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Album - Dee and the Business School

Early Hair

Nearly 100 related snapshots were found mixed with a large batch of found photographs.

They are all the same 3 1/2 X 3 1/2 format. They all had streaks on the back from spending a few years in one of those "magnet" photo albums. It was easy to tell in the large pile of photographs which belonged to this one album.

Information on the reverse sides of five of the photographs only identify her as "Fatty" and "Horse" and "Angel in Disguise" So I gave her the name "Dee" because her actual name is unknown.

Dee and the Business School

Trying it in red

The set seems to follow Dee through a couple years of her school life and a bit after.

Teacher and two girls
Another girl

This another unknown girl. The photograph is important because there is a 1969 calendar behind her.

Dee does not appear in all shots but since these were all similar format and markings they were deemed to be from the same album. Further, she appears in some frames with people who appear by themselves in others. Sometimes a piece of furniture or a car or a location repeats in several frames.

The pictures and the five with comments on their reverse tell a bit of a story. I wonder where she is today. She would be about 60.

The reverse sides of the five photographs that have information are included next to the photograph.

Red hair and the teacher

Here she is again with apparently one of the teachers. He was identified finally as Malvin Sebree. Some of his school history was found. He is seen in several of the photographs.

From the history that we can find of him, Mr. Sebree seems to have been a fine gentleman and teacher.

Mr. Sebree apparently played an important role in our Dee's life.

The Original Dee
Hair Do
Out in back.

Angel in Disguise
Thanks for everything
Reverse of previous print

Dee (circa 1965)

That's the five with information. Not much to go on.

The rest of the group seems to tell a bit of a story but it can only be speculation.

Following are the rest of the photographs in no particular order. Some seem unrelated except for the format and striations on the reverse.

Red.  And that 60's pout
A friend.

Girl at desk
Shelves and books.
At the desk

Man with tennis ball
Girl at the typwriter

Pink dress and  headband
Pink dress and matching headband
Two more girls in a class room
The Girl with the glasses with the professor.

Two more in costume
In costume
Costume party?
In costume again

On the desk.
On the desk, other direction.
Teacher's pet.
Formal and blackboard

Blue Dress
Blue Dress
Outside the apartment building
This is perhaps a sister.

The Red Convertible again.
The red convertible
The red convertible
The red convertible

Back in the red convertible
Red Convertible
Matching drapes
Wrist Corsage.  Ready for an evening.

The red setee
Red setee.  Fur wrap.
Red Setee
Red Setee

Silver top, red skirt, red setee.
Red setee
Blonde in red
Fur wrap and the blue-green car.

Ready for the party
Ready for an evening out
Wine colored divan
The wine colored couch

The Professor's friend
The blue-green car
Professor and two friends.
New Year's Eve party

At the party
Another car shot
In costume for what?
Carport set

Pale blue with matching head band
Pale blue with matching headband
Pale blue with matching headband
Dee by her self

The professor and 1955
The professor and 1955
The professor and 1955
Dee related party table shot

Dee related back steps shot w dog
Dee related rosebush shot w dog
Bath Towel
Hilltop shot

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THE KIDS Lesson one. It is always a mystery how a photograph of any of these precious children could end up lost or abandoned. Here are a few. You will probably say "Ooh..." at least once.

Dee and the Business School Dee and the Business School
The beautiful Dee. A curious story; What do you see?

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"What are they doing?"

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