - 1885
Bowman or Hughes not listed
Hughes partnered with G Heyn
Bowman as photographer partnered with J. E. North; Hughes as photographer
Bowman as photographer at 205 N 16th; Hughes as photographer at 1509 Douglas

Bowman as photographer 205 n 16th; Hughes partnered with Alvord
1890 - 1892
Working as Bowman Hughes at 205 N 16th
1893 - 1896
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
1897 - 1900
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Allen; Bowman not listed
Hughes partnered with Sandberg; Bowman not listed
as Hughes and Co. but not in Bus. Section; Bowman not listed
Hughes not listed; Bowman not listed

Cabinet Card Baby

No research has been done so far on J. D. Boyd.

Photographer: Boyd
1206 & 1208 Pearl Street
Cleveland, O.
(Nothing on reverse)

Samuel C. Boyd was born in Ontario, Canada. He immigrated to Chicago, Illinois. In 1882.
In Chicago, Illinois, Samuel Boyd operated from 1887 to 1893
In Cleveland, Ohio, Samuel Boyd operated at 1206 Pearl in 1895. From 1896 to 1899 his address was apparently 1206-1208 Pearl.

Samuel married Mary McKenzie in 1878. They had three children, Ella, Jessie and Verna. Mary died in 1903 and two years later Samuel married Mary’s sister, Jesse McKenzie-Austey who had been boarding with the family since 1882.

Here are two more examples of the work from Boyd in Cleveland:
Seated Woman and Two Children

Samuel C. Boyd

Cabinet Card six women
Photographer: T. G. Boyer
Altamont, Ills.

Theodore George Boyer
(23 Aug 1850 - 18 Dec 1926)

Without the availability of city directories for Altamont, IL, and nearby towns, little was found to substantiate Theodore George Boyer’s career in photography. Only one mention was found, in the 1880 US census while he was living in Altamont, IL.

Cabinet Cards have been found with locations imprinted including, Altamont, IL, Carbondale, IL, Centralia, IL, Columbus, IN, Effingham, IL, Grand Tower, IL, Ramsey, IL, and Vandalia, IL. All are within about 200 miles of Altamont, IL.

1850 Aug 23
born in Coshocton, OH (and sources do not wholly agree on that date)
1880 Jun 15
at age 29 as photographer in Altamont, IL, no address given
1900 Jun 7
at age 49 as farmer in Avena, IL
1910 Apr 25
at age 60 as farmer in Union, White, AR
1926 Dec 16
dies at age 76 of prostate cancer, death certificate says he is a “merchant”

So it is left that this cabinet card must have been done around 1880 but at least before 1900.

Two children in a studio
F. Bradbrook
Red Cloud, Neb.
From the Red Cloud Chief, 05 Oct 1906

Man, wife, two daughters, one son
Photographer: Brady & Medaris
28 Oct 1948

In the 1900 US Census James Brady is listed as a photographer.
James is the brother of Meda Brady, wife of W. A. Medaris.

Two girls studio
Photographer J.? E. Bragg
Artist - Traveling Photographer
No other information at this time.
 Cora Lee Granger
Photographer: Brewer’s Art Studio
Belfast, N. Y.
No other information at this time.
Here is a link to
on wordpress, for another photo from this studio.
My chair is bigger than your chair.
Photographer: Brewster, Main St., Montpelier, Vt.

Brewster (probably Frank G.) apparently dated his cabinet cards. Other examples found showed similar dating. One document placed him at 98 Main and another at 120 Main.
No other information at this time

Cabinet Card Woman
Hugo Broich

Hugo Broich photography was at 3rd and Chestnut streets in Milwaukee from 1858 to 1870
He moved to 116 and 118 Spring Street in Milwaukee in 1870
Apparently Spring Street was changed to Grand Avenue in 1876 then to Wisconsin Avenue in 1926.
He retired from active photography in 1896.
Broich died in 1905.

The addresses shown on cabinet cards should help date them.

At the right from The Milwaukee Eau Clare Reader
August 16, 1896

Cabinet Card - Man with mustache
Photographer: H. G. Brown
E. W. Clark (Listed also under Clark)
No. 11 Broadway
Whitehall, N. Y.

No biographical information has been connected to H. G. Brown so far.

H. G. Brown was found in the Saratoga, New York, city directories as “Photographer” for years 1886 through 1891. The 1892 directory lists the name followed only by “removed to New York.”

There are some entries for Hugh G. Brown in the US census and the New York state census for those years but since the birth date and other essential information is missing, there are no credible connections.

Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: H. R. Brown
Mo. Valley, Iowa
Cabinet Card Woman
Reverse of the Cabinet Card on the left
Child on a chair
No. 19 West Main Street
Marshalltown, Iowa

Six Sioux City, IA, city directory listings were found for Henry R. Brown between 1884 and 1894. Beyond that the popularity of the name clouds any other connection. Many H. R. Brown entries were found with a wide variety of occupations but no positive connection could be made. Also there was an R. H Brown in Iowa about the same time.

As indicated on the reverse of this card he traveled to Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska.

No biographical information has been found.

Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer at J H Hamilton, bds St Elmo Hotel
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer at 413th, res 1623 Pierce
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as photographer (Brown and Wait) res 1512 Ingleside Ave
Sioux City, IA, city directory, as Collector res Hedges Sta. MS

Sioux City, IA, city directory, res N of Hedges Sta. MS
Sioux City, IA, city directory, entry says “Moved back to Rock Valley, IA”
February 03, 1910, through July 07, 1911
A small one line ad for “Brown, Photographer, 19 West Main” runs in the Marshalltown, IA, Evening Times Republican
1911 Feb 25
Marshalltown evening Times-Republican, “Brown the photographer will move March 1, 1911 to corner over Abbot’s hardware store”

1911 Jun 12 - July 21
Evening Times Republican, Marshalltown, IA as says “Brown ‘the man behind the camera’ now located over Abbott’s hardware store” (Corner Main and Center Streets)
No mention found in Iowa newspapers

The cabinet card above right was probably finished between February 1910 and July 1911.

No guess on when the cabinet card above left was made.

Cabinet Card
Photographer: J. Brown
136 - 138 Grand Ave.
Nothing on reverse

Note that photographer Thoms (shown on page R through T) and J. Brown use the same address at 134 and 136 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wi, but probably not at the same time.

And the studio is very close to Hugo Broich who was at 116-118 Spring (aka Grand) Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. All three were active between 1890-1900.

Joseph Collier Brown
(Mar 1851 - 24 Aug 1948)

1851 Mar
Born in Austria
Arrival in US
Marriage to Mary Frans
Sons Joseph and Alexander, apparently twins, are born, Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 136 Grand
as photographer at 138 Grand
Son Edwin Brown born in Milwaukee, WI
as photographer at 136 Grand

as photographer at 524 Center
1891 -1899
no records found
as photographer at 762 18th ave
as photographer at 529 12th
as photographer at 537 12th Death of son?
as photographer at 539 12th
as photographer at 2102 Vine
as photographer at 3803 Lisbon
no records found. Apparently quits photography
Dies at age 97

Cabinet Card chair and baby
Photographer: The Peoples gallery
Jas Bruce
Stillwater O. T.

Oklahoma became a state 16 Nov 1907. Before that it was called Indian Territory or Oklahoma Territory (OT).

It is difficult to ascertain whether James R. Bruce was a photographer for a while in Oklahoma Territory and then just disappeared or if he changed his profession to real estate and moved around a lot.

The only document that says he was a photographer is the 1900 US census, which places him in Eden, a township that no longer exists, in Payne County, OK, where Stillwater, OK, is also located. He, his father and mother were all born in Georgia. His birth date is given as Dec 1861.
His wife is shown as Elisa, born in Illinois, her father in Pennsylvania and her mother in New Jersey. Her birth date is Apr 1865.

Matching all of that information with other documents is tentative at best.

In the 1910 US Census the best match is James R. Bruce, age 49 (born 1861). He and his parents again are born in Georgia. No occupation is given. His wife is Eliece, age 42 (born 1868), from Illinois. Her father was born in Germany and her mother is from England.

By the 1920 US Census we find the best match in Waddel Creek, Moffat County, CO. He is listed as a farmer age 61 (born 1859). He and his parents again are from Georgia. His wife is still Eliece, age 50 (born 1879). She is from Illinois, her father from Germany and her mother from England.

1930 US Census finds him in Douglas County, Oregon. His “age at last birthday” was 69 (born 1860). He and his mother are still from Georgia but his father is now from North Carolina. He is now a real estate agent. His wife is now Eliza N. still from Illinois. Both her mother and father are from Germany now. This time she is 54 (born 1876)

The Douglas County, Oregon death registry shows James R. Bruce died 17 Dec 1938, his wife’s name given as Eliza.

If any of the leads from here on are to be believed, James R. Bruce never returns to the photography business but continues in real estate.

A James R. Bruce, realtor, can be found in Los Angeles, CA, gazetteer for 1912-1912.

Another James R. Bruce applied for a railroad job in 1911, age 50 (born 1861), but apparently lived in Oregon from 1883 to1911.

In 1935 there’s another James R. Bruce in the real estate business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but his wife’s name is Georgia. Probably not a match if we are to believe the Oregon 1938 death registry where his wife’s name is given as Eliza.

And there are others in various employments, in several locations. With a stretch of imagination, about any of them could be the right James Bruce, but it is apparent he was photographer only around 1900.

Cabinet Card gentleman with moustache
Photographer: J. A. Brush
Hennepin Ave & Sixth St.
Minneapolis, Minn
Cabinet Card Gentleman with moustache
Reverse of the cabinet card on the left

James Albert Brush
(27 Aug 1846 - 22 May 1906)

Born in Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI, city directory as artist at 22 Montclaire
Marriage to Alice Sprague
1869 - 1874
Detroit, MI, city directory as photographer at SW cor Woodward and Larned
1875 or 1876
relocates to Minneapolis, MN
as Brush & Company, 301 South Washington Av, Minneapolis, MN
223 Nicollet Av, Minneapolis, MN
609 Nicollet Av, Minneapolis, MN
601-603-605 Hennepin Av, Minneapolis, MN
33-35 S 6th St, Minneapolis, MN

1906 May 22
death at 59 in Minneapolis, MN (one source says the cause was alcoholism)

This cabinet card must have been finished between 1887 and 1897

Minnesota Journal - 23 May 1906

Cabinet Card girl
Photographer: G. W. Bryant
Plattsburgh, Mo
Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: G. W. Bryant
Plattsburgh, Mo

George W. Bryant
Born: 2 November 1853 • Decatur County, Indiana, USA
Died: 8 Jul 1912 • Plattsburg, Clinton County, Missouri, USA
From the book “History of Northwest Missouri, Vol. 2”
“George R. Bryant was born in Plattsburg, March 7, 1881, a son of the late George W. Bryant. His father, who located at Plattsburg in 1878, was well known as an artist and photographer for many years. He (George W.) was born near Greensburg in Decatur County, Indiana, and was of English ancestry. He was married in Missouri in 1877 to Margaretta Robinson, and in 1878 they came to Plattsburg. George W. Bryant died at Plattsburg, July 10, 1912 at the age of 59.”

Active years in Plattsburg, about 1878-1910. Anything imprinted with Indiana would be before that.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: Gray Button
124 North Travis
Sherman Texas

No information of any kind has been found for Gray Button.

Cabinet Card three children
Photographer: Byarlay & Shaff
Maryville, Mo.

Leonidas A. Byarlay
(26 Mar 1854 - 3 Sep 1834)

Amos George Shaff
(14 Aug 1857 - 25 Aug 1889)
Shaff included in timeline only for where it affects the life of Byarlay.

L. A. Byarlay has the distinction of being enumerated in the 1930 US census twice. On 9 Apr 1930 he is found at home with his wife Marie and son Ernest at 915 Fifth st where his occupation is noted as “butcher”. He is also found a few days later 30 Apr 1930, alone at his studio address 515 ½ S Edmund and noted as a “photographer”.

1854 Mar 26
Byarlay Born in Roseville, IL
1857 Aug 14
Shaff born in Baltimore, MI
Maryville, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer
Liberty, MO, US census Shaff as photographer on Franklin st
Byarlay marriage to Helen E Crow (1855-1903) in Pottawattamie, IA
Maryville, MO, Byarlay son Ernest (1884-) born

Kansas City, MO, Amos Shaff is in Kansas City with Wilcox and Shaff
1885 Aug 11
Maryville, MO, Amos Shaff daughter Amy born
St Joseph city directory lists Shaff as “Operator at L A Byarlay”
1889 Aug 25
Amos Shaff dies in Maryville, MO, age 32
St Joseph city directory Byarlay listed as photographer at 717 Edmond
1896 - 1898
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 1102 Frederick av; res same
US census Byarlay as photographer; res 2203 Faranon st, St Joseph
1903 Jul 21
St Joseph, MO, Byarlay wife Helen dies
Byarlay marriage to Marie Meschel (1872 - 1966)
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 121 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 117 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 116 s Eighth

St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 114 ½ s Eighth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer residence at 813 Fifth
1919 Nov 01
St Joseph, MO, Observer Newspaper ad studio at 515 ½ Edmond
1921 Jan 22
St Joseph, MO, Observer newspaper ad at 515 Edmund
St Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 525 ½ Edmond; res: 915 n Fifth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as butcher at res 915 Fifth
St Joseph, MO, US census Byarlay as photographer at 515 ½ s Edmund
St. Joseph, MO, city directory Byarlay as photographer at 515 ½ Edmund
Byarlay dies in St. Joseph, MO, of a stroke; last residence as 915 n Fifth

It appears that this cabinet card could only have been done in that short span around 1885 when both Byarlay and Shaff were still in Maryville.

St. Joseph Observer 17 Dec 1883

Cabinet Card portrait of a man
Johnstown, PA.

From City Directories and other sources these dates apply
Joseph J. Caddy worked as Caddy and Green in 1879
Joseph J. Caddy worked as Caddy and Davis in 1889.
One CDV imprinted Caddy only is estimated around 1890
From 1896 to 1899 he was working alone. (City Directory)

Research was difficult because there was a Joseph J. Caddy in the coal industry living in Johnston, PA, at the same time as Joseph J. Caddy the photographer.

Cabinet Card pair with hats
Photographer: Elmer Cain
Cor. 6th & Main
Richmond, Ind.

City Directories show Elmer Cain as a photographer 1887 through 1903. In 1907 he is listed as a Travel Agent.

Don't look at me.  Look at the chair.
Photographer: Caldwell & Kent
143 Main St. Brockton
Another photo by this studio is in the

Warren Hindreth Caldwell (1849-1930) was in the Boot and Shoe trade according to the 1900 US Census. It must have been a minor sideline however as he is listed in every Brockton City Directory from 1882 to 1913 as operating a Photograph Studio at 143 main in Brockton. In 1915 he was listed as an artist and in 1929 as a picture framer.

Apparently W. H. Caldwell and I. A. Kent were photograph studio associates or partners at 143 main, Brockton, Massachusetts up until 1895 when Kent moved down the street to 57 Main and began a separate photography studio.

City Directory for 1895 shows photographers Caldwell & Kent as one business at 143 Main in Brockton.
City Directory for 1896 shows Caldwell and Kent as separate businesses and separate addresses.
City Directories for Brockton MA years 1898 through 1906 show W. H. Caldwell and A. I. Kent both photographers, but at different business locations on Main street.

A. I. Kent (1865- ) Began hit photography career as a partner to H. W. Caldwell in about 1894 but by 1896 was in business for himself with his own studio just down the street at 43 Main. He moved to 57 Main in 1905 and added picture frames to his studio sales.

The 1910 Brockton City directory shows him still in business as a photographer at the same address. By 1920 he had given up the photography business and moved to St. Louis to be a paper box salesman. 1930 finds him still in St. Louis but now in real estate. At 74, in 1940 he is working as a cashier. He apparently never returned to photography after 1910. There were no records of his death.

There were no records showing what the A. I. stood for.

1894-1895 Will be imprinted Caldwell and Kent, 143 Main, Brockton
1896-1905 will be imprinted A. I. Kent, 43 Main, Brockton
1905-1910 will be imprinted A. I. Kent, 57 Main, Brockton

Cabinet Card woman
Photographer: Caradine,
North side Square
Sherman, Texas
Cabinet card portrait
Photographer: Caradine
North Side Square
Sherman, Tex.

James Newton Caradine
(Aug 1845 - 27 May 1906)

Aug born in Choctaw, MS
in Confederate army at age 16
birth of daughter Bernice Caradine in TX
not in Sherman/Dennison city directory
partners with C M Cumming in Corsicana and Sherman
US census as photographer; res S Walnut st, Sherman, TX
Sherman, TX, city directory as photographer; res 515 S Walnut

1899 Nov 05
death of wife Virginia Caledonia MacDougal in Sherman, TX
US census as photographer; res E Frank st, Hill County, TX
not in Sherman/Dennison city directory
1906 May 27
death in Sherman, TX

Rather sketchy history on Caradine. The cabinet cards here could have been done any time between 1879 and about 1899.

Standing Portrait of a Woman
Photographer: Pearl Carder Studios
Attleboro and North Attleboro

Pearl Lee Carder (1875 - )
There is a substantial amount of information on this one but it appears he retired from photography after only a short time.

From City Directory listing from Attleboro, MA, Carder was only in the photograph business for about three years, 1897 to 1899. After that he is credited with only “clerk” through 1906.

In 1917 he becomes “General Agent” for United Limit Co. (sp?)
He apparently moves to England, for in 1928 he arrives in New York from there, giving his permanent address on the ship’s passenger list as 50 Old Burlington street, Avonmouth, England. He is still and “agent”. Then another passenger list indicates he has moved to Kingston Jamaica. He returned to New York for an unknown period in 1945 at age 73.

In short, he apparently never returns to photography again. His photography can be documented for some time in 1897 through some time in 1899.

Man with watch chain
Photographer: A. C. Carpenter
715 Main Street, Kansas City, MO.

Not much has been found on A. C. Carpenter. The 1886 Kansas City, Missouri, city directory shows him as photographer in the business section and photographer in his residential listing. In subsequent year’s editions his residential listing says he is employed at Scottford and Company but still appears in the photographers page as having a studio at 715 Main.
It seems he was a photographer only part time.

After that, there are advertisements appearing in the Springfield, Missouri, newspaper in September and October of 1891 describing the move from Kansas City and describing a new business on Boone Street in Springfield.

Nothing has been discovered on about his life.

In the same KCMO city directory listings for 1886 through 1891, was a Marion Carpenter as a photographer at 615 Main. (next)

This Carpenter is probably the same as in Bloomer with Carpenter, earlier on this page.

There were many listings for Carpenter, Photographer, at 615 Main in Kansas City Missouri. The listings eventually expanded the name to Marion S. Carpenter.

The earliest listing that is found for Marion Carpenter is 1883 in the Kansas City, Missouri, city directory. The last listing as a photographer is 1906 in the Kansas City, Missouri, city directory.

Oddly although there is great coverage for Marion Carpenter in the City Directory, there is no biographical information, no census or family trees. It's not even certain if this is a man or a woman.

To complicate matters there is also a J. E. Carpenter, a G. W. Carpenter and A. C. Carpenter (see above), all of Missouri around the same time.

Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographic Rooms
615 Main Street
Kansas City. Mo.
Cabinet Card woman portrait reverse
This is the reverse of the card on the left.

Timeline of Kansas City city directory listings.
photographer - 615 Main
photographer - 615 Main
photographer - 615 Main
photographer - 615 Main and 1404 Grand. Res-317 Peery
Photographer - 936 Main
Photographer - 936 Main
Photographer - 936 Main
Photographer - 27 ½ E 11th
Photographer - 27 ½ E 11th
r 800 Walnut - no business listing
Photographer - res and bus - 618 Main
res 1011 Vine - no business listings

1888 Kansas City city directory
Note:both A C and Marion are listed

1889 Kansas City city directory

Holt Sentinel Oregon, MO
Note: when only the last name is used in any mention, it is impossible to tell which photographer was meant.

Angola Indiana
Photographer: Chas. Cary
Angola, Indiana

Charles Cary (22 Aug 1859 - 26 May 1924) has a long and full biography with family in Angola, Steuben, Indiana. There doesn’t seem to be two people with exactly the same name at the same period, in the small town of Angola, Indiana either. There is however only one remote mention of this Charles Cary being a photographer. He was many things over his life, including in 1870 a blacksmith, in 1910 a car Salesman and in 1920, Repair shop/vulcanizer. In 1907 he is mentioned in a news item that he is installing a gasoline engine in Hamilton, Indiana, News Office. Only once in the Angola Gazetteer of 1897, is he mentioned as a photographer, no details.

It is a possibility that Charles Cary worked as a part time photographer during some of his other occupations but it is more likely he was a photographer only around 1897.

Cabinet Card little girl
Miller and Chadbourne
Fond Du Lac, Wis

See also Henry S. Miller

Cyrus Chadbourne
(07 Dec 1843 - 14 Jul 1913)

Data sources are
US Census
Fond du Lac city directory
Toledo, OH, city directory
History of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin
Photo Beacon 1897
Directory of early Michigan Photographers by David V. Tinder 2013
Obituary from Fond du Lac Daily newspaper 1913

There will be some overlapping of dates since the data comes from several sources and assumptions have been made about events. A general sense of where Chadbourne was working can still be drawn.

born in Cumberland, ME
1869, 1870
moves to Monroe, MI as photograph artist
in S. Wing Gallery in Monroe, MI, at 23 front st
as photographer in Toledo, OH, at 183 Summit
Toledo, OH, as photographer with E H Alley at 324 Superior

1874 Aug
From History of Fond du Lac County 1884: moves from Toledo, OH, to Fond du Lac, WI; from obit: arrives in Fond du Lac in photo business w/Henry S. Miller on Macy St
1882 or 1884
from obit: partner with Henry S. Miller ends
1883 - 1886
(From city directory listings) as photographer in Milwaukee, WI
1897 - 1892
as photographer in Fond du Lac, WI; Photo Beacon reports Chadbourne as first president of the Photographer Association of Wisconsin.
1893 - 1900
From Tinder Directory: as photographer with Miller again
as photographer with studio in Milwaukee, WI

Chadbourne residence and gallery

as photographer with studio at 98 Macy, Fond du Lac
as photographer with studio at 512 Main; ref obit: retires from business
as photographer with studio at 295 Sheboigan, Fond du Lac, WI
as photographer but not in business pages
as photographer working from home
1913 Jul 14
dies in Fond du Lac, WI, of stroke, age 69

This cabinet card was probably finished during those years when Chadbourne and Miller were partners in Fond du Lac, WI, from August 1874 to about 1884.

14 Jul 1913 Fond du Lac Daily Commonwealth newspaper

Photographer: Chalmers
304 Elm Street
Dallas Texas

Richard Leon Chalmers
(1866 - 29 Apr 1938)

born in Newberry, SC
1880 age 14,
family has moved to Dallas, TX
Dallas city directory as photographer Chalmers and Williams at 913 Elm
Dallas city directory as photographer at 913 Elm
Dallas city directory as photographer at 345 Elm
1893 and1894
Dallas city directory as photographer at 304 Elm
US census as photographer with Harley Wilkes at 306 Beaton

Corsicana, TX city directory as photographer at306 Beaton
US census as photographer at 118 ½ N Beaton
US census as farmer in Henderson, TX
wife Florence Martha dies in Henderson, TX
1938 Apr 29
R L Chalmers dies in Terrell, Kaufman County, TX

It appears that Chalmers was photographer on his own, at 913 Elm for only a couple years around 1889.

Photographer: John Christoph
Ellinwood, Kansas

John Christoph (1862-1925)
It appears that photography was only a sideline for John Christoph most of the time. He apparently had some real estate holdings that kept him busy. He also served as Police Judge for several years.

Ellinwood, Kansas, is a small town and so portraits by John Christoph will be somewhat rare. A newspaper item indicates he sold his studio in 1911 but it is not clear if that included his equipment.

His active years seem to be about 1885 to 1910.

Cabinet Card Couple
Clifton Church
Dallas, Texas

Clifton Church
(17 Ma7 1855 - 6 Apr 1943)

Clifton Church was born in Massachusetts, worked in Dallas, TX, for 22 years and then returned to Massachusetts to retire. One could almost believe it was two different people. His date and place of birth and wife’s name and age are the same in all records however. And the Superman/Clark Kent rule comes into play. When he’s in one state, he’s not in the other.

What drew him to Dallas, TX, from Massachusetts is unknown.

1855 May 17
born in Fairhaven, MA
as salesman in wool store
1886 - 1888
not in Dallas, TX, city directory
marries Kate M. Dickson a resident of Dallas, TX
living at the home of widow Miranda A. Morrill, 424 Ross, Dallas, TX

1891 - 1894
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 318 Ross, Dallas, TX
1896 - 1898
as photographer at 278 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
as photographer; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1901 - 1905
as photographer at 336 Elm; res 159 State, Dallas, TX
1904 - 1906
Clifton is the president of the Dallas Art Association
as photographer at 336 Elm; bds at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX
as photographer boarding at 442 Ross, Dallas, TX; not in business section
in Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, Bookline, MA
1908 - 1909
NOT in the Dallas city directory; no 1909 Brookline, MA, city directory available

1910 Apr 29
US census as no occupation at 511 Ross av, Dallas, TX
Brookline, MA, city directory at 1661 Beacon, no occupation listed; They keep a residence in Dallas, TX, at 511 Ross av
Brookline, MA, city directory at 23 Claflin, wife Kate at 1661 Beacon
1914 - 1927
resident at 23 Claflin, no occupation given
1927 Jun 28
wife Katherine dies
1928 - 1934
no occupation given, at 23 Claflin
1935 - 1943
no occupation given, at 30 Summer, living with older brother
1943 Apr 06
dies at age 87 in Northhampton, MA

This cabinet card was made in that period of 18 years he operated as a photographer, between 1888 and 1906.

Mom Dad three kids, Peru, Ill
Photographer: Churchill
Peru, Ill
For another example of this photographer

Albert Edwin Churchill (1861-1931)
Churchill appears to have been a full time photographer. Even his obituary reads “retired photographer” and no evidence of any other vocation has developed. He seems to have been active about 1885 through 1925.

Cabinet Card woman
and Dental Rooms
1st Building South of New Bank
Rushville, Illinois
Cabinet Card reverse
Reverse of the card on the left.

As one might imagine, there were several dentists in central Illinois about the right age to also be a cabinet card photographer. However, no connection has been made with any of these who had a sideline in photography.

The card design was used 1880 and after.

Cabinet Card man
Photographer: D. G. Clark
Goodland Kas
See the original version

No biographical information was found for D. G. Clark searches on found nothing. As would be expected there were a number of men by that name in the cabinet card era, they were listed as farmer, cigar salesman, teacher and retired. No connection to photography was found.

Some mentions were found in the Goodland Newspaper, the Republic, from 1892 to 1896. The last item is a short statement that D. G. Clark and family have moved to Boulder, CO, and will be living there.

The cabinet card here must have been finished before January of 1896 when he left Goodland.

All items from the Goodland (KS) Republic newspaper
12 Feb 1892

08 Apr 1892

29 Apr 1892

09 Feb 1894

30 Nov 1894

03 Jan 1896

Cabinet Card - Man with mustache
H. G. Brown (Listed under Brown also)
E. W. Clark
No. 11 Broadway
Whitehall, N. Y.

The name E. W. Clark turns up often in searches but there is nothing to indicate which is the right one.

Many of the photographers of that era worked in other professions and did studio photography as a side-line. Hence, a census or city directory might identify them as "merchant" or "laborer" and the photography goes without credit.

Cabinet Card Family
Clay & Walker
Marlin, Texas
(also listed under Walker)

Sisters Clara and Geneva Clay were well known photographers on the east coast of the US. So far, there is not much evidence to tie them to Marlin, a small town just north of Houston, Texas.

No city directory listings or census enumerations have been found for a Photographer Clay in or around Marlin, Texas, which suggests at best, that the partnership of Clay and Walker might have been short.

Cabinet card woman
Photographer: Castor Brothers
Carthage, MO

William Henry Castor
(12 Aug 1854 - 25 Sep 1936)

William H. Castor was a full time photographer. He changed cities three or more times in his career. He was joined temporarily by one of his brothers in 1899 but no records have been found to say how long this lasted. Newspaper items show he worked in Carthage, MO, in the year of 1899 and the 1900 US census also places him in Carthage. Then by 1901 he is in Denver, CO

1855 Aug 12
born in New York, NY
1856 or 1857
Castor family moves to Ontario, Canada, as the 1871 Canada census shows his sister Sarah was born there in 1857. His younger siblings John, Harvey, Godfrey and Ira were also born there.
US census as waiter in a hotel
Marries Stella G. Castor

as merchant in New York, NY (Possible); brothers Ira and Rufus are working as bricklayers in Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Carthage, Jasper, MO
as photographer at 30-33 McClelland blk, Denver, CO
as photographer at 210-213, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
US census as photographer in Denver CO
as manager or proprietor of When Studio, 1131 15th, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 302 Barth blk, Denver, CO
as proprietor of When Studio, 405 Barth blk, Denver, CO
1920 - 1925
as proprietor of When Studio, 809 16th, Denver, CO

as proprietor When Studio 405 809 16th, Denver, CO; wife Gertrude M. also listed
as photographer working with Eugene De Forrest at 1744 Telegraph, Oakland, CA; wife as Gertrude M
as photographer in Oakland, CA
1936 Sep 25
dies in San Francisco, CA, at age 82 of Cerebral Thrombosis

Of William’s 8 brothers, only Robert would be the possible brother in “Castor Bros.” and he was in Carthage for sure in 1892. The 1900 US census shows Robert has moved to Perry, OK and William Henry in Carthage, MO, but he was in Denver by 1901.

This card would have been finished between 1892 and 1900 when both brothers were living in Carthage, MO.

cabinet card man
Photographer: Wakely & Cobb
McKinney, Texas

William Foster Cobb
(16 Apr 1869 - 19 Sep 1938)

It appears that W. F. Cobb was in the only in the photograph business just the short time he was in partnership with G. D. Wakely, about 1894 to 1897 and then as photographer for John Scartz Studio in Fort Worth, TX, until about 1901 .

After 1897 he was mostly a traveling salesman for Remington Guns and ammunition.

This cabinet card must have been done then, between 1894 and 1897.

Wakely seems to have moved around a great deal after his partnership with Cobb disolved in 1897. See lots more details about George D. Wakely.

McKinney Democrat - 18 Mar 1897

Cabinst Card Man with beard
Washington Iowa

David Smith Cole (1843 - 1916)
1843 Nov 22
Born in Franklin, Ohio
move to Marion, Iowa
Enlisted for the Union in the Civil War
1864 Jul 22 - 1865 Apr 28
Civil War Prisoner in Andersonville
Returns to Washington, Iowa, to establish first Photograph Studio
1867 Nov 02
marries Mary C. Auld (1848-1882)
(US Census) move to Cedar, Iowa, as blacksmith with father
(US Census) move to Brighton, Iowa, as gunsmith

Receives patent for his design of a camera shutter
18 months in the Phillipines
(Iowa State Census) in Washington, Iowa, as photographer
1916 Oct 31
(Find-a-grave) Death in Brighton, Iowa

The cabinet card at the left was quite likely done around 1865 or later around 1904

The book “History of Washington County, Iowa” has an interesting account of D. S. Cole’s life. It is added just below.

Greene Recorder (Iowa)
25 Dec 1912

Cabinet Card portrait of a woman
Coleman & Remington
Hoppin Homestead Building
Providence R. I.

William W. Coleman (1830-1908)

There are many examples of the work by this partnership to be found on genealogy and sales sites.
Another example found on the net gives the address as 25 Westminster Street, Providence.

In a paragraph discussing the origin of the pictures used in the book “Works of Edgar Allen Poe: Poems” by Poe and Edmund Clarence Stedman, the name William Coleman was given credit for a photograph of Poe.

William Coleman and O. M. Remington were cited on the Edgar Allen Poe Society website.

One CDV photograph from the Harvard University Library credited to Coleman and Remington was dated 1869.

Coleman was a lifelong photographer. He apparently never married and lived in boarding houses all his life. There are many city directory listings for him and for Coleman and Remington. The earliest reference to Coleman as a “Photographist” is in the 1862 Providence, RI, city directory and the last reference as a photographer is in the 1903 Providence, RI, city directory. He died in 1904 at the age of 74.

Although he was listed as “photographer” in the residential sections of the city directories, he never was listed in the business section under photographers.

He and Remington were apparently partners from 1868 to 1876.

See also O. M. Remington

Cabinet Card two women
Photographer: Collins
Schuylerville, N. Y.

Notes on Collins

Collins seems a very common name in New York State around the turn of the 20th century.

One Collins found connected with photography was Henry A. Collins in Courtlandville, New York in the 1880 US Census. He is listed there as 21 years old and his profession described as “works for photographer”. He is a lodger in the same house as Irving C. Page, photographer. He was born in New York and his parents came from England.

This however, is the only item found of photography with any Henry Collins.

This Henry A. Collins also had a son named Henry A. Collins.

The 1870 US Census lists four Henry A. Collins living in New York State. No photographers. The 1900 US Census shows there were at least two Henry A. Collins living in New York State. Again no photographers. Their professions mentioned were engineer, marine engineer, plumber, maintenance and shipping yard.

If the photographer was Henry Collins, it appears he was only in the business for a short time.

Another possible choice is Harry S. Collins. (1862-)
Harry S. Collins emigrated from England in 1887 and lived in New York State for the rest of his life, always as a photographer. But there is no documentation saying he was ever in Schuylerville, New York.

The Conley Brothers were not easy to trace at first. Then another cabinet card turned up on a web site credited to photographer D. C. Conley and Brother, Celina, Ohio. Considering it is the same name and the same city, it must be the same photographer. Working with a couple first initials easily turned up a large family of Conley’s living in Ohio. D. C. Conley became Daniel Calvin Conley (1857-1942) listed in many US Census and city directories as “Photographer.”

The 1880 US Census shows Daniel Calvin living in Celina, Ohio. All of his brothers are still living at home on the farm in Van Pelt, Ohio. The rest of the family is all tagged with “farmer” so it is difficult to tell which or how many of Daniel Calvin’s eight brothers he considered his partner at the time of this photograph.

Photographer: Conley Bros.
Celina, O

The earliest mention as a photographer is the 1870 US Census when he was 23. All records of him after that designate him as photographer except the 1910 US Census which says he is a farmer. In a 1927 City Directory listing and in the 1930 US Census he is photographer again and he and his wife Emma C. have moved to 128 So Charles, Lansing, Michigan.

In 1940 he and Emma C. are still living in Lansing Michigan at 128 So Charles but the census taker leaves the “Occupation” column blank and enters his name as Donald instead of Daniel. Daniel is now 83.

He was an active photographer in Ohio from 1880 to 1910. The “farmer” designation in 1910 was quite possibly an assumption on the part of the census taker. Daniel Calvin’s whereabouts in 1920 have not been established.

Through all the years Daniel Calvin is listed as photographer as occupation or profession, there is no evidence he ever had a studio.

The 1880 US Census is the only documentation of his residence in Celina, Ohio, a town about 80 north of Dayton, Ohio. So this photograph was made around then. It would be one of his earliest prints.

You'd think he could have at least leveled the camera.
Blue Gallery
McKinney, Texas

The McKinney Gazette. December 25, 1897, Vol. 10, No. 45 Special Christmas Edition.
“Tom CONNOR is the Blue Gallery man. The Blue Gallery is famous throughout this region for making good pictures for little money. Tom is a fixture in McKinney and enjoys a good patronage. Those desiring their beauty struck should give him a call.”

The McKinney Democrat
02 Jun 1898

Cabinet Card
A. W. Corlis
Pontiac, Ill.

Although A. Walker Corlis (1865-1937) moved around a lot, living mostly in Ontario, Connecticut and Ohio, he apparently visited Illinois only late in life, between 1933 and 1937.
A rough timeline would be:
1865 (birth) to 1899 (birth of daughter) in Ontario.
1900 Census in Hartford Connecticut
1902 - 1908 Youngstown Ohio.
1916 (death of wife Edith) to 1921 in Canada
1929 entrance into US to 1937 (Death) in Rock Island, Ill

cabinet card man with beard
Photographer: E. H. Corwin
Ottawa, Kansas

Elmore Howard Corwin was born 29 Jun 1847, in Ohio. He married Bernice Coykendall 6 Jun 1869 and they had four children together. Bernice died in 1882. He then married Harriet Elizabeth Stinebaugh, 28 May 1884 and they had two children together. Elmore died on August 3, 1940, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 92, and was buried there.

This photograph was done sometime between 1889 and 1903.

Approximate Time line
1870 (Census) to 1876 (Birth of daughter) as photographer in Fulton, Illinois
1889 (Census) to 1903 (city directory) as photographer in Ottawa, Kansas
1910 (Census) as photographer
1920 (Census) as fruit farmer to 1940 (Census) as fruit farmer
Death in August of 1940.

Another example at

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: The Court Studio
Mullins & Gray, Proprietors
Victoria, Texas
Cor. Bridge and Constitution Streets
(Listed under Court and also Mullins.)

The only clue found so far is this item in the Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897 about the sale of the studio to two other photographers. So the photograph here would have to have been made before that date.

Houston Post, 13 Feb 1897

There are several possible photographers from the South Central Texas area in the late 1800’s that could have teamed up for the “Court Studio” in Victoria, Texas.
J. J. Mullins
Robert Mullins
James Louis Gray
H. B. Gray
No connections have been made so far.

The newspaper clipping at the left does show that Mullins and Gray sold their studio to Tucker and Nichols in Feb of 1897

The cabinet Card at the far left would most likely have been done before February of 1897 when they went out of business.

To muddle things a bit more, the item below from the Victoria Advocate, 11 Mar 1899 shows a Robert Mullins selling HIS photography in Victoria, TX, to Mr. Rodman. (Perhaps the name on this one is Robert Mailins.)

Photographer: E. P. Curtiss
Photographer: E. R. Curtiss
Madison, Wis.

1) ANOTHER by Curtiss
4) WOMAN'S PORTRAIT by Curtiss
5) W. P. COLE by Curtiss

Edwin Rodney Curtiss (1836 - 1911)

E. R. Curtiss was a lifelong, full time photographer, his studio at times employing as many as five assistants. His surviving photographs are quite plentiful including some stereo views.

His portraits often included dignitaries of New York and Wisconsin.

1836 (US Census) Birth
1855 (US Census) as Leather Dresser in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York (age 19)
1870 (US Census) as Artist in Madison WI
1875 (Madison City Directory) as Photographer
1880 (US Census) as Photographer in Madison, WI
1900 (US Census) as Photographer in Madison, WI
1905 (Wisconsin state Census) as Photographer in Madison
1911 Death in Madison, Wisconsin

Mom and two.
Photographer: W. B. Cuyler
Greenfield, Ind.

W. B. Cuyler (1846 - 1925) began photography in 1870 at the age of 24 continuing in this single occupation until his death in 1925

1870 (US Census) as photographer living at a boarding house.
1873 (City Directory) to 1880 (US Census) as photographer Romeo, Macomb, Michigan
1906 (Certificate) Marriage to photographer Madge Burdge
1909 (City Directory) to 1910 (US Census) Photographer at 1546 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1912 (City Directory) to 1913 (City Directory) Photographer at 1558 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1913 (News item) May 10, Buys 1527 College for 6,200 dollars
1914 (City Directory) to (1924 (City Directory) 1527 College, Indianapolis, Indiana
1924 (City Directory) Madge not listed.
1925 Death

Cabinet Card Man
Photographer: Dabb
Le Mars. IA
Dabb Cabinet Card
Photographer: Dabb
Le Mars. IA

These two cabinet cards could possibly be done by
James Vivien Dabb (1956 - 1918)
1856 (US Census) Born Prince Edward Island, Canada
1859 (US Census) Immigrates to US age 3
1860 (US Census) Living in New Jersey
1880 (US Census) as photographer in Mineral Point Iowa
1884 - 1885 (Iowa Gazetteer) as photographer in Le Mars, Iowa
1886 (US Census) Marriage to Alice Charles in Fort Scott, Kansas
1889 - 1911 (City Directory, US Census) as photographer in Fort Scott, Kansas
1918 Death at age 61
Here is another example from Dabb's Studio circa 1906 (second picture down)

And another example from Dabb's Studio Le Mars, IA, circa 1899. (Second picture down)

Robert Irving Dabb (1862 - 1910)
Robert I. Dabb was probably the photographer for this cabinet card. He spent most of his photographic career in Le Mars, Iowa.
1862 - (US Census) Born in New Jersey
1879 - 1880 (Nebr State Census, US Census) living in Plattsmouth, Nebr.
1885 - 1910 (City Directory and US Census) As photographer in Le Mars, Iowa
1910 - Death at age 47

James and Robert were living briefly in the same house in Le Mars, Iowa, in 1884-85.
Were they brothers? No. Robert Irwin Dabb was the son of Thomas Seacombe Carveth Dabb who was the brother of James Vivian Dabb. Oddly, there was only six years difference in their age.
An example was also found by an R. I. Dabb of Le Mars, IA, from the "late 1800's".

Cabinet Card small child
E. O. Daggett
Elm Street
Billings, Missouri

Elbert Otis Daggett
(25 May 1869 - 26 Mar 1946)

It’s a bit of an assumption but there must have been only one person named E. O. Daggett living in the south-west corner of Missouri between 1860 and 1910. That stated, although several records were found for Elbert Otis Daggett, nothing ever confirms that he was a photographer. In the 1910 US census, he is recorded as being an insurance adjustor and all other records found say he was a farmer.

There was a family of Daggetts living in and around New York State but there is no indication that any of them travelled west. In the family was a “photographist” E. Daggett found in the 1870 Nunda, NY, city directory, but it is unlikely he might have traveled to Billings, MO, at any time. He is also noted in the 1875 New York state census as “Artist” with a son G. E. Daggett. No E. O. Daggett in their tree.

So if Elbert Otis Daggett is the right person, it must be concluded that he was a photographer for only a short time, probably around 1910, when he was open to being something other than a farmer. Caution: this is all speculative.

Baby on fur
Photographer: Dames
911 Broadway, Oakland

William White Dames (1841 - 1907)

Timeline (Some date inconsistencies in the facts found about the Dames Studios)
(US Census) Born in Canada
(US Census) Arrival in US
(City Directory) as photographer, 26 Montgomery. San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) Partners with Alexander Edouart
(City Directory) Partners with Sylvester M. Williams at 26 Montgomery, San Francisco, CA
1872 - 1873
(City Directory) Partners with C. E. Watkins in San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) Partners with Hector W. Vaughn in San Francisco, CA

(City Directory) Operating as Dames and Hayes (Henry C. Hayes) at 715 Market, San Francisco, CA
(City Directory, US Census) Operating as photographer in Oakland, CA
1880 - 1881
(City Directory, US Census) As Dames and Hayes (Henry C. Hayes) at 715 Market, San Francisco, CA
1882 - 1883
(City Directory) as Dames and Butler (Charles A. Butler) 715 market, San Francisco, CA
(Voter Registration) living in Alameda, CA
(Newspaper) Opens Gallery (studio) at 911 Broadway in Oakland, CA
1889 - 1891
(City Directory) as photographer at 911 Broadway in Oakland, CA

(City Directory) as Dames and Co. (with wife) 222 12th, Oakland, CA
(Oakland Wiki) with two other photographers Fred H. Dorsaz and Frank E. Smith, 2517 Central, Alameda, CA
(Oakland Wiki) William Arrowsmith, W. W. Dames, A. C. Dames (wife) as Dames and Arrowsmih, Oakland, CA
(Newspaper) Dames sells his half of the studio at 1116 Washington to William H. Arrowsmith
(Newspaper) Death in San Francisco, CA
(Newspaper) Studio becomes Arrowsmith Studio.

Several interesting newspaper items reprinted below -

Cabinet Card woman portrait
Photographer:G. W. Davis
925 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D. C.
827 Broad Street
Richmond, VA.
Cabinet Card woman portrait reverse The reverse of the card on the left.

G. W. Davis is mentioned often for the hiring of James Conway, a prominent black photographer, at a time when that was unusual. He is also said to have fired other employees who objected. No biographical information has been found.

1875 - 1877 (City Directory) Photographer at 821 E Broad, Richmond, VA
1875 Hired James Conway Farley (August 10, 1854 - 1910?) as operator in Davis Gallery (Studio)
1877 - 1897 (City Directory) Photographer at 827 E Broad
1879 By this year, George O. Brown is working at the photographic gallery of George W. Davis.
1900 (City Directory) Davis Photography Gallery. 817 E Broad
No mention of G. W. Davis beyond 1900

Cabinet Card boy
Little Rock

This is a slightly enhanced version. To see the original, click on this picture and then in the resulting page, scroll down.

Robert Wolstenholme Dawson
(1833 - 1910)

1833 Nov 03
R. W. Dawson born in Nuttall Lane, Lancashire, England
arrives in US at age 11
1860 Mar 22
marries Lucy M Freeman in Vienna, Wisconsin
1880 Mar 5
Daily Arkansas Gazette news item studio at 106 Main
1880 Jun 10
US census as photographer in Little Rock, AR, studio at 203 ½ s Main
1882 Oct 15
Daily Arkansas Gazette item Wm Cooper at Dawson studio 205 Main st
1883 May 26
Arkansas Democrat item new studio almost complete
1883 Jun 04
Arkansas Democrat news item open house at new studio at 424 ½ Main
1883 Jun 06
Arkansas Democrat news item opens new studio at 424 ½ Main
1883 Nov 29
Arkansas Gazette daughter Elva marries B W Butler in Little Rock, AR

1884 Jan 9, 12, 15, 18, 21
classified ad in Arkansas Democrat property for sale; studio at Main & 5th
1885 Jul 11,31
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad for gallery
1885 Jul 23
Arkansas Democrat item Dawson present at death of U S Grant
1885 Aug 2
Daily Arkansas Gazette display ad for studio
Little Rock, AR, city directory as photographer at 422 ½ Main; both sons Nelson and Charles works at gallery
1886 Mar 28
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad Wm. Cooper artist at Dawson studio
1886 Jun 09, 10,
Daily Arkansas Gazette new item studio at Main and 5th
1887 Mar thru 1888 Feb
many small classified ads for studio at 424 ½ Main
1888 Nov 20
Daily Arkansas Gazette building owned by Dawson burns
Little Rock, AR, city directory as photographer at 422 ½ Main; son Nelson working at studio; (Address is possibly a typo, probably 424.)

1893 Dec 9, 12, 19
Daily Arkansas Gazette small ad
1894 Feb 4
LA Times license to marry Sue V Neal in CA
marries Sue V. Neal in Los Angeles, CA
1895 Aug 7
Los Angeles Times item R W Dawson now living in Glendora, CA
city directory as rancher in Los Angeles, CA
1897 Apr 09
Los Angeles Times item R W Dawson now living in Alamitos, CA
1900 Jun 21
US census as farmer in Long Beach, CA
1910 Apr 26
no occupation shown in Long Beach, CA
1910 May 18
dies at age 76 in Long Beach CA

It appears that Robert W. Dawson was photographer in Little Rock, AR, from 1880 through 1893 mostly at 424 ½ Main. There is no address on this cabinet card so it could have been done at any time during that period.

The Brothers Deane

Cabinet Card baby (second copy)
Photographer: Deane
300 Elm St. Dallas

It appeared at first that Deane the photographer was a restless traveller appearing all over Texas for several decades. After documenting a family tree around one of them, it shows that there were four brothers, all photographers, all working in Texas.

Deane appears often in the Texas newspaper items and ads but these seldom include first name or initials making it difficult to establish which brother was where and when
The following timeline is constructed of newspaper dates and places, US census, city directories and some other Vital Documents. This should help separate and trace the brothers. They also worked together on occasion so the name “Deane” on a cabinet card might be any one of them.

Added to each timeline event is a name if available. If the name is in parentheses then it is a speculation based on other items.
Clarence Curtis Deane (1852 - 1948)
Martin Otis Deane (1854 - 1914)
Granville M. Deane (1858 - 1949)
Jervis Corydon Spencer Deane (1860 - )
1876 Jul 11
Clarence Curtis marries Maggie R Carswell in Hannibal MO
1880 Jun 1
Martin Otis moves from Virginia to Kansas City, MO, as photographer
1880 Jun 1
Clarence Curtis living in Hannibal, MO, as photographer

1880 Jun 1
Granville M living in Kansas City, MO, as photographer
1880 Jun 1
Jervis C S living with Clarence and Granville in Kansas City, MO (occupation not given) Another source says he worked as a house painter
Jervis CS studies photography in Europe, then tours the US
1885 May 2
Clarence Curtis son Vinton born in Texas
1885 Sep 13, 15, 16, 19
small Deane ads in Waco tx Daily Examiner (Jervis C)
1885 Dec 02
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
1886 Mar 25
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
Martin Otis now in Waco, TX
1886 May 10, 19, 20
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News as photographer at corner of Market and Center sts (Granville M)
1886 Dec 02, 03, 04, 06
small Deane ads in Galveston tx Daily News (Granville M)

Jervis CS living in Waco, TX
1887 Mar 20
half page ad, front page, Brenham (TX) Daily Banner; small item tells of R. G. Baily representing Deane before Deane’s arrival in town (Granville M)
1887 Mar 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 31
multiple Deane ads in Brenham tx Daily Banner (Granville M)
1887 Apr 03
Brenham tx Daily Banner has large flashy front page ad for Deane and news item mentions arrival of equipment for Deane (Granville M)
1887 Apr 13

many small Deane ads in Brenham (TX) Daily Banner showing Deane at Snell’s studio (Granville M)
1887 Apr 26
small Deane ads in Waco (TX) Daily Examiner shows Deane as photographer at south Fifth (Jervis C)
1887 Sep 18
Galveston Daily News small item about photographer G M Deane
1887 Oct 31
Jervis CS marries Maud Hillin in McLennan, TX
1888 Aug 16, 27, 30
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)

1888 Sep 06
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)
1888 Oct 13
Jervis CS son born in Waco, TX
1888 Oct 17, 20; Nov 06
small ads in Waco (TX) Evening News “No cheap shoddy work done” (Jervis C)
1888 Nov 26
small ad in Waco (TX) Evening News shows J L Berstrom has taken J. C. Deane’s “Old Stand”
Jervis CS as photographer in Waco, TX
1890 May 08
Jervis CS daughter Karma born in Waco, TX
1891 Nov 17
Jervis CS son Peyton born in Waco, TX
1891 Dec 10
Deane working in Galveston, TX (Clarence Curtis)
Jervis CS as photographer 701-703 Austin; res 1200 N 6th in Waco, TX
1893 Mar 14, 23, Apr 08, Jun 29
ads says Dean has reopened at 414 ½ Austin, Waco, TX (Jervis CS)
Granville M now living in Dallas, TX
1894 May 19, 23, Jun 18, 23, 28
Jervis CS wins prizes for photography in Waco

1894 Oct 21, Dec 18
small newspaper ads show Deane working at 610 Main, Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1895 Sep 29; Oct 22, 25; Nov 24
small newspaper ads show Deane working at 610 Main in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1895 Dec 15, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25
small newspaper ads show Deane is working in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1896 Jan 02, 09, 11, 29
Deane still working in Fort Worth, TX (Martin Otis)
1896 Sep 16
Jervis C. loses one eye from injury at the “Crash at Crush” in Crush, TX
See news item below.
Martin Otis as photographer at 300 Elm, Dallas, TX
1900 Apr 24
wife of Martin Otis dies in Fort Worth, TX
1900 Jun 5
Clarence Curtis now living in Houston, TX
1900 Jun 12
Jervis CS as photographer in Waco, TX
1900 Jun 12
Granville M still living in Dallas, TX, at 134 Grand av

1900 Jun 12
Martin Otis now living in Dallas, TX, with brother Granville at 134 Grand av
Martin Otis dies at age 47 in Webster, WV.
1901 Nov-Dec
Jervis CS as executor of Martin Otis estate
Jervis CS partners with Bruhn in studio in McKinney, TX
1910 Apr 20
Clarence Curtis now living in Beaumont, TX
1920 Jan 07
Clarence Curtis still living in Beaumont, TX as “artist”
Clarence Curtis in Beaumont, TX, as “artist”
Granville M as photographer at 1016 ½ Elm; res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
Granville M res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
Clarence Curtis now in Dade, FL, as photographer
Granville M res 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX

Granville M as photographer res at 3007 Lee, Dallas, TX
1940 Apr 1
Granville M in Dallas, TX, as no occupation
Clarence Curtis in Dade, FL, as photographer
Clarence Curtis dies in Dade, FL
Granville M wife Emma dies in Dallas, TX
Granville M dies in Houston, TX
Jervis CS wife dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS son Jervis jr dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS son Peyton dies in El Paso, TX
Jervis CS daughter Karma dies in El Paso, TX
No exact death date on Jervis CS has been found

Jervis Deane seems to have been centered mostly in Waco, TX, moving to El Paso, TX, later in life.

Granville M Dean worked mostly in Dallas, TX.

Clarence Curtis Dean was the one in Beaumont, Galveston and Houston, TX.

Martin Otis worked in Fort Worth, TX, 1891-1896 andseems to have worked with a brother, mostly Granville Otis Deane in Dallas and Jervis Deane in Waco, but that is partly speculation.

The cabinet card here was probably done in 1897 in that short time that Martin Otis Deane had a studio at 300 Elm, Dallas, TX.

To the right: Jervis Deane loses an eye while photographing a staged train wreck.

Jervis CS Dean and Martin Otis Dean often placed as many as fifteen small ads in one issue of their local newspaper. Example below.

Waco Evening News
21 Sep 1881

Portrait high collar
Photographer: E. Decker
143 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio.

From Historic Camera website:
E. (Edgar) Decker was born in New York to David and Hannah Van Aken Decker in 1833. His childhood was spent on the family farm and he attended public schools until age 13, when he became a mercantile clerk to help support his family. After seven years, he went into business for himself, enjoying some success as a merchandiser.

After relocating to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1856, Mr. Decker resumed his interest in photography, which began during his years as a teen merchant. He married Julia English in February 1857, and two years' later he felt sufficiently confident enough in his artistic abilities and business prowess to open his own photographic studio at 249 Superior Street, in a partnership with Thomas T. Sweeny.

Mr. Decker's Civil War portraits of Ohio's Western Reserve regiments cemented his reputation as an excellent portrait photographer. He would later photograph famed ornithologist and John James Audubon biographer

Francis Hobart Herrick, Union General Philip Sheridan and Presidents Ulysses S. Grant, James Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, and William McKinley.

By 1870, the successful business was selling 1800 dozen photographs and had expanded to include four assistants. As Mr. Decker's business grew, so too did his need for a larger studio.

After his partnership with Mr. Sweeny ended, he established another successful alliance with gifted retoucher and crayon artist Charles E. Wilber (or Wilbur). The Decker & Wilber Studio, which later moved to 143 Euclid Avenue, became one of the most illustrious portrait galleries in Ohio.

Following Mr. Wilber's retirement, Mr. Decker - whose establishment was renamed simply the Decker Studio - maintained the highest aesthetic and moral standards believing one could not be sacrificed without adversely affecting the other. He was one of the first photographers to infuse humanity into the often austere daguerreotypes and ambrotypes.

He later applied the same uncompromising expertise to his oil crayon and watercolor works, copying, and photographic enlargements. With Mr. Decker's success came increasing professional and civic responsibilities. He became a member, director, and later president of the National Photographic Association, and also served on the Cleveland city council. In 1889, Mr. Decker was awarded the Photographers' Association of America's prestigious Eastman cup for his impressive bromide enlargements.

In July of 1900, failing health forced Mr. Decker into retirement. Thankfully, he left his business in the capable hands of his latest partner George Mountain Edmondson, who was at the time Vice President of the Photographers' Association of America, and would become himself one of the Midwest's finest photographers. Pioneering photographic trailblazer E. Decker died on December 1, 1905.

Cabinet Card baby
Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind
(listed under Lutz also)
Cabinet Card Woman
Photographer: Lutz & DeVol
Sullivan, Ind

No research on Lutz and DeVol yet.

Photographer: E. K. Dillhoff
Photographer: E. K. Dillhoff
Broadway cor. Madison St., Brooklyn

Eugene A. Dillhoff (Sept 1866 - 4 Dec 1937)
1866 Sept
(City Directory) First listing as a photographer
1900 - 1913
(City Directories) estimated partnership with Oxford
1902 May
Studio portrait photographs of American Indian performers in the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show created by the photographic studio of Oxford & Dillhoff in Brooklyn, New York.
1913 (
City Directory) Adds frames to business
(US Census) still listed as photographer
Dec 4 Death

The cabinet card to the left would have been done probably after 1913 or before 1900.

Three women in portrait
Photographer: W. H. Dinsmore
Anita, IA
GROUP by Dinsmore

William H. Dinsmore can be found only once in historical records as a photographer. In the 1901 Waterloo, IA, city directory the name appears under the category “Photographers” as "Dinsmore, W H - Anita.” There are many entries in the US Census, family trees and some other records for W. H. Dinsmore as a “farmer” but nothing to tie them to “photographer” except proximity, age area and similar name. There are newspaper mentions of W. H. Dinsmore’s of the right age, active in the Iowa area as well as an assortment in every other state except Wyoming, as farmer, minister, sheriff or stock broker. The name is not as uncommon as it first seems.

So, at this time, it is fairly certain that W. H. Dinsmore was a photographer in Anita, Iowa, in 1901. This same one is PROBABLY the “Farmer” Dinsmore in US Census, Iowa Census and Iowa news items but it is only speculation.

Here is a timeline of
W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA:
1899 May 8
(Daily Iowa Capitol item) Noted taking photographs at Anita, IA
(City Directory) as photographer in Anita, Iowa
1902 May 24 -
(Des Moines Leader item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1903 April 16 -
(Ottumwa Daily Courier item) as vice pres of Iowa Photographers
1911 April 6 -
(Adams County Free Press item) Mention of W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, attending a Knights of Pythias meeting in Corning, IA
1914 July 6 -
(Des Moines Register item) W. H. Dinsmore of Anita, IA, is mentioned as a delegate to a state GOP convention

Cabinet Card portrait man standing
Photographer:F. B. Dolbear
Marysville, Ohio

All newspaper items from Marysville Journal Tribune, Marysville, Ohio
1873 Mar 02
( at Marysville, Ohio.
1892 Sep 01
(Newspaper) Takes over O. T. Barbour studio
1893 Oct 12
(Newspaper) Mention as photographer
1893 Dec 21
(Newspaper) ad for Christmas photographs
1894 Apr 29
(Newspaper) Dolbear for fine photo work (ad)
1896 April 09
(Newspaper) Dolbear in Cleveland studying new styles and processes in photography.
1896 July 16
(Newspaper) Dolbear attended the photographers’ convention in Columbus yesterday

1897 Oct 07
(Newspaper)Wedding announcement for Oct 12 to Josephine Cameron
1898 April 28
(Newspaper) Mention photographing a parade in Marysville
1898 Oct 24
(Newspaper, Ancestry) Baby Girl Elizabeth born to Fred and Josephine.
1899 Sept 28
(Newspaper) F. B. Dolbear offered position with Winton Motor Carriage Co.
1900 Mar 04
(Find-a-Grave site) Death from tyhoid fever at age 27

Obit from Find-a-Grave:
“Fred worked for Winton Auto Company, one of the first companies to make automobiles. He died of typhoid fever when he was just 27 years old. He married Josephine Cameron and they had one daughter.”
No mention of his seven years as photographer

Cabinet Card young man
Photographer: Donavan
Traveling Artist
West Virginia

Donavan - Traveling Photographer, West Virginia

Although it is not the common spelling of the name, still there were several Donavan’s in the West Virginia area: Glass blowers, steel workers, coal miners and laborers. Any one of them could have done photography on the side. No other information has been found.

Two Boys
Photographer: D. W. Dowe.

Duane. W. Dowe (1856-1930)
1856 Mar 09
Birth in New York
(City Directory) listed as Artist
(City Directory) listed as Photographer
(City Directory) listed as Photographer
1892 Feb 13, 20
(Nevada State Journal) news item mentioning portraits by Dowe’s Gallery
1899 May 11, 15, 16
(Albuquerque, NM citizen) Ad for photographs, two dollars per dozen
1899 Sep 16, 23, 40
1899 Sep 03 (Flagsraff Arizona newspaper ad) Dowe’s Gallery opposite the courthouse.
1904 Nov 12
(Newspaper) Intending opening studio in Yuma, AZ

1904 Nov 30
(San Francisco newspaper ad) San Francisco photographer will open business in Yuma, AZ
(1910 US Census) in Winters, CA
(City Directory) as photographer in Suisun City, CA
(City Directory) as photographer, rooming in Vallejo, CA
(City Directory) no occupation designated in San Francisco, CA
(City Directory) as “storekeeper’ at US Customs
1930 Dec 29
Death in Los Angles age 76

Apparently Mr. Dowe didn't put any address on his Cabinet Cards because he moved around a lot. For the same reason, it's difficult to date them.

Photographer: George Downing
617 Kansas Ave
Topeka, Kans

No research on Downing at this time.

Cabinet Card Man table and chair
Drake and Wife
Cabinet Card portrait man w short hair
B. W. Drake
Bellville Ohio

Benjamin W. Drake (1855-1932)
1855, Apr 03
(Find-A-Grave) Born
1885 - 1886
( Bulletin) as photographer in Bellville, Ohio
(US Census, 1900)Marries Nora T
(US Census) Son Artie Lee born
1896 - 1897
( Bulletin) as photographer in Loudenville, Ohio
(Ancestry) as photographer in Toledo, Ohio
(City Directory) lists B W Drake and Artie same address, no spouse
(US Census, 1910) Marries Hattie I.
(US Census) Hattie listed as “asst Photographer”

(US Census) Still listed as Photographer, age 65
1915 - 1920
(Ancestry) in Mansfield, Ohio
(US Census) Still listed as Photohrapher Age 75
1932, Oct 14

The photograph at the far left was probably done around 1910 just after the marriage to Hattie I. Drake in 1908, as she is listed in the 1910 US Census as “Assistant Photographer” and not so in the 1920 Census. The near left might have been done any time between 1885 and 1908 or 1920 and 1930.

cabinet card trio
photographer: Dubbs

It might seem that this would be a difficult photographer to trace since all the information available was a last name, Dubbs. However there is a lot of information about John Howard Dubbs available and it appears there was only one photographer by that name in the cabinet card era.

John Howard Dubbs
(1859 - 1930)

1859 Feb 18

born in Ohio
1880 Jun 11
US census as laborer in Milton, OH
city directory as photographer at 232 Woodward in Detroit, MI
Marriage to Frances Wey in East Tawas, Iosco County, MI
birth of twin daughters, Hazel and Hattie, in East Tawas, MI
daughter Hazel dies
city directory as photographer Dubbs & Co, with partner Julius Vernier at 331 Broadway in Toledo, OH

city directory as photographer at 206 Vine in Knoxville, TN
birth of son Howard in Glasgow, TN
1900 Jun 01
US census as photographer in Weston, OH
birth of son Franklin in Weston, OH
as gardener res 315 Emerald in Grand Rapids, MI
1910 May 05
US census as photographer res 315 Emerald av in Grand Rapids MI
birth of daughter Dorothy in Grand Rapids, MI
death of daughter Dorothy in Grand Rapids, MI
city directory as baker in Flint, MI
city directory as baker in Flint, MI
city directory as proprietor of Hotel Flushing in Flint, MI

US census as Artist in Flushing, MI
city directory as photographer at 512 Garland, Flint, MI
city directory as photographer at 512 Garland, Flint, MI
marriage to Gertrude House in Lansing, MI
1930 Apr 04
US census as photographer at 210 Brewer, Cadillac, MI
1930 Sep 27
John H. Dubbs dies at 210 Brewer in Cadillac, MI

The documents show Dubbs as photographer from 1887 to 1910, then into other occupations from 1914 through 1918. Then from 1920 to 1930 he is back working as a photographer. Cabinet cards were losing popularity after 1910 so it’s a good guess that the card here was finished during the earlier work in photography. Considering the rounded corner cut of the card itself, this card was probably made around 1900 in Ohio.

Just one of the sisters.
Photographer: Drum,

Harriet Drum and her son Oscar and his wife Lottie were all photographers. They all worked together at one point and after Harriet died, Oscar and Lottie carried on the business. They worked in Longton, then Jackson , Kansas, and finally from 1910 on, in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Harriet (Forrest) Drum was born
Oscar Drum was born
Lottie (Bastian) Drum was born
(US Census, City Directory) Oscar and mother Harriet work together as photographers
(US Census) Oscar and Lottie marry, with Harriet, all three work as photographers
(Ancestry) Oscar’s mother Harriet dies.

(US Census) Listed as Commercial Photographer at Drum Studio, wife Lottie as no occupation.
(US Census) as Photographer (last mention of photography)
1915 - 1927
no photograph activity found
1929 - 1933
Oscar shown as farmer only
Oscar at 75, no occupation found
(Find-a-Grave) Oscar dies.
(Find-a-Grave) Lottie dies.

There is no mention anywhere of Drum and a Railroad Photo Car as shown on the card to the right. The only clues that tie these two photographs together are, the comma after the name "Drum" and both photographs were found in Kansas.

The photograph on the left was probably done between 1888 and 1912.

Cabinet Card Baby
Photographer: Drum,
Rail Road
Photo Car

Christening Gown Cabinet Card
J. M. Duvall
Homer, Ills.

James M. Duvall (01 Jul 1861 - 24 Apr 1935)

The title of “Photographer” is applied only once in the records of James M Duvall. In the 1900 US Census when he was 39, the occupation is reported as photographer. All other records say he was a farmer. Unfortunately he lived in a rather rural location so there are no city directories to check, only the US Census. Homer, Illinois, is a very small town, even today.

Of course he might have done portrait photography as a side line during many of those farming years but the records say he was a farmer.

The cabinet card just to the left was probably done around 1900.

Please note:
As of September 2017 this series will no longer be updated here.
All content has been transferred to a new site called
Cabinet Card Photographers
All future additions will be made there.

A few additional ways to date cabinet cards

Card stock
1866–1880: square, lightweight mount
1880–1890: square, heavy weight card stock
1890s: scalloped edges

Card colors
thin, light weight card stock in white, off white or light cream; white and light colours were used in later years, but generally on heavier card stock

different colors for face and back of mounts

matte-finish front, with a creamy-yellow, glossy back

(From WIki)

1866–1880: red or gold rules, single and double lines
1884–1885: wide gold borders
1885–1892: gold beveled edges
1889–1896: rounded corner rule of single line
1890s on: Embossed borders and/or lettering

(From Wiki)

For more information on dating Cabinet Cards see PHOTOTREE

1866–1879 Photographer name and address often printed small and neatly just below the image, and/or studio name printed small on back.

1880s on: Large, ornate text for photographer name and address, especially in cursive style. Studio name often takes up the entire back of the card.

Late 1880s–90s Gold text on black card stock

1890s on: embossed studio name or other embossed designs

(From Wiki)

Below are the links to the alphabetized pages in the LOST GALLERY cabinet card collection.



























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There are now more than 8,000 photographs in the Lost Gallery.
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  1. Tremendous collection. Keen eye has chosen these. I will spend considerable time here just looking and looking and looking.

  2. Thanks very much. I took a week to assemble the page.

    Actually these are ALL the cabinet cards with known photographers that I have scanned. There are probably a few that I have missed or skipped but I laid out the page so that I could expand later.

    I got the idea from CABINET CARD GALLERY ( that I must put the name of the photographer in print so that it will respond to the search engines.

    Perhaps this page will be a help to those looking for photographs by certain photographers.

  3. Thanks for the link to my site, the Hutchings photos/traveling cars are of great interest to me.

    I love looking at all the photos on your site, you have an amazing collection! I don't have as many photos as you, although I do have a lot, but it will take me a long time to get them all posted.


  4. Thanks for the visit Teresa. The Hutchings Traveling Railroad Car story on your post was a new discovery for me. I had not known of it before.

    I admire the Cabinet Card collectors because of the historical connections but my first love is the lowly snapshot.

  5. My mom found an old photo in the wall of her parents house, they were the only ones that had ever lived in that house..
    The man in the photo looks like he's holding a bible ( maybe a preacher) it says Elmer Cain South West sixth & Main St Richmond Indiana
    Any ideas ? Its probably taken around 1937

    1. Thanks Kathy Hall! An interesting find! I will see what I can turn up that might help you and get back to you at this same site. My email is Phase65 at

    2. Thanks for your patience. Found inside a wall! How curious! The man was maybe a preacher but probably not. A Bible was often a prop to be held by someone in the portrait, even children. I can shed no light on who is in the portrait.

      I did find however that Elmer Cain discontinued the profession of photographer sometime between 1904 and 1907. The 1907 city directory lists him as traveling salesman. I have no access to city directories between 1905 and 1906. He does not appear in the Richmond city directory for 1910. He died in 1923.

      I found him in City Directories as early as 1897 as a photographer. Actually through I found a lot about him and his wife Theresa but the only fact that would help you is that he discontinued photography around 1905-1906. Your photograph had to be made before 1907.

  6. I have old photos from the Chicago Art Gallery 704 Main Street Richmond Indiana, Any help in dating these would be appreciated. When was studio in business?

    1. Langdon's list ( of 19th and early 20th century photographers shows a Chicago Fine Art Gallery, Richmond, VA. I have no information beyond that.

  7. I have a J H Allen photo from Russell, Kansas. If you had a link to contact you, I could send a scan to you if you were interested,
    but I don't want to publish my email address.

  8. Thanks very much for your contribution! If you can just send a scan to phase65 at Much appreciated!

  9. I just want to thank you for sharing your information and your site or blog this is simple but nice Information I’ve ever seen i like it i learn something today. Commercial Photography Santa Clara

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Steven. It's been a long time in development, more than ten years. These pages on LOST GALLERY are the early version. The entire group of over 500 photographers has been moved and re-worked on the CABINET CARD PHOTOGRAPHERS blog. Contributions are always welcome, examples and personal knowledge help fill out the purpose here: to show when a photographer was where. Thanks again.



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